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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 114 - Puppy Love

Chapter 114: Puppy Love

It was then that Gu Siyang paused. He carefully had a glance at Gu Tingfeng. He noticed that his father was looking down with a blank look as if he was sucked into a whirlpool of memories.

A while later, Gu Tingfeng regained his senses and said, “What a coincidence.”

Gu Tinglang simply grunted as a reply.

The atmosphere in the room somehow turned strange. Gu Siyang felt nervous, but it was Gu Tinglan who broke the silence.

“If Siyang really wants to go, just let him tag along. It’s not good holding him back every time.”

Gu Siyang’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

Gu Tingfeng did not want his son to disturb his uncle’s business, but for some reason, he ultimately compromised and agreed.

“As you wish.”

Ning Li only spent two days in Jincheng.

George asked her out several times, but she rejected all his invites. He had no idea what Ning Li was so busy with. Although he wanted to ask about it, he could not find the perfect timing to do so.

Ning Li booked a flight back to Yunzhou on Sunday night. This time, she took a taxi to the airport instead of asking George to send her.

Her flight was at 8:00 p.m. Since she had to arrive at the airport earlier, she stopped by the cafe at the airport for a cup of espresso.

She picked a seat in the corner and waited alone.

Then, the glass door of the coffee shop opened and a familiar figure came in. Soon, that familiar yet cold voice requested, “A latte, please.”

Ning Li turned in the direction of the voice. The person also noticed her gaze and turned to Ning Li.

The moment the two of them locked eyes, Ning Li was deeply stunned. She strongly believed that it was not a good day to travel.

It was Pei Song. He was also in the capital for the weekend.

Pei Song was also stunned.

Ning Li nodded politely while he replied with the same nod.

Then, he noticed Ning Li’s bag. It was the same bag that she brought to school, so he surmised that she left school on Friday and flew all the way here for the weekend.

After Pei Song got his cup of latte, he sat down at the table next to Ning Li but did not strike a conversation with her.

However, he clearly remembered that Ning Li had said she was going back to her home in Lincheng, so he did not expect to see her in the Jingcheng airport. He believed that even the school and her family did not know where she had gone.

Suddenly, it rained outside.

Ning Li turned to the airport apron through the window and frowned at the downpour. Judging from how heavy the rain was, she started to wonder if her flight would be delayed.

Twenty minutes later, she got her answer from the broadcast. Not only was her flight delayed, but most of the flights were also temporarily stopped because of the sudden downpour.

It was getting late and the sky turned dark as the pitter-patter of the rain was getting louder.

Then, she realized that Pei Song’s flight was only an hour away from her own, and since her flight was delayed, her flight would depart at the same time as Pei Song’s.

She took a sip from her cup of coffee.

Seconds turned into minutes.

It was autumn in Jingcheng, so the night was already chilly. Coupled with the rain, the temperature dropped drastically for the night.

Ning Li had only brought one bag on this trip, and she was still wearing the same white hoodie and jeans.

Passengers from the delayed flights already wrapped themselves with blankets and lay down on the cafe bench for a quick rest.

Ning Li was down to her last drop of coffee, and she still had no idea when her flight would resume.

Pei Song took his coat off and gave it to her. “Why don’t you have some rest first?”

Ning Li was surprised before she shook her head. “It’s okay. Thank you.”

Staying up late was normal for her, and it was difficult for her to close her eyes in public.

Pei Song put his coat on the bench beside Ning Li before he went to the counter. A while later, he came back with two cups of warm water. “Here.”

Ning Li reluctantly took a cup. “Thank you.”

The rain got lighter around midnight, so the airport apron and flights were being resumed.

Ning Li and Pei Song then parted ways.

“I have to go now,” Ning Li said.

Pei song nodded.

As Ning Li walked towards her boarding gate, Pei Song stared at the black coat that he had put beside Ning Li’s bench.

Ning Li did not even touch it. He picked up his coat and went in the other direction.

At 6:00 a.m, Ning Li got off the plane. She returned to her rented unit to wash up before going to school.

At 7.30 a.m, Ning Li stepped into the classroom as the bell rang. However, she noticed that something was not right with the class.

Everyone was looking at her with a strange gaze. She frowned as she walked to her seat.

He Xiaochen looked at her nervously. She seemed worried and anxious.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Li asked.

He Xiaochen covered her mouth and said with a muffled voice, “Ning Li, did you go to Jingcheng during the weekend?”

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.

Judging from Ning Li’s reaction, He Xiaochen knew it was true, so she got even more excited.

“D-did you go with the class monitor?”

Ning Li frowned. “What?”

He Xiaochen got even more anxious. “Someone saw you in the Jingcheng airport and took a picture of the two of you! It’s on the campus forum now, so everybody knows about it.”

Ning Li took her phone out and realized that the campus forum was talking about her and Pei Song. The hottest thread on the forum was pinned on the top page.

[Breaking! The most handsome guy and the most beautiful girl appeared at the airport in Jingcheng together! Is this proof of their relationship?]

Ning Li frowned as she tapped on the thread.

A picture popped out. The background was the Jingcheng airport, and the boy and the girl in the photo were evidently Pei Song and her.

It was obviously the work of a paparazzi. Even though the picture was taken from afar, their faces were clear. More importantly, the picture was showing Pei Song giving her his coat.

There were more than 1,000 comments in the thread, and the number was climbing fast.

[Orange123: My God! What am I seeing?!]

[DragonKing: It’s proven now! This isn’t Photoshopped. It’s real!]

[MorningStick: I heard the two of them applied for leave last Friday. Did they go to Jingcheng for a weekend getaway? My gosh! I thought Pei Song was an ice prince. Who knew that he was this warm?!]

While Ning Li looked through the comments with a blank stare, He Xiaochen was nervous.

“The class monitor was called to the teacher’s office just now, and you—”

Before she could finish, the class went silent.

Geng Haifan was standing at the entrance. “Ning Li, a word, please.”