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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1118 - 1118 Meeting Again

1118 Meeting Again

Ronai’s private gallery was located in the center of Leland city, and Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu went there together.

It was only then that Shen Li found out that Lu Huaiyu’s relationship with Ronai was far better than she had expected.

He had quite a few properties in Leland and had quite a few dealings with the whole Berkshire family.

When Ronai had invited her over, he had also invited him over as well, knowing that he was there as well.

During the day, Leland was also very lively. Compared to Bai City, it had a more romantic and artistic atmosphere.

On both sides of the street, there were all kinds of museums, art galleries, and even some small shops that had their own style.

Shen Li sat in the back seat of the car and leaned back, casually looking at the scenery outside the window.

Lu Huaiyu sat beside her and saw that she was looking out the window. He said, “Time is tight this time. Next time, if you’re free, you should go for a stroll on First Street. There are many fun things to do there.

Shen Li shook her head, “It’s too commercialized there now. Let’s go to Susheri Street.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

First Street was a famous tourist spot in Leland. There were many small art shops gathered there. Many people would visit the place and buy various trinkets that they liked.

In comparison, Susheri Street was much less famous, and only the locals usually knew about it.

“I didn’t expect Ah Li to know so much about Leland. It seems that you went to a lot of places while you were in Leland previously? ”

As he spoke, he thought of what she had said earlier and could not help but laugh.

“Didn’t you say that Leland had too much rain in the summer and that you had been caught in the rain?”

Shen Li felt as if something had nudged her heart.

She nodded her head.

The rain in Leland during the summer season always came very suddenly, and she had indeed been caught in the rain many times.

“Then we’ll go to Susheri Street after this.”

Of course, Lu Huaiyu let her be.

Shen Li turned around. The corners of his lips curled up slightly.


She was just about to continue speaking when her gaze suddenly focused.

Lu Huaiyu sensed that something was wrong and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Li’s eyes narrowed.

“I think I saw someone familiar.”

“Who is it?”

Shen Li lifted her chin as she spoke.

“Tao Siwen,”

Lu Huaiyu still had some memory of this name. He frowned slightly and turned back to look.

The streets were filled with people, but he still saw the figure of a somewhat familiar middle-aged man.

It was indeed Tao Siwen.

He was wearing a polo shirt, casual pants, and a baseball cap. He looked like he was on vacation.

But no matter how he looked at it, something did not seem right.

Tao Siwen walked for a while before quickly turning a corner.

Lu Huaiyu stared at his back as he gradually disappeared into the distance.

“That’s Seventh Street.”

Of course, Shen Li was well aware of this.

It was already strange enough to bump into Tao Siwen here, but even stranger for him to go to Seventh Street for a stroll.

She said in a low voice, “The fake painting of mine that was on display in an art gallery before had appeared in a store on Seventh Street.

Lu Huaiyu narrowed his eyes.

This was the first time he had heard of this. He turned his head to take a look, but Tao Siwen had already gone.

“You think he’s related to that incident?”

“Yes,” Shen Li nodded.

Tao Siwen liked to be artsy and put in a lot of effort in this area. It was said that his family had collected a lot of treasures and he often went to art exhibitions.

Moreover, there were huge benefits hidden in the counterfeit art market.

Lu Huaiyu pondered for a moment.

“Do you want me to help you check it out?”

Shen Li’s lips moved, but just as she was about to speak, her phone suddenly rang.