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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1150 - 1150 Karma

1150 Karma

After the collapse of word of mouth and the box office failure, “Fantasy God Chronicles” once again became a hot topic on the third day of the National Day holiday.

And the reason this time was to lock down the venue and steal the box office earnings.

The news shocked countless people.

[ “Fantasy God Chronicles” really doesn’t care about their reputation at all. Did they actually do such a thing?! ]

[ I think the investors are really anxious. It’s only been three days since the movie was released and it’s only barely breaking 30 million in box office sales. You should know that this is a movie with more than 300 million invested in it. Just this result alone means really a huge loss! ]

[In my opinion, it’s already considered high for this movie to sell at the box office for 30 million yuan. With that lousy plot and cheap special effects, those two hours in the cinema were really torturous! It’s a lot of money for a pair of eyes that have never seen “Fantasy God Chronicles”!]

[What has “Chasing the Light” done wrong? Not only are they being robbed of their theater slots, but their box office earnings were also stolen? Does Yu Media think that Shengguang Media won’t dare to resist if they do this?]

[Oh, I heard that the film bureau has already received the report and is starting to investigate. With this ironclad evidence, that means that “Fantasy God Chronicles” must have stolen the box office earnings, right? [wait for the results!]

This matter caused an uproar on the Internet, and both “Fantasy God Chronicles” and Yu Media were criticized badly.

However, at this time, Yu Media had no time to care about these things.

It was already late at night, yet the Yu Media building was still brightly lit.

In the general manager’s office.

Yu Yu was sitting behind her desk, and in front of her were several vice presidents and executives of Yu Media.

In just a few days, Yu Yu had lost a lot of weight and looked extremely haggard.

The atmosphere was cold, and the air seemed to have frozen.

After a long time, Liu Bo finally said, “President Yu, Feiyue Cinemas and Radiance Cinemas came over to talk to us today. They plan on removing “Fantasy God Chronicles” from their theaters after the National Day holiday ends.

Yu Yu suddenly picked up a stack of documents from the table and threw them at him.


“Is this how you guys do things?!”

Her voice was trembling with anger.

Liu Bo subconsciously dodged, but he was still hit, and the side of his face was scratched by the clip on the document.

His face darkened.

After all, he was the Vice President of Yu Media, and it was extremely embarrassing to be humiliated by Yu Yu in public.

He endured it, and said, “President Yu, you were the one who said that no matter what, we had to keep the box office earnings of ‘Fantasy God Chronicles going…”

“But I’m not as stupid as you guys!”

Yu Yu stood up and interrupted him.

“Do you know how serious the situation will be once the film bureau gets to the bottom of this?!”

Liu Bo and the others were silent, and the entire office was dead silent.

Of course, they had not wanted to see this happen, but they had no choice.

In so many years, “Fantasy God Chronicles” was the biggest movie that Yu Media has invested in. Who would have thought that it would end up like this?

Although they were the top media company in the country, they could not avoid the loss of money in this way!

If “Fantasy God Chronicles” had performed better at the box office, they would not have used such a method.

It had only just been a day, yet they had already been reported!

In the past two years, the film bureau had emphasized the need to standardize the management of the market and had even issued relevant policies to prevent such incidents from happening.

This was equivalent to them running into the muzzle of a gun!

Yu Yu took a deep breath.

If the film bureau wanted to investigate, they would have no other choice but to cooperate.

She had also seen some of the news on the Internet. It was pure evidence.

The low box office earnings of “Fantasy God Chronicles” was already enough to make her angry. But now with this incident, the whole of Yu Media might be dragged down!

Originally, she had hoped to use “Fantasy God Chronicles” to stabilize her position in the Yu family, but now…

She stared at the people in front of her.

“If something happens to Yu Media, you won’t be able to escape responsibility!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Bo finally could not hold himself back.

He wiped his face and saw the faint bloodstains on his fingers. Suddenly, he sneered, “President Yu, even if you wanted to pursue responsibility, shouldn’t you start with yourself? Don’t forget, you were the one who personally negotiated for this “Fantasy God Chronicles” project.”

Yu Yu’s face instantly turned red and white.

That’s right.

No matter what, this was something she could not deny.

At that time, Yu Cheng had just gotten into trouble, and she had been implicated, so her position in Yu Media had been in jeopardy.

As a result, she had personally taken action, and with great difficulty, she had managed to secure the “Fantasy God Chronicles” project, which had allowed her to gain a firm foothold here again.

Because everyone was very optimistic about the movie, even the veterans in the company who were not very convinced by her were much more polite.

Everyone had thought that she was going to take advantage of this opportunity to ascend, so they tried to please her, but who could have known that she would not succeed?

In the past, she had used this name to benefit. Now, of course, she had to take responsibility!

“Then, there’s also “Chasing the Light”,” Liu Bo continued. “Director Liang Yue has worked with us a few times before, but this time, because President Yu put all her energy and mind on “Fantasy God Chronicles” and ignored other things, we missed out on “Chasing the Light”. President Yu, you should be well aware of how much losses you’ve caused the company, right?”

Yu Yu flew into a rage.


“I’m just telling the truth. Even if you think it’s unpleasant, I still have to say it.”

Liu Bo had been working at Yu Media for more than ten years. In the past, he had only been willing to bow his head because he felt that Yu Yu had the ability and potential, and also because she was the second young miss of the Yu family.

However, it was different now.

Old Master Yu had fallen ill and he was still recuperating in the hospital. Yu Ming and Yu Feng’s conflict had almost been brought to the surface.

It was at a time like this that Yu Yu’s Yu Media was suffering such a huge loss. It was hard to say if she would still have a foothold in the Yu family in the future!

“In the past few years, in all the company’s projects, big and small, you have claimed them if they produced results, but it’s all our fault if they fail. I think no one knows better than you how much of the company’s profits really belong to you. As for this time, President Yu, let me give you one last piece of advice… Take care of it yourself!”

Liu Bo spoke coldly before he turned around and slammed the door as he left.


The entire office was so quiet that it was almost suffocating.

After a long while, one of the executives asked, “President Yu, if there’s nothing else, we’ll take our leave first…”

“Get lost!”

Yu Yu was also extremely angry.

Their expressions changed slightly, but they did not say anything. They lowered their heads and turned to leave.

They exchanged glances as they walked out of the office.

One of them looked back at the tightly shut door and sneered, “What’s there to be arrogant about? She’s turned the Yu Media company into such a mess. There’s no place for her in the Yu family!

The film bureau acted very quickly. After receiving the report that afternoon, they immediately issued their opinions on the handling of “Fantasy God Chronicles” and Yu Media.

The 269 cinemas involved in the incident were ordered to close down for rectification. At the same time, a serious warning was issued to the producer of “Fantasy God Chronicles” and Yu Media, and a fine was issued.