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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1145 - 1145 Refund

1145 Refund

Zhao Xuan did not fully understand her words, but one thing was clear: If “Fantasy God Chronicles” was going to be tormented these two days, then they were to let them be.

He immediately responded, “Yes.”

After ending the call, Shen Li received a message from He Xiaochen.

[ Wooooooooooo! ]

[ Ah Li! I just finished watching “Chasing the Light.” In one word: Perfect! ]

[ They tricked me into crying again! I cried until I used up two packets of tissues, and my eyes are still swollen! So many people in the cinema were also crying! ]

[ You have to watch this movie!!!! ]

It was not hard to imagine He Xiaochen’s red and swollen eyes continuously sobbing as Shen Li read this series of messages.

Shen Li thought for a moment.

[ Then why don’t you go and refresh your Weibo to change your mood? ]

After all, it was human nature to be interested in scandals, especially with what had happened today, which was indeed wonderful.

He Xiaochen did not know what was going on, but she still wiped her tears and opened her Weibo.

Five minutes later.

[ Ahhhhhhh, so the investor for “Fantasy God Chronicles” was actually Yu Cheng’s company? Scum, die! ]

Seeing this, Shen Li was relieved.

Well, it seemed that her sadness had turned into anger.

Once He Xiaochen returned to her battle-excited state, it meant that she had recovered.

Shen Li clicked on Weibo and looked at the homepage of several professional film review bloggers.

These were all the people who had attended the premiere of “Chasing the Light” tonight.

Without exception, all of them had given “Chasing the Light” extremely high marks in the reviews they had just released.

However, these Weibo users only had a few hundred to a million fans. In addition, the excitement tonight was all over “Fantasy God Chronicles”, so after the Weibo posts had been posted, the response was not very strong. Some had more than a thousand comments, while some had only a few dozen.

It was really very cold and cheerless.

However, Shen Li was not in a hurry. These were all well-known professionals in the industry. Although they did not have many fans on Weibo, their film reviews were very valuable for reference.

This proved that “Chasing the Light” had conquered them.

This was enough.

Shen Li took a few glances and got a general idea of the situation, then she retreated.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night for many people.

That included Yu Yu and the countless people in Yu Media who were feeling anxious and furious. They wanted to suppress the incident at the premiere as much as possible and reduce its impact.

Since it was impossible to block it by force, all they could do was hire a large number of marketing accounts and Internet trolls.

[ To be honest, aren’t those people who are clamoring to boycott movies a little too much? Don’t you know that a movie is the result of a few months of joint efforts by the creator and the staff? Yu Cheng was at fault, but the “Fantasy God Chronicles” project had nothing to do with him. He had already been detained while preparations for filming had been going on, so how could he possibly intervene? So, are so many people’s efforts going to be in vain just because of his mistake? ]

[ I think so too. Yu Cheng is Yu Cheng, and the movie is the movie. It can’t have been easy working on this movie and now the people who worked on it are being punished… That seems a little unfair. ]

[ I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of

“Chasing the Light”. I just want to say that it would be a pity to miss this movie. ]

[ My sister also went to the premiere and has been promoting it to me like crazy! It’s a pity that the pre-screening tickets for tomorrow and the day after have all been sold out. We can only wait for the official screening on the first! ]

[ There’s no need to worry too much about it. This film is worth watching just for the director alone. I heard that the post-production of the movie even hired a top foreign team to be responsible for the production. They spent a lot of money, so all the more you have to go and take a look! ]

After Shen Li finished her bath, she changed into her pajamas and went to bed.

It was almost midnight. She opened Weibo again and found that the public opinion on the Internet had changed.

In the beginning, it had been one-sided, but now, a considerable number of people had spoken up for “Fantasy God Chronicles”, saying that they would definitely go to the cinema to support it.

In just a short hour, it could be seen that Yu Media had spent a lot of money this time.

Some of the passersby saw this and gradually wavered.

It looked like the scales were beginning to tilt.

Shen Li looked at all of this for a while, then she put away her phone and went to sleep.

The show had just started, so there was no hurry.

In one night, after a lot of maneuvering and the spending of a lot of money and energy, the search terms related to “Fantasy God Chronicles” had finally shaken off their connection to Yu Cheng.

Many people expressed that they were still looking forward to the movie and wanted to watch it at the cinema.

After all, the lineup of “Fantasy God Chronicles” was really strong. Whether it was the director or the lead actor, all of them had a strong box-office appeal.

On the movie-related app, “Fantasy God Chronicles” still ranked first in the number of people who wanted to watch it, far exceeding the other movies.

After all, Yu Media was still very powerful and very capable.

Shen Li received a message from He Xiaochen while she was in class.

[ I’m so angry! What were these people thinking? It’s just a movie, so do they have to watch it? What art? The investor doesn’t even abide by the basic moral laws. What kind of art is this film even? ]

[ The movie “Chasing the Light” that I watched yesterday is truly the best! That is what art is! But Shengguang Media’s publicity is so low. They haven’t even made it to the hot searches! ]

[ No! I’m going to promote it! I can’t let my treasure movie be buried! Ah Li, you have to come with me! ]

Shen Li smiled.

[ Okay. ]

In fact, she had already expected this situation because not everyone would give up on a movie they were interested in just because Yu Cheng was involved in drugs.


It was also precisely these people who were extremely picky about the work that they liked.

She casually scrolled through Weibo and suddenly saw a post from a movie blogger who had always been gentle.

[ The biggest scam movie of the year, “Fantasy God Chronicles”! It’s a terrible film! I want a refund! ]