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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1112 - 1112 Didn't You Say You Would Lose to Me?

1112 Didn’t You Say You Would Lose to Me?

Shen Li tried to push him away, but he held her even tighter.

She was about to lift her leg when his long leg bent slightly and pressed against her knee.

Her entire body was trapped in this small space by him, and she was forced to look up and accept his kiss.

His kiss was very urgent and heavy, as if he was eager to confirm something.

For all the arrogance she had once had, for all the grievances she had suffered.

He was both annoyed and glad that she was still standing there in his arms.

Otherwise, he would not know…

He took Shen Li’s breath away, and her breathing gradually became faster. Finally, she could not help but tug at his shirt as she tried to get some oxygen from him.

He took the opportunity to go even closer to her and entangled himself with her, confirming her response bit by bit.

However, it was still not enough.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightlyin his arms.

She placed her hand on his chest and bit her lower lip. Her clear eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

“Second Brother can win and lose whenever he wants, right?”

Her white teeth were deeply embedded in her moist, rosy red lips. The two colors intertwined and stimulated all the senses of the man in front of her.

However, none of that was as maddening as her words.

His rationality was in danger, but his heart ached to the extreme.

“You know very well that I can never win against you. Shen Tangtang, how can I possibly win against you? ”

He had never had a chance of winning against her.

Since a long, long time ago, so early that he had not even seen her face clearly, so far back that he had only been able to remember her slender back.

He had guarded the drawing until he had finally found her.

How could he bear to? How could he?

Shen Li looked at him, and she could feel his strong heartbeat under her palm.

That restlessness seemed to have reached the depths of her heart.

Lu Huaiyu could not stand the look in her eyes, and the fire in his body grew stronger.

His jaw tightened as he leaned over and licked her lips. He pried them open and drew them in as he used all of his patience to coax her in a low voice.

“Be good, don’t bite yourself, it hurts. If you’re still angry, I’ll let you bite me, okay?”

Shen Li paused for a few seconds, then finally put her arms around his neck, loosened her teeth, and kissed him back.

She nibbled his lips, but unlike his urgent kiss earlier, she did it slowly.

Lu Huaiyu’s palm tightened slightly, subconsciously searching for that touch of sweetness and softness.

However, she refused to go any deeper and only pecked at him, keeping her distance.

When he wanted to get close, she would retreat. When he wanted to restrain himself, she would step forward.

This enticed him so much until he felt that he was neither up nor down.

After a while, Lu Huaiyu could not stand it anymore and could not help but say hoarsely, “Ah Li, please don’t torture me like this.”

She responded with, “Alright.”

As she said that, she stepped back.

That sweet and delicate soft fragrance drifted away again, and Lu Huaiyu suddenly felt as if a piece of his heart was missing.

He suddenly felt that he could endure her torture like this.

Because in comparison, he could not bear to be without her.

The arms she had wrapped around his neck were about to withdraw, and her body that had been close to him also moved away.

He held her in his arms and lowered his head again, pressing his forehead against hers.

“… No, don’t…”

She seemed to have guessed what he was thinking so she stopped and asked, “What?”

Between them, he had always been the dominant one when it came to hugs, kisses, and other intimate things.

This was the first time the positions had been reversed.

He was steadily defeated again and again.

His high nose gently rubbed against her high nose. His lips almost brushed against hers, and their breaths were intertwined.

Actually, if he had moved a little closer, he would have been able to kiss her.

However, he was still trying his best to restrain himself.

He wanted to wait for her to kiss him.

He knew that she must know what he was waiting for.

The air seemed to have become thick and become like the lingering strands of melted hot chocolate that were being pulled.

His wait became torturous.

Finally, she raised her head slightly.

But this time, she did not touch the corner of his lips. Her soft lips landed on his chin.

As she kissed him, her soft hands casually brushed the back of his neck, as if she wanted to hug him, but she did not use any strength. She only stroked it gently, causing an indescribable numbing feeling to go down his spine.

Lu Huaiyu’s entire body was tense. Because of the strength that he was using, his beautiful shoulder blades were protruding slightly, and the muscles from his back to his waist outlined the sharp lines under his black shirt.

Even the knuckles of the hand that was holding her waist had turned slightly white.

He did not know how much effort he was using to restrain himself from maintaining this posture so that he was not touching her at all.

However, he could not move, and she refused to.

She snuggled further into his arms, tilted her head slightly, and kissed his Adam’s apple.

A wet heat quickly seemed to wrap around that place, like some kind of test, but it was enough to make him willingly fall into the abyss.

He raised his head slightly, and a deep, hoarse muffled sound came from his eyes. In the quiet room, it sounded particularly sexy and seductive.

The light in the room was bright, but it seemed like he was unable to see anything, only a bright white light.

All his senses had become sensitive and direct, and he was under her control.

She seemed to have discovered some kind of fun, and she lingered around his neck.

It was hot.

It was wet.

It was boiling hot and blazing.

It was as if a soft strand of hair had brushed past his chin.

But very quickly, he forgot about the existence of this strand of hair. All that was left was the warmth and aura of her body.

Finally, he could not take it anymore. He turned his head slightly as his chest heaved up and down violently, and let out a long breath.

However, his body, his heart… every inch of it was burning.

He was trapped in the blazing fire and had no way to save himself.

He could only rely on her.

All he had was her.

He struggled for a long time before he finally lifted the hem of her shirt and moved closer to her, pressing her tightly.

However, just as his slightly calloused fingers touched the smooth side of her waist, he suddenly stopped and warned in an extremely hoarse voice, “Ah Li…!”

One of her hands was at his neck, while the other had already quietly landed on his cold and hard belt buckle.

She looked up when she heard him.

Because of the kiss, her cheeks were slightly flushed, and her peach-shaped eyes were bright and watery, like two small lakes.

The light fell into her eyes, shaking into fine starlight, rippling in circles, as if to drown him.

She asked, “Didn’t Second Brother say that he would lose himself to me? Don’t tell me… you can’t keep your word?”

Through her clothes, Lu Huaiyu could even feel the heat of her palm.

He was silent for a long time before he finally said in a hoarse voice, “… Calculative.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a soft sound rang out in the quiet room.


She undid his belt and her fair hand was hidden under his black shirt, rubbing against his strong abdominal muscles.

He felt like he was dying of thirst.

But just then, the hand slipped out again.

“I’m so tired,”

She seemed unbothered.

“I want to go back.”

The string in Lu Huaiyu’s mind snapped.