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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1107 - 1107 Let Her Smash!

1107 Let Her Smash!

A watch embedded with diamonds lay quietly in a blue velvet box. The star chart on the dial was mysterious and bright.

At first glance, it resembled a galaxy stretching across the deep night sky, quiet and brilliant.

Lu Huaiyu could not be more familiar with this watch. However, at this time, he was staring at the screen, his eyes fixed on the watch, and for the first time, he doubted his eyes.

However, no matter how he looked at it, the watch still looked the same as in his memory. It was clear and distinct, and he could not mistake it.

His mind went blank for a long time, but it also seemed like countless images were competing with each other. Those subtle sounds gathered and gradually roared in his ears.

‘The nights in Leland during August are very beautiful.’

‘Then, let’s have a good chat tonight?’

‘ Second Brother, isn’t it interesting to be a creditor?’

‘Three years is quite a long time. After paying off this sum, there will be no more debts to chase after in the future. I feel that it’s… quite a pity.’

‘Speaking of which, he owed this debt because he was too confident in his own intelligence.’

‘He’s fishing for me.’

No, she was the one who was fishing for me.

Lu Huaiyu’s throat had gone dry and his body was stiff. His fingers trembled slightly, but he felt that his fingertips were cold.

All the scenes from the past were clearly replayed in front of his eyes. They intermingled with the sight of the ‘Night of the Milky Way’ watch that had been quietly placed on the screen in front of him, flashing with a faint glow.

The impact of everything that had happened so suddenly was too great, almost making him feel dazzled and dazed, as if he had fallen into a dream.

The only thing that was left in his chest was his rapidly beating heart, constantly reminding him…


That hunch had indeed been true!

Even if he had never had such a fantasy before, the truth was right in front of his eyes today, and he had no choice but to believe it.


It was her!

Three years ago, she was the one who had been outwitted by him and ended up owing him a huge debt.

Last month, at the horse races, the one he had firmly placed first with the result of winning all the bets on the right positions was her.

Tonight, she was the one who had lost double her bet to him again.

Fei Qingyuan looked at the watch and felt that it looked a little familiar. He mumbled in a low voice, “Night of the Milky Way? I think I’ve heard of it somewhere before.”

Subconsciously, he turned to look at Lu Huaiyu, wanting to ask for his opinion.

“Then, do you think this bet still…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Fei Qingyuan realized that something was wrong with Lu Huaiyu.

He hesitated for a moment.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

He had never seen such an expression on this man’s face.

Although it was not obvious, he was still keenly aware of the subtle changes in Lu Huai’s aura and the surrounding aura.

This voice finally brought Lu Huaiyu back to his senses.

His Adam’s apple bobbed and his lips moved slightly. The moment he opened his mouth, his voice had gone slightly tense and hoarse.

“… Let’s continue.”

As he spoke, he strode back with his long legs and sat down on the chair in front of the screen.

However, unlike his previous lazy and relaxed posture, he was obviously more tense this time.

Fei Qingyuan saw that he did not seem to be in a good state, so he asked, “You can actually refuse this. After all, you’re the banker for the next round. Besides, since Gambler has already lost double the bet to you, even if–”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows twitched.

He closed his eyes and said in a determined tone, “I said, let’s continue.”

In the J of Spade room.

Ever since Wen Xiao had seen Shen Li take out the ‘Night of the Milky Way’ watch, he was completely dumbfounded.

Of course, he knew what it was.

Last August, at the auction in Hong Kong City, the second young master of the Lu family had bought a watch for 170 million yuan and given it to Shen Li in public.

The significance of the watch to the two of them was self-evident.

And now, Shen Li had actually taken this watch out to be used as the bet for the last round!

How much did she care about that watch?

Putting aside the fact that she already had a lot of assets in her hands, the debt tonight would not put her in the same situation as three years ago. Even if she really had nothing, she would not easily take it out and place it on the gambling table.



He opened his mouth and finally found his voice.

“… Is Saint… Lu Huaiyu?!”

Other than this, there was no other explanation!

Shen Li looked at the screen. She did not answer him directly, but tilted her head slightly and smiled.

“It’s the last round, here we come.”

In the lobby on the first floor.

Just when everyone thought that the bet was over, Xie Zhen, who was about to leave, suddenly stopped and a look of surprise flashed across his face.

However, he was a professional after all, so he quickly adjusted his expression.

Therefore, he sat back down and looked at Emile.

“Mr. Saint chooses… to follow.”

Everyone was stunned, did that mean that he had agreed to play another round with Gambler?

“No way? You still want to continue?”

“What is Gambler thinking? He’s lost to Saint twice. Even if he were to go again, he wouldn’t have any chance of winning, right? ”

“But that watch looks pretty expensive. I guess Saint likes it as well and wants to take it?”

“I feel like I’ve heard of “The Night of the Milky Way” before.”

There were all kinds of discussions going on. Perhaps it was because Gambler had lost all his chips, but he still had not given up and chosen to continue the bet by using his own things as collateral. The enthusiasm from the audience could obviously be felt even more strongly in the atmosphere than before.

In the midst of the commotion, Xie Zhen followed the instructions he heard through his headset and pushed all the chips in front of him forward.

“Mr. Saint chooses to bet all.”

This action surprised many people.

All in?

This did not seem to be Saint’s style!

The dealer in charge of dealing the cards was also shocked and repeated, “Are you sure?”

Xie Zhen nodded.

“I’m sure.”

“Okay,” the dealer shrugged.

Many people gasped.

Saint had already won more than all of Gambler’s bets.

It would be fine if he won, but if he lost, all of his previous efforts would be for naught!

The dealer was ready to deal the cards.

However, Xie Zhen’s expression changed again as he heard something else and he tried to stop him.

“Please wait a moment. Mr. Saint isn’t done with his bet yet.”

Everyone, including the dealer, was stunned.

The bet wasn’t complete yet? What was the meaning of this?

These chips were the biggest bet of the night!

This question was quickly answered because another attendant came over.

He stood beside Xie Zhen and bent over slightly, holding a silver tray in his hand.

Xie Zhen took a look at the items on the tray and took a deep breath.

“Mr. Saint has added to the bet: A Paul Newman Daytona watch as well as…”

He placed the watch on the table, followed by a glass of peach juice, and the thing under the glass–

It was a room card that looked like a poker card.

Everyone was silent.

Xie Zhen raised his eyes and said, “This round, Mr. Saint will be the banker. Please.”