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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1108 - 1108 Don't Want Any of It

1108 Don’t Want Any of It

After a short silence, the entire casino was in an uproar.

Saint truly intended on playing another game with Gambler! Not only had he bet all of his winnings, but he had also chosen to raise the bet!

Such a shocking amount of money had already broken the record of a single-round bet at Paradise!

Were these two people really going to play such a big game?

“Gambler must have lost his mind. He dares to play another game at this time?”

“He’s already lost enough. If he loses again…”

“Saint actually agreed?!”

“Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to win money? However, the only thing I can’t figure out is why Saint would still raise the bet when he already has enough chips in his hands?”

“He probably decided to follow when he saw Gambler bet the watch? But what’s the meaning of that glass of juice and that room card?”

Someone mumbled in confusion.

On the gambling table, many things could be used as a bet, such as houses, cars, jewelry, and so on.

It was obvious that the watch was a collector’s item, but the rest of the items were still there.

The crowd was confused, but the bigger the amount, the more exciting it was. As Xie Zhen pushed all his chips forward and placed all the additional stakes on the table, the atmosphere was completely pushed to the peak!

Everyone looked at the gambling table in excitement.

This match was going to be exciting!

The dealer confirmed again and started to deal the cards.

Time seemed to slow down as everyone’s eyes focused on the gambling table.

Half of the people were looking at Emile, while the other half were looking at Xie Zhen, trying to figure out something from their expressions.

However, both of them were experienced dealers in the casino. The only time was at the moment when Emile had thought he was winning but had been shocked and panicked when the other party had presented a Blackjack. He had managed to control his expression very well at that moment.

However, he was still nervous.

Even though he was not the actual player, how could he be calm when he saw the amazing stakes on the table?

He pressed his hand on the two cards in front of him, his heart feeling as if it was tightly clenched by something.

The guest had already lost all his previous winnings and owed the other party a debt.

If he could not turn the tables with this, then…

Compared to Emile, Xie Zhen, who was sitting opposite him, was much more relaxed.

Mr. Saint had won against Gambler once three years ago, and he had won a second time tonight. Such a winning rate was already considered extremely high.

Even if there was another round, Mr. Saint should be able to win.

The air seemed to have frozen, and all the movements seemed to have entered slow motion.

Many people had already subconsciously held their breaths.

Emile took the card, and his eyes finally fell on it.

He heard his heart suddenly skip a beat!

Immediately after, he tried his best to restrain his excited emotions and showed his card.


A of hearts + J of hearts.

Everyone was shocked and shouted!

She had gotten a Blackjack in the first round, and a flush at that!

This game was going to be overturned!

Xie Zhen’s gaze fell on them, and a hint of surprise flashed across his face, but he did not panic.

He spread out the cards in his hand.


The Ace of Spades + the J of spades!

There was also a flush on this side!

The two of them were tied!

The place that had just become noisy suddenly became deathly silent. Everyone’s faces revealed a look of disbelief.

Had such a situation actually happened?

It was already very rare for one blackjack to appear in a gambling game, let alone two, yet both of them had a flush!

The dealer standing in the middle was also stunned for a while.

“Since it’s a draw, shall we continue?”

Both Emile and Xie Zhen nodded in agreement.

This, of course, represented the intentions of those two.

Someone couldn’t help but mutter, “This is too exciting! I can’t believe they could tie with a Blackjack that has a straight flush!”

It was no wonder Gambler insisted on another game. With this level, if he had not met Saint, he would have won for sure!

“Actually, I think that both of their skills are about the same. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to tie so many times. I guess Gambler’s luck is still a little worse than Saint’s.”

“I wonder who will win in the final game?”

The casino was silent, only the sound of shuffling could be heard clearly.

After that, the dealer dealt the cards again.

Emile held his breath and said, “Blackjack.”

The Ace of Hearts + the Queen of Hearts!

Exclamations of shock could be heard from the crowd.

“Two blackjack flushes! And the order is connected!”

Almost at the same time, Xie Zhen laid his cards on the table.


The Ace of Spades + the Queen of Hearts!

The crowd became more and more restless!

Another draw!

Emile pursed his lips, and his back was already wet with sweat.

He had thought that he would definitely win the first two rounds, but who knew that the other party would get the same cards as him!

Even though he was only playing on the guest’s behalf, he felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest. He really did not know what these two customers were feeling at this time.

He slowly opened the third one, and his heart skipped a beat.

Then, he turned the cards over.


The Ace of Hearts + the King of Hearts!

Gambler had gotten a straight flush with a Blackjack in this round!

The surrounding people gasped.

Even though they had seen it with their own eyes, it was hard to believe that such a card would appear on the gambling table!

Many people’s first reaction was to look at Xie Zhen!

The previous two rounds were a draw, so this time–

Xie Zhen looked at the cards in his hand, and his eyelids twitched.

He did not say anything and slowly spread it open.

It was also a Blackjack, but it was just a little awkward.

Ace of Hearts + King of Spades.

He was one move behind!

The surroundings were so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop.

The results were out, but everyone seemed to have yet to come back to their senses.

Xie Zhen let out a long breath and stood up. He bowed slightly and said, “Mr. Saint says that he has admitted defeat.

He admitted defeat.

As soon as he said this, everyone finally woke up from the dream-like game.

This was shocking! Sigh! It was unbelievable!

“Saint lost? He actually lost?”

Oh my god! Doesn’t that mean that he lost all his previous winnings to Gambler?!

“That’s really a sky-high prize.”

“What a pity! If Saint had not agreed to this last game, how could they have lost so cleanly? It’s probably too late to regret it now!”

No matter how the others judged it, the outcome of this round had already been decided!

Emile finally felt relieved, and he realized that his palms were also covered in sweat.

Xie Zhen paused, then pushed the watch, juice, and room card on the table forward one by one, saying, “All the winnings from the bets that Mr. Saint has placed before, from this moment on, belong to Gambler. Gambler, please take these first. Later on, someone will come over to count the chips–”

“There’s no need.”

Emile suddenly interrupted him as he held his headset with one hand. His face still had a trace of shock.

After a moment, he looked up and tried to make his voice sound calm, “Gambler said that in order to thank Mr. Saint for giving him a chance to turn the tables in the last round, this game will be considered to be even. All the previous debts will be completely cleared. As for the other things…”

He pushed those items back.

“Gambler doesn’t want any of it.”