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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1149 - 1149 Report

1149 Report

This was really a very direct thing, plus the blogger had organized it very clearly, so it was clear at a glance. Everyone quickly understood what had happened.

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples!

The comments rapidly increased.

[ Locking down the field? Stealing the box office earnings? Is there something wrong with “Fantasy God Chronicles”? ]

[ I was wondering why “Fantasy God Chronicles” had such a high rating when it was so terrible. So, it’s because they used such underhanded means?! ]

[ Let’s not talk about how they locked down the venue. Isn’t stealing the box office earnings too much? ]

[ Me! Me, me, me! When I watched “Chasing the Light” this afternoon, the theater gave me the tickets to “Fantasy God Chronicles”! I even asked the theater staff, and they said that it wouldn’t affect anything and that all of them watched it the same way. So they were trying to steal the box office earnings from “Chasing the Light”? Bah! How shameless! ]

[ I really want to vomit! This was a movie that a few hundred million yuan had been invested in? This is Yu Media which has stood at the top of the domestic film investment industry! This behavior was too disgusting! I won’t watch any more movies released by Yu Media in the future! ]

[ Heh, this company belongs to Yu Cheng. It’s not strange for it to be like this. ]

As soon as this Weibo post was posted, the number of reposts increased rapidly, and it soon caused a storm of public opinion.

#Fantasy God Chronicles lock down #

#Fantasy God Chronicles stealing the box office earnings from Chasing the Light #

It did not take long for the related entries to make it to the hot search rankings.

Since it involved the two most discussed movies, this matter attracted a lot of attention.

It was understandable to lock down the market, but stealing box office earnings was touching the industry’s bottom line.

When Yu Yu found out about this, she immediately called for a meeting at Yu Media’s headquarters.

She had not slept well these past few days. Seeing that “Fantasy God Chronicles” had only managed to hit 30 million at the box office in two days, she was so stressed that she almost broke down.

“Think about it carefully. With the current situation, what should we–”

As Yu Yu spoke, she was suddenly interrupted by Liu Bo, who was sitting on the right.

“President Yu, President Yu, please…”

Her face instantly darkened.

“What now?”

Liu Bo gulped and said with difficulty, “… Someone reported us to the film bureau, saying that we are being suspected of violating the rules! The film bureau is already preparing to investigate us!”

Yu Yu’s heart sank!