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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1142 - 1142 Opportunity

1142 Opportunity

Everyone knew why Old Master Yu fell ill today.

Yu Ming was already in the wrong, so if he were to kick up a fuss now, his face would turn even uglier.

Thus, he suppressed his anger.

“For the sake of the old man, I won’t argue with you today!”

When Yu Feng heard this, he reacted as if he had heard a joke.

He looked Yu Ming up and down from head to toe.

“Big Brother, you should be very clear about who’s not going to argue with who, right? If it wasn’t for Yu Cheng, would the old man be like this? Oh, I almost forgot…”

As he spoke, he sent a meaningful look towards Zhou La.

“Yu Cheng is already in prison. Even if you wanted to scold him, you wouldn’t have the chance to do so! ”

Zhou Lan was already feeling grief and resentment over Yu Cheng’s matter. How could she listen to these words now? Her body swayed and she almost fell.

Yu Yu quickly helped her to a chair and patted her back to help her breathe.

Yu Ming was extremely furious.

“Second Brother!”

Yu Feng was unbothered by his opinion.

Without Yu Cheng, the eldest branch had lost any advantage over the old master. In addition, Yu Cheng had embarrassed the Yu family this time, so the situation was even worse.

No matter from what perspective, the first branch’s current competitiveness was already far inferior to them. What was there to be afraid of?

He deliberately showed some sympathy and concern on his face, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, you two must take care of your health! After all, Yu Cheng can’t be filial to you in the future. What if something happens to you?”

Killing people and destroying their hearts was nothing to him.

Yu Ming and Zhou Lan only had one son, Yu Cheng. They had pampered and spoiled him for so many years because they had thought that the Yu family was destined to be his.

Who would have thought that everything would be gone overnight?

Yu Ming’s face was ashen and his chest heaved up and down. His lips were trembling from anger, but he could not say a word.

When Yu Yu turned around and saw the scene, she frowned.

“Second Uncle, what happened to brother is already enough to make Grandpa sad. He’s just out of danger now. If he sees you and First Uncle like this, I think it won’t be good for his recovery…”

Yu Feng glanced at her coldly,

“I’m talking to my big brother. What right does a junior like you have to criticize me?!”

Yu Yu’s method would not work on him.

She wanted to use the old master to threaten him, but she should have seen whether the old master had any respect for her first.

Yu Yu choked, her heart filled with hatred, but she did not dare to flare up and could only shut up.

Yu Feng dusted off his clothes,

“I’ll take care of the old master. Big Brother, Sister-in-law, you should go back first. Especially on a day like today… When the old man awakens, he probably wouldn’t want to see the both of you.”

Yu Cheng’s incident had been a fatal blow to the first branch, so the second branch was too lazy to even put up a front.

“Big Brother, Sister-in-law, I have to stay here to take care of the old man so I won’t be seeing you out.”


The cup fell to the ground, and a crisp shattering sound was heard.

“Does my second brother really think he can climb over my head?”

Yu Ming’s expression was extremely gloomy.

All these years, he had never been treated like this!

Zhou Lan, who was sitting to the side, suddenly covered her face and started crying,

“What’s the point of saying all this now? What about Ah Cheng?”

At the mention of this, Yu Ming closed his eyes.

Yu Cheng was his only son. How could he not feel upset?

Ever since Yu Cheng’s incident, they had thought of ways to deal with it. They had run back and forth, putting in a lot of effort, but all of it had been useless!

Zhou Lan’s crying made him even more irritated.

“Cry, cry, cry! All you know is how to cry! He’s where he is today because you didn’t teach him well!”

Aside from other things, he had even gotten addicted to drugs and had been involved in FN’s internal drug ring!

Zhou Lan cried even harder.

She no longer had the mood or energy to argue with Yu Ming. Whenever she thought about how Yu Cheng would spend the rest of his life in prison, her heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife.

“I want to appeal! I’ll definitely appeal!”

She was not convinced by this judgment!

Yu Yu secretly sneered.

So what if she appealed?

Yu Cheng’s case was so big, and the police had conclusive evidence. He had received an indefinite sentence in his first trial, which showed how serious the case was.

Even if he appealed, the final result would probably not change.

That would only make the Yu family lose even more face.

But of course, she would not say these words.

Yu Yu’s gaze swept across the two of them, and he advised softly,

“Uncle, Auntie, let’s leave Brother’s matter to the lawyers. They are professionals after all. What’s more important now is Grandpa’s health.”

Her words suddenly reminded Yu Ming.

That’s right!

The old man was lying in the hospital now. Although his life was no longer in danger, no one could say for sure what would happen in the future.

The second branch’s disposition of forces today clearly made it clear that they wanted to shed all pretenses of cordiality and fight for the family property!

In the past, he had not been worried about this problem at all. After all, Yu Cheng had been the heir appointed by the old master.

But now…

He frowned.

“Not to mention, within the second branch of the family, there’s still Yu Jing.”

Yu Jing was Yu Yu’s illegitimate older brother from a different mother.

In the past, because of his identity as an illegitimate son, Yu Jing’s position in the Yu family had been very awkward. However, after the incident involving Yu Cheng, he had become the only grandson of Old Master Yu.

Both they and Yu Yu were not happy to see this.

Yu Ming looked at Yu Yu, calmed his emotions, and said, “Lil Yu, you’re a child of the Yu family. Yu Jing can’t even be compared with you! Don’t worry, this family’s assets should belong to you. Big Uncle will definitely stand on your side!”

Yu Yu secretly sneered.

Her uncle always spoke in such a grand manner, saying that everything he did was for her, but in fact, he was doing it for himself!

Yu Cheng was already at his wit’s end, and Yu Jing was likely to take the opportunity to ascend the throne.

How could Yu Ming allow such a situation to happen?

So, what he meant now was that he wanted to join forces with her.

After all, her relationship with them had always been much better than Yu Jing’s relationship with them.

In addition, she was a girl and a rather capable girl, so she could be their most powerful helper without posing a fundamental threat to them.

Yu Yu showed them a grateful expression.

“Thank you, Uncle. I know that you and aunt have treated me the best all these years.”

Some words did not need to be said outright.

Yu Ming knew that she had agreed, but he was still anxious whenever he thought of the current situation.

“But, the old master is sick now. Who knows if anyone had any ulterior motives and is whispering in his ear? If the second branch and Yu Jing are constantly hanging around him, then…”


Yu Yu interrupted him.

“Actually, I don’t think that’s the most important thing. Grandpa has to think about the whole Yu family. If all he can do is speak nicely without showing any ability, Grandpa will look down on such a person. ”

“You mean to say…”

Yu Yu said, “Those who produce results are the most competitive.

“Tonight is the premiere of ‘Fantasy God Chronicles.’ This movie will be released on National Day. This will be our chance.”