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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1109 - 1109 Ah Li, Let's Talk

1109 Ah Li, Let’s Talk

— Gambler didn’t want any of it.

In one of the rooms on the third floor, Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows twitched when he heard this.

He lifted his hand to unbutton his shirt collar, but the suffocating tension still had not faded.

As he watched those things being pushed back, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, and his voice came out low and hoarse.

“Which room is she in?”

Fei Qingyuan was still in a state of deep shock from the fact that this person had actually lost. When he heard this, he subconsciously turned his head.

“Who did you… say?”

Lu Huaiyu stood up, a hint of impatience in his eyes.

Fei Qingyuan’s heart skipped a beat when he sensed the dangerous aura around him.

It was the first time he had seen such a nervous and flustered expression on this man’s face.

Something did not seem right.

Naturally, however, Fei Qingyuan was intelligent enough to be able to take on the position of manager here.

He almost immediately understood who Lu Huaiyu was asking about and immediately replied respectfully, “The J of Spades is on the second floor.”

All the information of the VIP guests on the second floor was confidential. From the moment they stepped into the room, till they looked for the dealer who would represent them, until the time they finally left, every step was taken care of by different people to protect their personal privacy to the greatest extent.

However, Fei Qingyuan was the manager of the casino and had extremely high authority. Furthermore, Gambler was already on their blacklist, so they had paid special attention to the entire process.

He did not know much about Gambler, but he knew which room they were in.

After Lu Huaiyu got the answer, he quickly walked out of the door.

Fei Qingyuan had not expected him to actually leave just like that, and he was stunned for a moment.

No, what… was going on?

Could it be because he had lost?

However, with this person’s temperament, it did not seem like he would go so far as to…

Moreover, from what he had seen just now, it did not seem like he was feeling pity for those things, but more like he was nervous about something.

He immediately said, “Shall I go with you?”

Lu Huaiyu stopped in his tracks.

She must have known that he was Saint a long time ago, but she had not been sure about other things.

Especially… his relationship with this place.

“There’s no need.”

Without even turning his head, he left this sentence in his wake and walked out.

Fei Qingyuan followed him to the door but did not dare to give chase. He saw the tall and handsome figure quickly disappearing into the dimly lit corridor.

From here, one could even hear the clamor of the hall on the first floor.

He opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say.

What had happened?

He thought for a moment, took out his phone, and made a call.

“Pass down this order. No one is allowed to approach the J of Spade room on the second floor tonight without permission.”

After hanging up the phone, he paced back and forth, still feeling that something was not right.

Just then, a call came in.

He glanced at it and picked it up.

“Young Master Cheng.”

The call was from Cheng Xiyue.

“Did Lu Er go to Paradise tonight?”

Fei Qingyuan said, “Yes, Second Master Lu is indeed here.”

Cheng Xiyue tsked.

“Then why didn’t he pick up when I called him just now?”

Fei Qingyuan hesitated.

“Second Master Lu is indeed busy at the moment, so he might not be able to answer your call.”

“Paradise is his territory, what’s the inconvenience?”

“… You might not know this, but Gambler came over today.”


Cheng Xijin was shocked.

“So… They’re at it again?”


If it were any other person, Fei Qingyuan would not have said so much. However, Cheng Xiyue and Lu Huaiyu had a close relationship. Moreover, he would probably hear about what happened tonight very soon.

He briefly explained the situation, “They were both tied at the start, but later, when Gambler was the banker, Second Master presented a blackjack.


Cheng Xiyue was extremely speechless.

“Not only did he outwit them once before, but he’s doing it a second time?”

“Actually, you can’t say that,” Fei Qingyuan said as he cast a look downstairs. “Gambler made another bet after that.

“Again? Didn’t you say they lost all their chips?”

“Gambler used a watch as collateral to place a bet, and Second Master Lu agreed. Then… he even added to the bet.


Cheng Xiyue’s interest was piqued.

“For him to choose to continue and even increase the bet, I guess it was because he was interested in that watch?”

Many people knew that Lu Huaiyu liked to collect watches.

Fei Qingyuan recalled, “That watch was indeed stunning, and it has a very apt name to match: The Night of the Milky Way. I also think that Second Master is…”

Holy f*ck?!

Cheng Xiyue’s voice suddenly rose as he asked in disbelief, “W-what did you just say the watch was called?!”

Fei Qingyuan frowned slightly.

“The Night of the Milky Way. Is there something wrong with the watch?”

The other end of the phone fell into a long dead silence.

Fei Qingyuan waited for a while until he could not help but ask again, “You…”

Cheng Xiyue finally regained his rationality and said with difficulty, “How is… Second Master Lu?”

Fei Qingyuan did not understand what he meant. He paused for a moment, then said, “Second Master just left. If you have an urgent matter, I can help you pass a message…”

“No need!”

Cheng Xiyue quickly rejected his suggestion.

“Just pretend I never called you tonight!”

Although Fei Qingyuan did not understand, he did not ask any further questions. He recalled Lu Huaiyu’s appearance as he left earlier and hesitated for a while before saying, “I understand what you mean, but Second Master Lu doesn’t seem quite right tonight. I wonder what’s going on?”

Cheng Xiyue closed his eyes and tried to hold himself in, but in the end, he could not.

“I’ll only say one thing: whether or not Paradise can continue to operate after today, it all depends on Gambler!”

No wonder Second Master Lu had not picked up his phone. No wonder even Fei Qingyuan could tell that something was wrong with him.

… He had dug a pit for his future wife, and it had happened twice! How could he not panic?

Fei Qingyuan was stunned. He wanted to ask for more details, but Cheng Xiyue had already ended the call.

He furrowed his brows as he pondered. Someone quickly walked over from behind.

“Manager Fei, please take a look at these things…”

Fei Qingyuan turned around and saw Xie Zhen carrying a silver tray over. The three items on it were untouched.

The Night of the Milky Way

A light suddenly flashed through his mind!

Wait a minute!

Wasn’t that the piece that Second Master Lu had bought in Hong Kong City and gifted to Miss Shen?

Fei Qingyuan’s expression instantly became one of wonder!

On the second floor, in the J of Spades room.

Shen Li stood up and put on her hat.

“Uncle Wen, let’s go.”

Wen Xiao had not yet recovered from the huge shock he had just received.

When he heard this, he looked over and said, “Are you leaving… just like that?”

Shen Li replied, “Hmm.

“The matter has been resolved, what’s the point of staying here any longer?”

Wen Xiao, “Hmm.”

To be honest, he was truly frightened when he heard this.

But before he could speak, someone knocked on the door.

“Did they send your watch back?” he asked.

Shen Li went to open the door.

An extremely familiar cold and noble face greeted her eyes.

Perhaps it was because he had come in a hurry, his black hair was a little disheveled and drooped down over his brow.

Shen Li squinted her eyes.

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple bobbed and his voice was slightly hoarse as he spoke.

“Ah Li, let’s talk.”