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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1126 - 1126 Of Course, I Gave It to Her

1126 Of Course, I Gave It to Her

He looked at her with intense eyes.

“You’ve always been meticulous, how could you have accidentally lost such a backpack?”

Shen Li put her things away and turned around. She thought for a while and said, “Do you remember Yanhui Mountain in Lincheng?”

Lu Huaiyu’s heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something.

Yanhui Mountain was the place where he had first met her. How could he not remember?

However, she looked like she was lost in her thoughts.

“I remember,” he nodded as he calmly replied, ” It’s the mountain peak next to Xiaosong Hill.”

“Yes, that’s the place,” Shen Li said, “I happened to get into a car accident there before. The scene was too chaotic and I was busy saving people so I accidentally lost my backpack.”

Every word she said was so natural and light, but in his ears, it gradually became a huge roar.

The oxygen in the air seemed to be gradually drawn out, until every inch of space became tense and stagnant, making it almost difficult for him to breathe.

Lu Huaiyu’s throat tightened. He wanted to say something, but he found that he could not even say a word.

Shen Li was so caught up in her memories that she did not notice the change in his expression. After thinking for a while, she smiled and said, “Actually, it wasn’t the lost bag that was significant but a book. That book was much more important to me than this bag, so after the book was lost, I didn’t pay much attention to the bag. If Uncle Wen didn’t return it, I might not have even remembered it. ”

It was as if something had rolled over his heart, causing his chest to feel a dull pain.

This meant that… the backpack had indeed disappeared that day.

And she had never gone to look for it.

So, the things inside…

She really had not seen it before.

“But that was a long time ago.”

Shen Li said as she shook her head gentlyand closed the cabinet door.

The backpack was then hidden back in the cabinet.

She looked up and saw Lu Huaiyu’s head slightly lowered. His black hair vaguely covered his eyes, and his emotions could not be seen.

“Second Brother?” She called out to him.

Lu Huaiyu came back to his senses. When he raised his head again, his expression was the same as before, and there was nothing unusual about it.


However, for some reason, Shen Li still felt that something was not right.

She pondered, “Nothing, just…”

Before she could finish speaking, the doorbell rang.

Her thoughts were interrupted.

“That should be the delivery. I’ll go open the door.”

With that, she moved her feet and walked out.

The sound of footsteps gradually faded.

Lu Huaiyu was silent for a moment, and his gaze fell back on the bottom of the cabinet.

A moment later, he walked over.

The cabinet was not locked, and it opened with a light pull.

His expression was overly calm, and his every move was orderly, still revealing the nobility in his bones.

He took the black backpack out.

The capacity of the backpack was quite large. Other than a large zipper, there were two small zippers in the front, and mesh pockets on both sides.

It was of very good quality. The fabric was flexible and thick. It was the kind that was very wear-resistant and back-resistant.

His well-defined hand landed on the middle zipper and paused.

The bedroom door was half-closed, and Lu Huaiyu heard the sound of her opening the door in the living room.

He lowered his eyes slightly and unzipped his jacket.

Then, he put his hand in.

Soon, he felt something cold and hard.

That touch was clearly cold and hard, but for some reason, he felt as if he had been scalded, his fingers trembling slightly.

He held his breath and slowly took the item out.

It was a metal name card.

It was pure black in color and was engraved with gold characters.

The president of the Lu Corporation-Lu Huaiyu.

Below his name was a number.


… was his phone number.

Lu Huaiyu stared at the name card, his fingers slowly tightening, his knuckles turning white.

At that time, he had just returned from Bai City and officially taken over the Lu Corporation.

He had two phone numbers, one for public use and one for private use.

Based on these two numbers, he had two types of business cards.

There were a lot of customized copies for the public, but the private one was made of special materials and was more private, so this was the first sample to be released.

On the day he had gone to Yanhui Mountain, he had happened to bring this one.

There was only one in this world.

It was now evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun shone through the window, coating the entire room with a layer of warm light.

The light fell on the extremely thin business card in his hand, and the dark red color on the gilded name and number was clearly visible.

It was the old bloodstain of his that had long solidified.

Looking at it now, on top of the pure black, gold and blood overlapped, the contrast was bright and strong.

At that time, he had held on to his last bit of consciousness and stuffed the only card that could prove his identity into the inner layer of her backpack.

He had been like a drowning person who had been holding on to his last life-saving straw.

He knew that he could not let go.

After that, he had waited and waited, but the call had never come.

He had forgotten many of the things that had happened that day, the only memory left was of that last blurry image of her back.

He had only managed to draw that picture in an attempt to retain that extremely slim memory.

He had continued to wait.

However, it had been too chaotic that day, and the other party had seemed to be deliberately hiding their identity. After that day, they had not left any clues and had never called.

He had not given up and had started looking.

However, he did not know why he had not been able to find her after searching for so long in such a small city.

There were so many streets and alleys, and he searched them one by one.

Still nothing.

As the old illness in his eyes grew day by day, all of his greed gradually faded.

Until that day, when he had seen her back again.

Until that day, when she finally dialed this number.

However, it turned out that…

This business card had been buried here and she had never found it.

Lu Huaiyu stood there with a straight back. The setting sun elongated his shadow.

The scene seemed to be frozen.

So, she did not know.

He recalled Cheng Xiyue’s shocked question at the time- “So, how did she get your number?”

At that time, he smiled and replied, “Of course, it was because I gave it to her.”

Of course, it had been from him.

However, it turned out that it was not.

Shen Li accepted the takeaway delivery, closed the door, and placed the food on the table.

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu had not come out yet, she walked towards the bedroom and pushed open the half-closed door.

“Second Brother…”

The man standing in the room turned around and looked at her quietly.