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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1147 - 1147 The President of Shengguang Is So Lucky

1147 The President of Shengguang Is So Lucky

As the reputation of “Fantasy God Chronicles” began to collapse, another voice emerged on the Internet at the same time: It was about “Chasing the Light”.

[ It’s amazing! “Chasing the Light” was really amazing! [ I cried like a dog in the cinema! ]

[ “Chasing the Light”- You’ll regret it if you miss it! ]

[ Female directors are really different. This film’s perspective and emotional expression are more exquisite. This time, Director Liang Yue’s shooting techniques and post-production editing have improved by more than one level higher compared to before! It’s truly amazing! ]

[ I’m already prepared to go watch it with my family on National Day! It’s a good movie that’s worth watching twice or thrice! It’s especially important for locally-produced movies to have our support! ]

[ Is it really that good? Many of the following bloggers are promoting it. They can’t be doing it as sponsored partnerships, right? ]

[ Hahahaha! I’m dying of laughter! If they wanted to make a living, couldn’t they just look to “Fantasy God Chronicles” instead? In short, I’m optimistic about “Chasing the Light”. It will definitely become the biggest dark horse among the National Day shows! ]

[ Oh my god, in our small city, the number of shows for “Chasing the Light” is pitifully few! When will the number of showtimes be increased? ]

The National Day screening was approaching, and several films that were about to be released had started premiering one after another. Word of mouth had also begun to escalate.

“Fantasy God Chronicles” and “Chasing the Light” were the two most discussed movies, but they formed two extremes.

One was cursing due to their great disappointment, while the other was pleasantly surprised.

Thus, with this comparison, “Fantasy God Chronicle’s” situation became even more difficult.

The discussion about these two films continued on the Internet, and there was a trend of continued escalation.

When Zhao Xuan saw this situation, he finally understood what Shen Li meant.

When a movie was good enough, naturally, people would take the initiative to recommend it.

Compared to the variety of marketing methods, the quality of the film itself was the most important aspect.

In addition, Shengguang Media had the biggest support from the Lu theater chain, and the screening frequency of “Chasing the Light” was second only to “Fantasy God Chronicles:. From this starting point, it was obvious that the final box office results would be very impressive.

On October 1st, the competition for the National Day slot finally began.

Due to the poor pre-screening results of “Fantasy God Chronicles” a few days ago, it had only managed to make 23 million at the box office on the first day.

After finding out the results, Yu Yu smashed everything in her office and flew into a rage.

However, no matter what, things had already happened, and there was nothing that could be changed.

In the current film market, the quality of films was becoming more and more important to the audience. It was no longer like in the past, where they could easily make a lot of money by simply pulling in some traffic and vigorously promoting it.

The movie’s quality was the most important factor in its success.

From the anticipation before the release of “Fantasy God Chronicles” to the dismal box office sales, all the changes had happened within a few days of the pre-screening.

However, they could not blame anyone but themselves.

No matter how good the early publicity had been, it would not work.

As for “Chasing the Light”, it became the only movie that broke the 100 million Yuan mark at the box office in a single day. With 140 million Yuan, it easily won the box office record of the day.

In comparison, “Fantasy God Chronicles” seemed even more dismal.

That night, Yu Ming immediately called Yu Yu and said coldly, “Didn’t you say that “Fantasy God Chronicles” would explode? What’s going on now?”

He had been busy with Old Master Yu’s matters for the past few days. Today, he heard from the doctor that Old Master Yu would be discharged after a few more days of observation. He had thought to make Old Master Yu happy with the results of Yu Media’s achievements.

Who would have thought that “Fantasy God Chronicles” would completely fail? The earnings from the first day’s box office were only over 20 million, and this even included the box office earnings from the pre-screening!

Although Yu Media was not under Yu Ming’s jurisdiction, he knew what this situation meant.

For a movie with such a huge investment and an overwhelming amount of publicity in the early stages to have such low box office earnings on the first day of release, it was basically destined that it would not rise in the future.

If that was really the case, then for Yu Media, it was tantamount to a few hundred million going down the drain!

Such a huge loss would be difficult for any company to bear, and Yu Media was no exception!

How could Yu Yu not understand this?

In actual fact, she had already started to panic and the fear had built in her heart.

However, upon facing Yu Ming’s questioning, she could not admit it. She could not even show a trace of guilt, or the situation would only get worse.

She forced herself to calm down and said,

“Uncle, today’s box office earnings are not as good as expected, mainly because of the incident at the premiere. Public opinion about us is also not very good. But don’t worry, we’ll try our best to rebuild the film’s reputation. We’ll definitely be able to save the box office earnings.”

When she mentioned the incident that had happened at the premiere, Yu Ming was misled.

He had not paid much attention to these things, so he did not know that the reason “Fantasy God Chronicles’ had done so badly was mostly because of its quality.

When he heard Yu Yu say that she would try her best to salvage the situation, he had some doubts in his heart. However, in the current situation, he had to believe it even if he did not want to.

He tried to calm himself down and said in a deep voice, “Lil Yu, you have to know that this movie is very important. The old master will be discharged in a few days.”

Yu Yu’s heart sank, but her tone remained the same.

“Don’t worry, Uncle. I understand.”

Yu Ming hung up.

Yu Yu took a deep breath and called Liu Bo.

On the second day of the National Day screening, the box office earnings of “Chasing the Light” continued to rise, with the highest attendance rate among all the films.

At the same time, the other movies that were released in the same period of time also scored well, with “Chasing the Light” topping the list with a 9.1.

As for “Fantasy God Chronicles”, it did not even reach the passing line, ending at 4.8, and continued to drop.

Lu Corporation.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting in his office as the two senior executives in charge of the theater chain business were reporting the situation.

One of them, a slightly plump middle-aged man, said, “Second Master, based on the current trend, “Chasing the Light” should be the biggest winner of the National Day broadcast.”

Correspondingly, the Lu Corporation cinema chain that had given “Chasing the Light” the most showtimes naturally also got a share of the pie.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back in his chair lazily.

Another younger man laughed and said, “I heard that Director Meng Shan of “Fantasy Gods Chronicles” had initially approached Shengguang Media, but the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement. In the end, the project fell into the hands of Yu Media. I don’t know if Shengguang Media was still brooding over this matter, but they very quickly signed on Director Liang Yue’s “Chasing the Light”, who has worked with Yu Media many times.”

“At that time, a lot of people felt sorry for Shengguang Media. Who would have known that “Fantasy God Chronicles” would actually be such a scam? This time, Yu Media is really going to suffer a great loss. On the other hand, “Chasing the Light” will probably make a fortune for Shengguang Media.”

As he spoke, he sighed, “The President of Shengguang Media not only has good taste, but he’s also very lucky!”

Lu Huaiyu’s well-defined fingers tapped lightly as he smiled faintly.

“Is that so?”