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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 115 - Mr. Lu?

Chapter 115: Mr. Lu?

Everyone stared at Ning Li.

Ning Li remained calm as she left the classroom with Geng Haifan.

When the two of them walked away from the class, the rest of the students went wild.

“I knew it! There was something strange when the two of them applied for leave together last Friday! Not just Yunzhou, but the two of them also went to Jingcheng?!”

“Many girls like Pei Song, but he’s never cared about any of them. Now, he’s taking his coat off for Ning Li?! She’s really something…”

“I think it’s because one of them is the most handsome guy and the other is the most beautiful girl in the school. They are also first and second in the previous monthly test! You can say they are the best match for each other.”

“The school forbids students from being in a relationship. They are practically challenging the school’s rules. Damn, I can’t spot a thing when they are in school. I wonder how the school will deal with this.”

Second High had always been strict with their rules, even more so when the two best students of the school were involved. The school could not just sit back and turn a blind eye to this.

The discussion was heated, and even Ren Qian became a target for the barrage of questions.

“Qianzi, do you know about this?”

Irritated, Ren Qian said, “It’s not true. Don’t talk nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense, right? The picture is real! If it had been somewhere else, it would still be fine, but in the Jingcheng airport in the middle of the night? The coincidence is uncanny!”

Ren Qian scoffed and rolled his eyes.

It was quite difficult to explain this to the class.

Pei Song had gone back to the capital because of some urgent family matters but Ning Li…had said that she went back to Lincheng to deal with some family matters.

Lin Zhouyang pulled his chair over and said with a bitter look, “Qianzi, come on. Tell me the truth. Is Brother Pei in a relationship with Ning Li? How come I don’t know anything about this?”

Lin Zhouyang felt he was being left out.

A few days ago, Sun Huihui had spoken about them having a meal at the cafeteria, and he had still defended them righteously. Now, he realized that he had been kept in the dark for the whole time.

Ren Qian had a glance at Ning Li’s empty seat, and for a moment there, he kind of believed the picture. However, he was able to clear the doubts from his head. He rolled his book into a bat and smacked Lin Zhouyang on the head.

“A picture doesn’t explain everything. Stop with the wild guesses.”

In the teacher’s office, when Ning Li entered the office with Geng Haifan, Pei Song was already there.

He looked at the entrance when he heard the footsteps. Despite being called to the teacher’s office, he still appeared proud and cold.

Geng Haifan pulled his chair out and sat down. He looked at the two of them for a few moments. He had something on his mind that he wanted to say but had a difficult time translating his thoughts into words. It felt inappropriate no matter how he put it.

He rubbed his hand slowly and somehow his temples started to swell. He had been a class teacher for many years and was considered a veteran teacher in the school.

He had dealt with students being in a relationship before, but the top student and the second-top student being together was a first for him. The boy and girl before him were the best among the third-year students.

During normal times, the two of them concentrated on their studies and looked like mature young adults who knew their priorities. If he had not seen the picture in the forum, he would never have believed that the two of them were in a relationship.

A while later, he finally found some suitable words to speak his mind. “Which one of you is going to tell me what happened?”

Pei Song looked rather calm. “I’ve told you what happened. We really ran into each other at the airport.”

Geng Haifan looked at Ning Li. “Ning Li, what about your reason for leaving the other day?”

She had claimed that she went back to Lincheng, but she appeared in the Jingcheng airport. It was a bold lie.

Ning Li sighed. “I lied to you about going back to Lincheng, but I am not in a relationship with Pei Song. We are nothing but classmates.”

Pei Song looked down slightly while his eyes behind his glasses had a hint of gloominess.

“The coincidence is uncanny.”

Geng Haifan had a feeling that the two of them were not in a relationship, but it was a little too coincidental and Pei Song had even taken his coat off for Ning Li.

Were they really just classmates?

Geng Haifan thought about it for a while. He sighed and tried to persuade the two of them, “Actually, I was once young like you guys, and it’s normal for your age to be interested in the opposite sex. It’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s nothing for me to hold you responsible as well, but you guys have to understand that this is not the time for you to be in a relationship. Your focus should be the entrance exam.”

They were in a sensitive period and could not afford to be distracted by puppy love. He sounded like he already acknowledged their relationship.

“Mr. Geng, I know what you are trying to say, but it’s not true. Why should we admit something that’s not true?” Ning Li said.

Geng Haifan found himself in a difficult situation. “This has already gotten out. If you guys don’t have solid evidence to prove it, I’ll have to call your parents.”

The school had always been strict with students being in a relationship, even more so when it involved Ning Li and Pei Song.

As a matter of fact, even the other teachers also knew about this. Even if he wanted to, he could not lay low anymore.

“My parents are not in the country now, so I’m afraid they won’t be able to come. I went back to Jingcheng because my grandmother is sick, and it was just a last-minute visit. No one else is involved,” Pei Song said.

Geng Haifan then looked at Ning Li. “What about you?”

He knew Pei Song’s family background, hence the reason was acceptable.

What about Ning Li though?

She had lied and gone to Jingcheng. If it was not a date with Pei Song, why would she have gone to the capital on a weekend?

Ning Li kept quiet. If she were to clarify it, she would have to be honest about the purpose of her trip.

“This is a private matter, so I ask for your understanding.”

Geng Haifan could not understand her persistence. He stared at the two of them. He had to admit that when the two of them stood together, they really looked perfect for each other.

After seeing the picture on the forum, he carefully thought about it.

Usually in school, Pei Song barely talked to Ning Li. In fact, the two of them seemed rather distant, so no one would have related them together.

However, there were situations in which two people looked extremely distant from each other but were couples in the dark.

Geng Haifan was worried about the second possibility.

Pei Song was honest and cooperated, but Ning Li refused to cooperate and even lied about the reason for her leave.

Geng Haifan could not just turn a blind eye to this. “Ning Li, this is a serious matter. I hope for your honesty.”

Ning Li said, “I’ve told you all that I have to say. I am not in a relationship with Pei Song.”

The atmosphere in the teacher’s office froze in awkwardness.

A while later, Geng Haifan sighed. “If that’s the case, I’ll have to call your parents and ask them why you went to Jingcheng for the weekend.”

Then, he took his phone out and walked to the window to make a call.

A hint of irritation appeared in her eyes. Su Yuan would never come to the school for this kind of reason. She never really cared about Ning Li’s wellbeing anyway, let alone Ning Li’s troubles. The worse that could happen was Su Yuan being mad because she was lied to and that was it.

Ning Li did not really care until she heard Geng Haifan’s voice.

“Hello, Mr. Lu?”

Ning Li’s body froze.