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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1111 - 1111 You Can't Not Even Give Me a Chance to Admit Defeat

1111 You Can’t Not Even Give Me a Chance to Admit Defeat

The second young master of the Lu family was known for being arrogant and difficult to discipline. All these years, he had never lost as long as he wanted to win.

This was the first time he had hoped so much that he was on the losing side.

He held her hand tightly, his throat dry.

In one night, she had lost everything on her trip to Leland and had gotten into a huge debt.

However, during the past three years, she had paid back every cent of the money.

Where had the money come from?

She had only been 16 years old then.

Lu Huaiyu did not dare to imagine that the young girl he was holding in his arms and placed in his heart, who he could not bear to let suffer even the slightest bit of grievance, had already suffered the biggest trouble because of him.

He had made her suffer the greatest grievance.

If he had known earlier–

Shen Li let him hold her hand, slightly tilted her head and blinked, “Didn’t Second Brother say that it was interesting to be my creditor?”

Lu Huaiyu’s breathing seemed to stop.

That night… That night…

She must have overheard his phone call with Cheng Xiyue and what he had said.

That was why she had been asking about it.

At that time, he had merely thought that she was just curious, but he had not known that the young girl had been trying to get information out of him.

What had he said?

He had said that it was a pity that the debt had been paid off.

He had said that the person was smart, but not smart enough.

He had said that it was only interesting because the person in debt was that person.

He had been so arrogant to his little girl.

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes.

Actually, it was not that he had not had his suspicions, but it was because that person was her.

All she needed to do was come a little closer to him and speak a few words to him in a soft voice, and he would willingly surrender.

He did not have any defenses against her.

Second Master Lu had been proud and conceited for so many years. Today, he finally understood that he was the one who had been blinded by his own cleverness.

“Shen Tangtang, I take back what I said that night.”

Lu Huaiyu could not see through her current emotions. As long as he did not wait for her answer, he would not be able to rest.

If he could, he wished that he had never said those words that day. He wished even more that he had never bullied her three years ago and tonight.

He had been a little surprised that Gambler had paid in advance that day.

However, it had turned out to be…

Shen Li looked at him quietly.

A few buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, and his black hair was hanging down messily. His eyebrows were slightly sunken, and his palms were slightly clammy.

There was a rare trace of panic in her eyes that would normally never appear on him.

She suddenly raised her hand and gently put it on his shoulder, then tiptoed closer.

Lu Huaiyu did not know what she was going to do, but he did not dare to move. All he could do was tense his body and allow her to move.

Her gaze fell on his thin lips.

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple bobbed. His gaze and breathing were completely focused on her.

She was so close at hand.

He finally could not control himself and tilted his head to kiss her.

“Second Brother’s words have always been as precious as gold and jade.”

Shen Li suddenly spoke, her calm voice falling into his ears.

Lu Huaiyu’s movements stopped.

Shen Li was so close to him that she was almost in his arms, but she continued to keep her distance. She could only feel the friction of his thin clothes.

She looked up. Her eyelashes were thick and curly, like a butterfly that was about to fly. Her peach blossom eyes were round, bright, and clear.

Her fair and soft fingers suddenly fell on his slightly cold lips.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and his breathing stopped at this moment.

She asked softly, “So, how can you take back the words you said so easily?”

Lu Huaiyu could not answer.

After she finished speaking, she withdrew her hand.

“Besides, I’m Gambler.”

Gambler, Gambler.

When she first came here, she had used this as her code name, which was enough to explain everything.

Once they were at the gambling table and the game had started, no matter what the bet was, they would ultimately accept all the results unconditionally.

The only surprise was that she had not expected him to be Saint.

But she had still followed this principle.

She said, “I’m willing to accept my loss.”

Willing, gambled, accepted, and lost.

Lu Huaiyu remembered that he had made the same comment about Gambler.

However, between the two of them, what was there to talk about being willing to accept defeat?

He had never been qualified to bet with her.

He could only lose.

Shen Li said, “By the way, there’s one more thing: It’s about L.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and suddenly thought of something. His lips moved slightly and his voice was slightly hoarse as he spoke.

“That was also the day that L participated in the underground race.”

Shen Li blinked.

“So, Second Brother knows.”

Of course he knew.

When Yang Tao had first mentioned this to him, he had sighed seriously and said that it was a pity that he had not gone that night.

When he heard this, he merely flicked the ash off his cigarette and said with a smile that he had something else to do that day, so that he would not have to go.

That night, he had bet against Gambler and felt that it had been a long time since he had met such an interesting opponent. He had been in high spirits and had not thought about the car race at all.

Who knew that…

He lowered his voice even more.

“So, you went to Paradise after you left that place? ”


Shen Li nodded, as if she was recalling the scene that night, as her red lips curved into a small arc.

“I had a lot of fun and won a lot of money. If it wasn’t for that time, I might not have been able to pay off my first debt on time.”

He had promised to have a good chat with L tonight, so he had been waiting.

However, he had never expected such an “explanation”.

He had forced his little girl into such a situation.

Even though he had not known it was her at the time, all of this was because of him.

If… if–

She had been injured or had gotten into some other accident that night…

What would he have done?

Something seemed to be burning in the depths of his heart, as if it had burned a scar.

He had never felt such fear before.

Shen Li lowered her eyes and looked at his hand that was holding her wrist tightly.

“I’ve said everything I wanted to say. Second Brother, do you have any more questions?”

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

He wanted to say so much, but he did not know where to start.

Shen Li said, “If you don’t, it’s very late now. We should go back–”

“Shen Tangtang.”

Lu Huaiyu panicked and grabbed her hand, stuffing the box back into her palm at the same time.

He looked at her and said in a low voice, “Don’t you want this anymore?”

Shen Li paused, put the box away, and waved her hand.

“Second Brother, can you let go now?”

After a few seconds of silence, Lu Huaiyu finally let go.

Shen Li walked towards the door with Lu Huaiyu following behind her.

The door was locked from the inside. She reached out to twist it open, revealing a red mark on her slender wrist.

Those were the marks that had been left behind by him using too much force just now.


Lu Huaiyu’s heart skipped a beat.

He couldn’t clear the debt, he couldn’t let it go, he couldn’t let her go.

Just as Shen Li was about to open the door, an arm suddenly reached out from behind and locked the door from the inside before she could do so. At the same time, it wrapped around her waist and turned her around, pressing her against the door.

The man’s hot breath instantly surrounded her. He cupped her chin with one hand and kissed her hard.

“Put it on.”

His low and hoarse voice fell between her lips and teeth, as if he was trying to suppress something.

“Shen Tangtang, you can’t not even give me a chance to admit defeat.”