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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1146 - 1146 Collapse

1146 Collapse

This blogger had more than two million fans and had always taken the artistic route. Now that he had suddenly made such a post on Weibo, all his fans were shocked.

[ Wait, was he hacked? ]

[ What’s wrong? Is “Fantasy God Chronicles” not good?

[ To be honest, I’ve followed this blogger for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve seen him speak so bluntly and unpleasantly. ]

[ That’s impossible, right? “Fantasy God Chronicles” is Director Meng Shan’s film. Weren’t those who watched it at yesterday’s premiere all praising it? ]

The number of comments grew rapidly, but most of them were questioning the contents of the blog post. The blogger was so angry that he directly replied in the comment area.

[ There’s been no hacking, no sponsored partnerships. This post was purely a complaint! I’ll say it again, “Fantasy God Chronicles” is the worst movie I’ve seen this year! ]

[ I had originally gone because of Director Meng Shan, but reality has really given me a hard blow! The entire movie’s plot is broken, and the editing is messy. It’s probably because the director wants to express too many things, so he didn’t make it clear. There are also post-production special effects that are said to have cost a lot of money. I don’t even think the movie ticket is worth more than 50 cents! ]

[ I almost fell asleep a few times in the cinema. The only reason I stayed was because I wanted to see how bad this film could be! In the end, I was too naive. This film, it’s really rotten beyond your imagination! ]

Looking at the blogger’s genuine complaints, some fans finally started to waver.

[ Ah, I bought a ticket for the first day. I was planning on watching it with my girlfriend, ]

The blogger was obviously still in a fit of anger and replied almost instantly.

[ If you don’t want your girlfriend to doubt your sense of aesthetics and intelligence, I advise you to refund the ticket! ]

At the premiere on the day before, “Fantasy God Chronicles” had received a good response. Who would have known that today’s pre-screening would receive such bad reviews?

Such a polarized judging situation confused many of the audience who had yet to step into the cinema.

Very quickly, the situation became even more complicated.

This was because more and more people who had watched the pre-screening came out to complain.

[ My expectations were probably too high. “Fantasy God Chronicles” didn’t turn out as I had imagined. In fact, it might not even be a complete movie. ]

[ The trailer was edited so well. It turns out that all the content of the movie was condensed into it. For those who haven’t gone to the cinema and want to watch “Fantasy God Chronicles”, I suggest you just watch the trailer again. [ smile ]

[ Even my nephew, who has studied animation for three years, can do better! Who said it’s only worth fifty cents? I think it’s three cents at most! ]

[ It’s really an eye-opener. It turns out that there can really be a film that sucks from the beginning to the end. It’s said that hundreds of millions had been invested in this movie. Even the splashes of those hundreds of millions of dollars are better than this! ]

It was normal for a movie to be controversial, but if most people did not think it was good, then it was most likely to be a bad movie.

Of course, there were also some good reviews that praised “Fantasy God Chronicles”, but in the midst of the surging waves of bad reviews, it seemed particularly pale and weak.

In the beginning, the film company had still managed to give the public the illusion that “Fantasy God Chronicles” was very good through their marketing. However, as time passed, after the first day of nationwide pre-screening, many people began to question and criticize it. This directly tore apart their mask and made more people realize that this was actually an extremely bad film.

#Fantasy God Chronicles crap# quickly made it to the hot search.

Yu Media.

The atmosphere in the large conference room was cold and heavy, and Yu Yu’s face was extremely unpleasant.

She had been on the move all day yesterday and had not slept well that night because of what had happened at the premiere. She looked haggard, and the dark circles under her eyes could not be hidden. Her bloodshot eyes were also very obvious.

Everyone could feel the foreboding anger coming from her, and they kept quiet out of fear.

Yu Yu picked up her phone, and her cold eyes swept across everyone in the meeting room.

“Did you guys see the situation on the Internet? The movie’s reviews were so terrible! What are you all doing?”

Everyone looked at each other.


This could not be blamed on them, right?

The director of the film was Meng Shan. In the past, all of his films had been well-received, especially since he was the one who held the box office record for domestic films.

Who would have thought that he would fail this time?

Back then, so many companies had competed for this project, and it was Yu Yu who had personally negotiated for it.

If someone was to be blamed, then Yu Yu would have to take responsibility!

In the eyes of investors, a movie was just a project. What they cared about was whether the movie could make money. As for the quality of the movie and what it was trying to express, it was not within their scope of consideration.

Moreover, from the director to the actors, “Fantasy God Chronicles” had seemed to have all the makings of a big hit. In the beginning, Yu Yu had specially given instructions that this film would be controlled by Director Meng Shan, and he could film it however he wanted.

Who would have thought…

But none of them dared to say these words out loud.

Yu Yu had been working in Yu Media for several years, and in the past, she had always presented a refined and elegant image. She had never appeared like she had today, throwing a tantrum in front of so many people.

It could be seen that she was really going crazy.

At this time, who would dare to provoke her?

In actual fact, Yu Yu did not want to do this either, but she could not help herself.

Ever since the incident with Yu Cheng, she had been implicated and her status in the Yu family had dropped greatly. Old Master Yu had even slapped her.

She had been waiting for an opportunity… an opportunity to prove her ability and make the Yu family value her again.

She had been certain that “Fantasy God Chronicles” had been this opportunity. She had put in a lot of effort into this project and had patiently waited for it to be released.

However, in the end, this was the result!

Yu Yu knew all too well how much of a blow this could be to a movie, especially when it was only a pre-screening. Once it was officially released on National Day, the box office would definitely be greatly affected!

More importantly, after the topic of boycotting “Fantasy God Chronicles” had appeared on the Internet yesterday, Yu Media had put in a lot of effort to shift the direction of public opinion towards “focusing on the film itself”. Yet, in the end, the reviews for the pre-screening were so bad.

This was no doubt equivalent to a hard slap to the faces of “Fantasy God Chronicles” and Yu Media!

Allowing everyone to watch a movie, then remove all external negative factors, and only allowing appreciative opinions of the movie to remain. Then, the audience would believe you and go to watch it, only to find that it was just a pile of trash.

Was there anything else that could stir up people’s anger more than this?

The “Fantasy God Chronicles” official Weibo comment area had already fallen into enemy hands, full of people cursing at the fraud and asking for a refund.

Now that things had already turned out this way, Yu Yu did not even dare to imagine what would happen after it was officially released on National Day!

Yu Media was the sole investor in this movie and they had invested more than 300 million yuan!

In addition to all kinds of publicity and revenue sharing, if they wanted to break even, they would have to earn at least one billion at the box office.

Yu Yu took a deep breath and finally said, “No matter what method we use, the box office of “Fantasy God Chronicles” must reach at least one billion this time!”

She no longer wanted to break the box office record, but she had to at least break even!