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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1106 - 1106 The Last Bet: The Night of the Milky Way!

1106 The Last Bet: The Night of the Milky Way!

The word “congratulations” was filled with provocation.

The air seemed to freeze for a moment, and then, in this silence, sparks exploded!

Everyone was in an uproar!

“Gambler! It’s really him?”

“I told you! I told you! Who else could it be other than him?”

“Wait! Saint?Isn’t he the one who beat Gambler in the last game three years ago?”

As soon as these words came out, it caused quite a commotion.


“This is too much of a coincidence! After three years, the two of them are going against each other again?”

“This is too exciting. I wouldn’t even dare to dream about it. How could this kind of thing actually happen for a second time? ”

“This is truly a big showdown between Gambler and Saint. Back then, Saint won all of Gambler’s prize money and left him in a sorry state. No one would easily forget this debt, right? I guess they’re here to settle scores tonight?”

“However, these two haven’t appeared for three years. It’s not easy for them to come here, and now they’re going against each other again. This is too much of a coincidence… Don’t tell me they’ve come to an agreement?”

“Outsiders like us can’t possibly know whether or not they agreed on it. However, one thing is for sure: Tonight’s game will definitely be especially exciting! A bet of ten million! Even in Paradise, such a scale is rare!”

“That’s right! To be able to witness this with my own eyes tonight, it’s really worth it!”

“I wonder who will win in the end?”

“Gambler should have a better chance of winning this time, right? Otherwise, why would he dare to come again?”

“That’s not necessarily true. Saint was able to beat him back then, so I think it’ll be the same today.

The news of Gambler and Saint’s bet spread and shocked many people.

The two’s names were already widely known here. This bet was worth ten million dollars, so it quickly attracted the other people in the casino.

Many people even left their own gambling tables to join in the fun.

Table 10 had become the core and lively focus of the entire casino.

Xie Zhen sat down opposite Emile.

“Let’s start.”

In the J of Spades room, after hearing Xie Zhen’s words, Wen Xiao instantly perked up. He got up from the sofa and quickly walked to Shen Li’s side.

“Saint is here?”

On the screen was the young and handsome face of the dealer, Xie Zhen.

Of course, Saint would not show his face. Just like three years ago, no one knew anything about each other.

Shen Li picked up a cup of peach juice and took a sip.

Wen Xiao touched his chin.

“They’ve finally met again. However, he’s still as arrogant as he was three years ago.”


If it were anyone else, he would not have thought much of it, but Saint was not qualified to say that.

Three years ago, he had not hesitated to set Shen Li up and win all her bonuses. He had also forced her to shoulder a huge debt.

That night, hadn’t he waited for Shen Li’s winnings to reach ten million before he had made his move?

Now, the same scene was playing out again. Shen Li’s prize money had once again exceeded ten million before he made his appearance.

He even said… Congratulations?

Congratulations on what?

Congratulations to Shen Li for finally earning enough money for him to win?

Shen Li nodded, she thought so too.

Wen Xiao looked at her, still feeling a little nervous when he thought of the past.

“Ah Li, you said you wouldn’t lose. Are you that confident?”

Shen Li lifted her chin, “Just watch.”

There were a total of four people sitting at the ring-shaped gambling table.

Under the temptation of huge benefits, there was no lack of bold people.

In addition to Emile and Xie Zhen, there were two other people who were participating.

After all, it was a bet worth ten million, and the degree of excitement was not comparable to ordinary people.

The dealer was in charge of dealing the cards, and the four people at the table took turns to be the banker.

Emile was the third banker, and Xie Zhen was the fourth, which was the last of the round.

The bet began, and the first person was the banker.

“I would like a card.”

“I don’t want one.”


The originally noisy gambling den was now extremely quiet, with only a few sounds occasionally ringing out.

Emile pushed all the chips on the table forward. Just like before, he was going to bet everything.

Xie Zhen glanced over and smiled.

“Whatever Mr. Gambler is betting, Mr. Saint is all in.”

As he spoke, he counted the chips and pushed them forward.

The surroundings became even quieter-anyone could sense that this was a tit-for-tat exchange!

Emile looked at the cards in his hand and said, “21 points.”


At the same time, Xie Zhen showed his cards.

“21 points.”


The crowd started to get restless.

The two of them were actually tied!

The third player, Xian Jia, had an ugly expression on his face as he threw down the cards in his hand.


He had lost.

The dealer’s brows were also tightly knitted.


Since he was restricted by the rules, he did not ask for more cards. He would only lose when he was faced with Emile and Xie Zhen’s two sets of 21 points.

The sound of chips being stacked could be heard.

Very quickly, the second banker took over.

Emile and Xie Zhen showed their cards almost at the same time.

“21 points.”

“21 points.”

Another draw.

The crowd became more and more restless.

Although there were four people at the table, everyone could see that this was a competition between Emile and Xie Zhen.

No, to be more precise, it was a confrontation between Gambler and Saint!

Soon, it was Emile’s turn.

He looked at the cards in his hand and an order came to his ear.

“All in.”

He did as he was told and placed all his bets.

“21 points.”

3, 7, Q.

The other two had lost, and their expressions were very unsightly.

Only Xie Zhen, who was sitting opposite him, smiled and slowly flipped his cards over.



Emile’s face instantly turned pale!

The crowd that was watching also suddenly burst out in loud sighs!


In this round, Emile is the banker, while Xie Zhen is the player. According to the rules, if the player were to play Blackjack, the banker would lose double what he had bet!

In other words, not only had Gambler lost the ten million prize money he had won before, but he also owed the same amount of debt!

Three years ago, he had been in the same situation, losing to Saint!

Unexpectedly, the same scene had happened again today!

The entire casino was filled with shock and noise!


Wen Xiao stared at the screen, his heart almost jumping out of his chest!

It had actually happened!

It had actually happened like this again!

He could not help but look at Shen Li, but he saw that her expression was still calm and composed. She took another sip of the peach juice, as if she did not care about this at all.

He was going crazy.

“Great Aunt! What kind of time is this? Are you still in the mood to drink juice?”

Shen Li did not reply to him. She put down her cup and pulled a silver bell beside her. At the same time, she said to Emile, “Continue.”

In a certain room on the third floor, Fei Qingyuan looked at the screen and silently sighed.

If he knew this would happen, why had he done it then?

Lu Huaiyu stood up and lazily said, “Tell him to transfer the debt to the previous account. He’s experienced, so it’ll be more convenient.

Fei Qingyuan immediately lowered his head respectfully.


Seeing that Lu Huaiyu was about to leave, he was stunned.

“You’re leaving now?”


Lu Huaiyu glanced at his watch and raised his eyebrows slightly.

He did not dare to keep the little girl waiting.

“This place…”

Before he could finish, Fei Qingyuan suddenly exclaimed, “Gambler has continued to raise the bet?!”

Hearing this, Lu Huaiyu’s brows furrowed slightly.


Continued to raise?

Gambler had already lost all his chips and doubled his debt. What else could he bet?

Oh, there was one situation that could continue: Using his own things as collateral.

There were many gamblers in the casino who had lost all their money. Some people would stop, but some people would become crazier and choose to continue.

He turned around.

On the screen, a waiter approached Emile and handed him something.

That should be the bet that Gambler had placed this round.

The waiter opened the box with his white-gloved hand and placed it on the table in front of Emile.

When he saw what was in the box, Lu Huaiyu suddenly froze!

At the same time, Emile’s voice sounded.

“Stake: Night of the Milky Way.”