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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1143 - 1143 Isn't This Better Than a Movie?

1143 Isn’t This Better Than a Movie?

The Yu family’s business was controlled by the first branch and the second branch.

Both sides were equal in strength, and after all these years of fighting, it had always been difficult to determine who was better.

Now that they had lost their biggest bargaining chip, Yu Cheng, the first household was at a disadvantage.

However, if Yu Yu could rise up, it would undoubtedly increase their confidence.

It was because Yu Media, which she controlled, was an extremely important business of the Yu family.

This had actually been given to Yu Cheng by Old Master Yu, but Yu Cheng was not interested in such matters and was only involved in name only. He handed most of the work and affairs to Yu Yu, while he went to race cars.

In the end, he had even gotten himself into trouble.

But no matter what, Yu Media was still under the control of the first branch.

If they could perform well at this time, it would undoubtedly help them win back the support of the old master.

“You’re right.”

Yu Ming pondered for a long time and nodded solemnly.

The reason why the Yu family had been able to become one of the top aristocratic families in Haicheng was largely due to Old Master Yu.

He had to consider the Yu family’s future, so he would definitely value the heir’s ability.

In the past, he had chosen Yu Cheng because he had favored his eldest grandson. He had also done so because he deemed Yu Ming as being quite capable and able to protect him.

Now that Yu Cheng could not make it, Old Master Yu’s criteria would naturally change if he were to choose someone else.

Ability was the most important factor.

“I remember that you invested a lot of money in that movie, right?” he asked.

“Yes. The company is aiming to break the domestic box office record this time.”

At the mention of “Fantasy God Chronicles’, Yu Yu’s expression became much more relaxed.

She had put in a lot of effort for this film and was waiting for this opportunity to make a comeback.

The timing was just right.

Yu Ming had heard people mention it a few times before. The industry’s investors were very optimistic about this film.

Seeing Yu Yu’s confident look, he felt much more comforted.

“That’s good. the old man will probably be in the hospital for a few more days. I’ll tell him the good news when he’s discharged.”

Yu Yu nodded,

“I know, Uncle.”

By the time Yu Yu returned to her place, it was already past eight in the evening.

After entering the house, she kicked off her high heels and went to the living room. She lay down on the sofa and let out a long breath.

She had been running around the Capital and Haicheng the whole day, and she was exhausted.

But fortunately, she was in a good mood.

Yu Cheng’s life sentence had really given her a big surprise.

So what if he was the eldest grandson? Wouldn’t he be trapped within the high walls for his entire life?

In Yu Yu’s eyes, Zhou Lan’s insistence on filing for an appeal was a joke.

After being imprisoned and addicted to drugs, Yu Cheng was going to rot in that dirty swamp for the rest of his life!

When she thought of this, Yu Yu felt that even her fatigue seemed to have faded.

She stood up and took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet. Then she then took a red wine glass and poured herself a glass of red wine.

The old man was ill, but he was not in danger.

The best part was that after this blow, his mind was still clear, but his body was definitely not as good as before.

He had to start giving up power and at the same time, start screening for the next heir to the Yu family.

There were only so many people in the Yu family, who could he choose?

As long as she joined hands with the first branch, the second branch and Yu Jing would not be able to pose a threat to them.

Without Yu Cheng, there was nothing to worry about on the first household’s end.

Yu Yu felt that she had always been very patient. For example, she had waited from the moment old master Yu had slapped her until today’s premiere of “Fantasy God Chronicles”. She had also waited for this glass of red wine to become completely alert again after such a tiring day.

The strong smell of alcohol gradually spread and filled the tip of her nose. The dark red liquid was gently swirled in the glass. The crystal lamp above her head shone brilliantly, making it seem as if the glass of wine was just as brilliantly.

It was a pity that she had not been able to go to the premiere today.

Yu Yu shrugged her shoulders with some regret.

However, before her lips could touch the glass, her phone suddenly rang.

She frowned. Who could be calling at this time?

The trace of unhappiness from being disturbed in the bottom of her heart silently dissipated when she saw the caller ID.

It was Liu Bo, the Vice President of Yu media.

That night, he had attended the premiere of “Fantasy God Chronicles’ as the representative of Yu Media.

However, surely the premiere had not ended yet, right?

Feeling this little bit of doubt, Yu Yu answered the call.

“Hello,” she said.

“President Yu! Something has happened at the premiere!”

Liu Bo’s voice sounded anxious and panicked.

Someone barged into the premiere and made a scene with a banner, saying that because of Yu… because of Young Master Yu, they wanted to boycott “Fantasy God Chronicles”!

Yu Yu’s expression changed.


“This happened too suddenly. Although the security guards quickly drove those people out, it still made a big impact. I’ve already asked the public relations department to handle it just now, hoping to suppress this matter, but there were too many people at the premiere, so the related videos and photos were still leaked…”


Yu Yu’s hand trembled slightly, and the wine glass fell to the ground, smashing onto the marble floor.

Liu Bo also heard this.

“President Yu? President Yu! are you alright?”

Yu Yu could not care less about all this now.

She closed her eyes as she felt as if a fire had suddenly burst out from the bottom of her heart!

“What are you guys doing!”

How much trouble would such a scandal at the premiere cause?

Liu Bo was also in a terrible fix on his end.

“President Yu, it’s true that we didn’t do a good job today. B-but we really didn’t expect this!”

Who could have expected that someone would be so bold as to come and make trouble at such a grand and lively premiere?

More importantly, the reason for the boycott was Yu Cheng!

Yu Cheng had only been sentenced to life imprisonment for illegal possession of drugs and rape today!

If “Fantasy God Chronicles” was connected to his name, it would be extremely difficult to clean it up!

Yu Yu quickly opened Weibo.

#Fantasy God Chronicles Yu Cheng#

#Fantasy God Chronicles premiere#

#Yu Media Yu Cheng#

A few words had already appeared on Weibo’s hot search, and the first one was even more obvious–

#Boycott Fantasy God Chronicles#!

The Capital, Skyleaf City.

Shen Li leaned back in her chair and scrolled through Weibo. She clicked on the hot topics.

In the square, videos and photos could be seen everywhere.

She looked at it for a while and sighed.

“Isn’t this better than watching “Fantasy God Chronicles”?”