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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1115 - 1115 You Came For Me, Didn't You?

1115 You Came For Me, Didn’t You?

Shen Li’s face instantly burned!

She gritted her teeth.

“Lu Huaiyu!”


He responded in a low voice and held her hand tightly, his breath hot.

“Over here… Can’t you feel it?”

Shen Li’s hand felt as if it was being scalded, and the scorching temperature almost instantly destroyed her rationality.

She struggled even harder and refused to touch him, but her strength was not enough to resist him.

By giving in to her, that meant she could do whatever she wanted to him.

But now, he did not want to let go.

She could hear her heart beating violently, like a drum, making her ears ring.

“No, we can’t”

Seeing that she was finally feeling anxious and nervous, Lu Huaiyu seemed to laugh.

“It’s alright. You’ll know later.”

Shen Li choked and her face turned red.

He turned his head slightly and kissed her fair earlobe and smooth face, with varying degrees of force.

“I already said that I’ve lost myself to you.

“You’ll just have to.”

He seemed to have become the seemingly languorous second young master of the Lu family again, but Shen Li knew very clearly that it was different.

Lu Huaiyu was different from before.

All the nervousness, panic, helplessness, worry, annoyance, and torture she had given him, after a night of entanglement, he finally broke through his last restraint.

His tone was low and gentle, but his actions were extremely strong.

Shen Li could already feel the danger.

It was almost an instinct that made her want to escape.

However, it was too late.

Lu Huaiyu held her tight, his chin resting on her neck. His voice seemed to be pleading, but he did not give her any room to refuse.

“Let’s go inside, okay?”

Shen Li was about to say “no” but he did not give her the chance to.

Before she could speak, he kissed her again.

Being covered by his lingering kiss, she finally realized that she had gone too far.

It was as if she had been swept into a turbulent storm.

The storm had come too fast, too fierce, too strong until she had no strength left to struggle.

The wind seemed to howl in her ears, sweeping away the last of her consciousness and leaving her in a daze.

In the next moment, her body was suddenly lifted into the air as he carried her.

She finally stopped struggling and fell into his arms, refusing to look up.

It was just a short distance, but she felt it was particularly long.

With great difficulty, he finally placed her on the bed.

The soft touch beneath her body made her relax a little, but the man approaching her again made her nervous.

He reached for the remote control that was on the bedside table and closed the curtains.

The room was completely dark. He turned his body slightly, as if he was going to turn on the lights.

She finally panicked and grabbed his hand.

In the dark night, Lu Huaiyu chuckled and came over to coax her.

“Alright, I won’t turn on the lights.”

As he spoke, he held her hand again.

Her hand touched the cold and hard zipper, which was the opposite of his hot body.

She flinched again.

“Can you not…?”

“I can’t.”

In the short pause after, every sound in the quiet room became so clear.

The lights had not been turned on in the room, but she could still imagine how red her face was at this moment.

She could not help but look up.

“Lu Huaiyu, I’m still angry…”


He touched her forehead and said in a low and hoarse voice, “So, do you know now how scared I was?”

She suddenly paused.

She had never heard this word from him before.

He was Lu Huaiyu.

He was such an arrogant person, how could he be afraid?

But now, he was saying, “Do you know now how scared I was?”

Her heart felt as if it was being twisted by something, and it felt extremely bitter.

She did not say anything. Instead, she leaned over to kiss the corner of his lips. It was a rare initiative.

It was like she was offering comfort, giving some kind of permission, and making a promise.

His breath and body were hot, but she felt that she might be the same.

The room was dark and quiet, with only the sound of rapid breathing and the heated sound of intimacy.

Time began to slow down.

In the bar on the top floor of the hotel.

Everyone from LY had gathered together again. Other than a few who had drunk too much in the afternoon and were still in a daze, Ji Shu and the others, who had a stronger tolerance, came back and began to grill Gu Siyang.

“Hey, Sister Li didn’t come tonight?” Someone asked, ” Coach, didn’t you guys go out together? ”

Wen Xiao, who was sitting at the bar, poured himself a glass of vodka and lazily said, “Ah, she’ll probably be back later. Lu Huaiyu is with her.

“Our sugar daddy is here too? Then invite them over!” The person who spoke made a joke, and everyone agreed with him.

“That’s right! Please invite Second Master Lu and Sister Li over!”

“He’s actually the president of the Farley Group, and he’s also the sponsor of the competition this time. Tsk tsk tsk, if I had known this would happen, I would have asked for more when we were discussing the winnings on the plane!

“Be content! This year’s winnings were already raised quite a bit compared to last year’s. What was the reason? I don’t think we know, right?”

“Long live Sister Li!”

“Hahaha! Ji Shu, why don’t you give Sister Li a call and invite them over? It’ll be more lively with more people!”

Ji Shu raised his eyebrows.


He was about to take his phone out, but before he could dial, he was stopped by Wen Xiao.

“What? Do you think the lights aren’t bright enough?”

As soon as he said this, everyone suddenly came to a realization.

That’s true. Ever since they came to Leland, the couple had almost never been alone together.

Besides, it was already so late. Even if she came, Sister Li would probably not drink anyway.

Hearing Wen Xiao’s words, everyone gave up on this idea and quickly went back to their own activities.

Wen Xiao raised his glass and looked at the night view outside the hotel.


Some people would probably have a hard time tonight.

Indeed, Shen Li felt that it was a difficult night.

When Lu Huaiyu carried her to the bathroom to wash her hands, she leaned into his arms, feeling tired and exhausted, without any strength left.

Lu Huaiyu very seriously helped her wash up, taking care of every slender and fair finger carefully.

After washing her right hand, he changed to her left.

He lowered his eyes to look at her. Seeing her tired little face and dazed look, he kissed the space between her eyebrows.

“Be good. Don’t be angry.”

Shen Li glared at him with the last of her strength. Unfortunately, her eyes were moist and the corners of her eyes were red. Other than being seductive, there was no deterrent at all.

She endured it repeatedly until she finally gritted her teeth and said, “Are you still asking about the hand that I use to draw?”

He was clearly asking for nothing!

He paused for a moment. It did not seem appropriate to say that the young girl was useless.

He could only admit his mistake.

“I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry.”

He coaxed, “Next time, I’ll definitely ask for your opinion first, okay?”

“Lu Huaiyu! Are you not afraid anymore?”

Shen Li’s chest tightened, and she finally could not help but lean over to bite his shoulder.

His body stiffened and he groaned, but he still relaxed his muscles and allowed her to bite him.

Thinking for a while, he smiled.

“You’re not here for Saint tonight, but for me, aren’t you?” he asked.