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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1139 - 1139 Explain It to Her

1139 Explain It to Her

He looked up and saw that she was washing her hands with her head lowered.

A lock of her black hair hung down and swayed gently beside her fair face, making her look quiet and obedient.

Gu Tinglan did not know this, but he knew that she had gone to where he was from the national planetarium.

She had indeed arrived too quickly from there to Gu Tinglan’s clinic.

The more likely scenario was that she was already rushing over there before she had managed to get through to Gu Tinglan’s phone.

In this way, it was more reasonable in terms of time.

There was also the expression on her face when she had seen him. She had refused to go to Linchuan Road to eat barbecued meat and had suddenly suggested that Gu Tinglan call Dou Yi.

Everything pointed to one possibility.

She had not asked a single word about why he had been at Gu Tinglan’s private psychological clinic.

She did not seem to think that there was anything unusual about it and did not seem to have any intention of asking about it.

Yes, he was on good terms with Gu Tinglan, but it was a psychological clinic after all.

If he wanted to meet Gu Tinglan, there were so many other places and times to choose from. There had really been no need to choose that place.

Her explanation for the missed calls also seemed rather weak.

With his phone turned off, she had not called Yi Bin or the Lu family home. Instead, she had called Gu Tinglan directly.

“It was just a coincidence.”

He said calmly.

Gu Tinglan frowned.


What kind of explanation was that?

Just as he was about to continue asking more questions, Shen Li’s voice could be heard.

“Second Brother, would you like to have pumpkin congee later?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

“Alright,” he said.

Gu Tinglan was silent for a while before he finally said, “Lu Huaiyu, if this goes on, you’ll have to find a time to clear things up with her sooner or later.”

This had to be done, even though it was not a scene he wanted to see.

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment and laughed.

“I know,”

He ended the call and walked toward Shen Li.

“I’m coming.”

After dinner, Shen Li stayed at Rongyue Mansion until 9:30 before leaving.

The streets were filled with traffic and the neon lights flashed.

Shen Li rolled down the car window. It was the end of September in the Capital, and the night wind had already subsided.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Her heart which had felt like it had been hanging in the air for the whole day had finally settled down.


Lu Huaiyu had probably gone there today to have a consultation with Gu Tinglan. The situation in her previous life should have been the same as this.

She frowned as she recalled the medical report that she had seen before.

Whether it was in her past life or in this life, there had never been any news of Lu Huaiyu having any problems with his mental state.

Furthermore, only a few of his acquaintances knew about it.

Of course, he was the person in charge of the Lu Corporation. he would not have allowed such news to be released.

However, it was a little awkward.

In her previous life, had it really only been because of a car accident that he had been injured?

She did not know.

As for Lu Huaiyu’s past and his current state now, she did not know how he was really doing.

It was not that she did not want to ask, but…

After a long silence, she rolled up the window and joined the noisy traffic.

The incident on Linchuan Road had caused quite a stir on the Internet and even made it to the hot search.

Fortunately, no one had died. The seriously injured passerby had been rescued and was now out of danger.

However, because the video was too shocking, and the perpetrator, Dou Yi, had deliberately crashed into the crowd in a bid to take revenge on society, it had caused the public’s anger to rise.

Countless netizens criticized him, demanding that the police had to punish him severely. For a time, it caused an uproar.

After Shen Li returned home, she scrolled through Weibo for a while before logging out.

She knew that this was already the best situation. After a while, the dust would be completely settled.

She put down her phone.

In this life, many things would be different.

The next day, Shen Li accompanied Shen Zhijin for breakfast.

The phone on the table suddenly rang. It was a message from Zhao Xuan.

[ President Shen, are you going to attend the premiere of “Chasing the Light” tonight? ]

Shen Li replied swiftly.

[ No, you can go. ]

[ Okay. ]

Zhao Xuan had already guessed what her answer was so he was not surprised.

Shen Li put down her phone.

Shen Zhijin looked over.

“Tangtang, I’m going to school later. Would you like to come with me? ”

Shen Li shook her head, “I won’t be going there today.”

Shen Zhijin’s lips curved into a smile.

“Well, you’ve been very busy recently. Have a good rest at home today. I’ll bring you back a piece of cheesecake.”

“Thank you, Dad,” Shen Li’s eyes curved into crescents.

Shen Zhijin left after breakfast. Shen Li tidied up and went to the study to look for a comic book to read.

The bright sunlight fell on the pages of the book which seemed to jump as her fingers flipped through them.

The iced strawberry juice in the transparent glass had settled into a rich shade, and there were condensed water droplets silently sliding along the wall of the glass.

She leaned back lazily in her chair, her eyelashes slightly lowered. It was a rare moment of peace and relaxation.

After a while, her phone rang again.

This time, it was He Xiaochen.

She picked it up.


He Xiaochen’s excited voice could be heard.

“Ah Li! I managed to get tickets for the premiere of “Chasing the Light”! Would you like to come with me?”

Even through the phone, it was not hard to imagine how excited she was.

Shen Li smiled, “I’m busy today, so I probably won’t be able to make it. You should go with Ren Qian. ”


He Xiaochen was a little surprised.

“It’s Sunday, aren’t you free?”

Shen Li turned to the next page.

“It’s okay, you guys should go.”

“Well… okay. I was just going to say that “Chasing the Light” is a film produced by Shengguang Media and directed by Liang Yue, so it must be very good! Oh right, you still remember Shengguang Media, right? The movie “Hibiscus” that made me cry was produced by them!”

“… Yes.”

He Xiaochen felt sorry for her.

“But if you’re not free, then forget it. The world of a prodigy is indeed not something that we mortals can understand.”

A teasing voice came from the side.

“So, can you consider me a mortal now?”

He Xiaochen said fiercely, “You’re just lucky!”

Ren Qian was not afraid at all. He smiled and replied, “Yes, yes. Then, do you think I can be even luckier?”

He Xiaochen was rendered speechless.

Shen Li raised her eyebrows.

In this aspect, He Xiaochen had never been Ren Qian’s match.

“I’ll hang up now. I wish you all a good time. ”

“Alright, then. But Ah Li, if you want to watch it later too, I’ll watch it with you!”

He Xiaochen reluctantly hung up.

Shen Li put down her phone and took a sip of the strawberry juice.

She read very quickly, and she finished the entire comic book in no time.

She went to the bookshelf and took a book, then leaned back in her chair and started reading again.

In fact, she did not have any scheduled work for her today.

However, there had indeed been a particular reason she had declined He Xiaochen’s offer.

Yu Cheng’s case was in court today.

When she finished reading the second volume, her phone finally lit up again.

Seeing the number on the screen, she picked up.

A respectful and polite voice was heard.

“Miss Shen, Yu Cheng’s verdict is out.

“Life imprisonment.”