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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 113 - We Share the Same Fate, Don’t You Think?

Chapter 113: We Share the Same Fate, Don’t You Think?

The person that walked past her seemed a little familiar, but all she had was a glimpse, so Xu Yini was not sure.

Edmond looked in the direction of her gaze. “It seems like he is back.”

Xu Yini’s heart raced. “You mean—”

Edmond looked at her and smiled helplessly.

“Miss Xu, I’m sorry that I can’t take you to him today. The guest beside him is his VIP for the day, and he’s been talking about her for quite some time now. Even I cannot interrupt him tonight.” Edmond was being frank.

Disappointed, Xu Yini could not do anything either. “It’s fine. I’ll take a rain check.”

Being the gentleman that he was, Edmond called the elevator for her.

“Miss Xu, have a good evening.”

Xu Yini looked away and lifted her dress before walking into the elevator.

George left after he sent Ning Li to her hotel room. Even though he wanted to chat further and hoped that he could have a glance at the sketches Ning Li brought, she insisted on seeing the contract first.

In the end, he could not do anything but go back and draft the contract for her first.

Ning Li shut the door. When she was tidying her bag, she found Gu Tinglan’s name card. She remembered what he had told her earlier, so she texted the man.

[Dr. Gu. I’m already at the hotel.]

A few minutes later, she received a friend request from Wechat.

It was Gu Tinglan, hence Ning Li accepted it.

[Great. Have a good rest.]

Ning Li simply thanked him and left the conversation.

As she scrolled down, she saw Lu Huaiyu’s contact. She had not told the man that she came to the capital.

Ning Li rubbed the center of her brows. If Lu Huaiyu did not ask her, she did not plan to tell him as well.

After all, it was just for a weekend, and it would pass in the blink of an eye. However, after hearing what Gu Tinglan said earlier, the words circulated in her mind.

She thought of when she had lied to him the other day. Finally, she sighed and tapped on his contact.

[Second Brother, I’m currently at…]

Before she could finish, she stared at the message that she had typed and found it strange. The man did not ask her for a single thing, yet she planned to tell him where she was. It felt wrong.

She deleted it and retyped something else.

[Second Brother, are you asleep…]

It felt wrong as well.

Ning Li deleted and retyped her message a few times and was still unable to come up with a conclusion.

At Yunding Fenghua, Cheng Xiyue put the contract on the table and sat down like a boss.

“You said you would give me a point. You can’t go back on your words now.”

Even though it was troublesome to go through the tedious procedure, if Lu Huaiyu signed it, Cheng Xiyue would be on the winning side.

Lu Huaiyu leaned on the couch while scrolling his phone. He raised his brows and showed a profound gaze as he scrolled.

Cheng Xiyue waited for a reaction, but the man showed no signs at all. He leaned closer for a peek.

“What are you watching? You’re getting sucked into your phone. Are you trying to avoid signing it?”

Cheng Xiyue had climbed out of bed in the middle of the night and had to endure mental shock and torture just to get the contract. If Lu Huaiyu refused to sign, he would flip the table in front of the man.

Unfortunately, Lu Huaiyu still did not react.

Cheng Xiyue had a closer look at the phone, and it seemed like Lu Huaiyu was chatting with someone.

[XXX is typing…]

The name was…

It was then Lu Huaiyu stared at him. Cheng Xiyue felt chills running down his spine. He awkwardly cleared his throat and looked away.

“Umm, I saw nothing. Please continue—”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his phone, but he still did not get a message. In the end, he kept his phone away and signed the contract.

George was extremely efficient. On the next afternoon, he went to Ning Li with the newly drafted contract.

Since Ning Li said that she did not want her personal information revealed, George only brought two lawyers with him to the meeting. Edmond wanted to join the meeting at first but was rejected.

After Ning Li checked all the terms and made sure everything was fine, she signed the contract.

At the same time, she gave George some of the sketches that she brought. She had completed half of her mission of coming to the capital until this point.

Much to his dismay, Ning Li rejected the lunch invite for George and went out on her own.

King’s One was a residential district in the west of the capital where the Gu family had several mansions.

Gu Siyang brought Gu Tinglan to one of the mansions for a short stay.

In the study room, Gu Tingfeng looked at Gu Tinglan. “Are you saying you didn’t find anything at Lincheng?”

Gu Tinglan nodded. “But the trip was on a short schedule, so I plan to go back for a second time.”

Gu Tingfeng thought about it. “Okay. It’s been a long time, and it’s normal to not find anything on your first trip. You’ll have to put in more effort in searching.”


Gu Siyang was also there with his uncle and father. He said, “Dad, putting Uncle in charge of this is a little too tiring. Why don’t I tag along next time?”

Gu Tingfeng grunted. “Do you want to go to Lincheng or Yunzhou? I know what you are thinking.”

Gu Siyang was exposed on the spot by his father. He did not mind it though and simply brushed it off with a smile. “If you already know what I want, why don’t you let me go? Staying here is getting boring.”

He had heard of Xiaosong Hill at Yunzhou and wanted to go have a look for himself. However, he did not get the chance to travel.

“If it’s boring here, why are you out all the time? Besides, your uncle is there for serious business. You won’t be much help, and I don’t want you to drag him down,” Gu Tingfeng said. He knew what his son was planning.

Gu Siyang argued, “Dad, come on. You are being prejudiced. How do you know I won’t be helpful? I just stopped my dear uncle here from stepping onto the wrong path yesterday.”

Gu Tinglan looked at the boy pointedly as Gu Siyang replied with a subtle wink. He was trying to ask his uncle to play along.

Gu Tingfeng frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Gu Tinglan smiled. “It’s nothing. I ran into a friend yesterday at the airport and we had a little reunion together. Siyang seemed to have misunderstood something.”

Gu Tingfeng sharply sensed something was wrong. He unconsciously sat up straight and asked, “A friend? A girl friend? Or a boy friend?”

Meanwhile, Gu Tinglan helplessly sighed and rubbed his face.

Gu Siyang grunted and said frivolously, “It’s a girl! But that’s it! The girl is only 17 years old, a third-year high-schooler. If Uncle is any good, he won’t get someone that young, right?”

Gu Tingfeng looked disappointed. “A girl?”

Gu Tinglan was silenced.

The Gu family had four brothers with Gu Tinglan being the youngest. All three of his brothers were married and had given birth to many children.

That was the reason why Gu Tinglan’s father did not urge him to get married.

Only his elder brother, Gu Tingfeng, was concerned about his relationship status.

“I thought you just came back a while ago. Have you befriended a little girl that fast?” Gu Tingfeng stared at him cautiously. There were less than a handful of people whom Gu Tinglan considered a friend, which piqued Gu Tingfeng’s interest.

Gu Tinglan smiled. “No, it’s just that the girl is a mature one, and we keep running into each other. She’s also allergic to peanuts.”

Gu Tingfeng was shocked when he heard that.

Gu Siyang also looked at his uncle in astonishment. “Huh? Isn’t that—”