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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1103 - 1103 I Haven't Seen You in Three Years, You've Become More Capable

1103 I Haven’t Seen You in Three Years, You’ve Become More Capable

The second floor was the exclusive area for the VIP guests, with their own private rooms.

Shen Li followed him upstairs and glanced at the hall on the first floor.

The lights were dim, people were dressed in various different ways, there were voices of excitement, regret, and annoyance, and there was the sound of the chips that were constantly rising and falling.

There was also the smell of alcohol and smoke in the air.

Everyone’s expression was particularly focused, all their attention focused on the gambling table.

Winning and losing were decided in an instant. In this place where the good and the bad mixed together, some people became rich while some went bankrupt.

Entering this place was like entering a crazy dream.

She looked on indifferently, as if she was looking at everything through a layer of transparent glass.

It had taken her three years to understand one thing: After the great temptation, the most terrifying trap was often hidden.

Of course, this was also thanks to Saint’s advice.

She withdrew her gaze.

The layout of the entire casino was arranged in a huge ring shape, and the VIP rooms on the second floor were arranged in order. There were no numbers, and they were all named after poker cards.

The waiter led them to the door of a room. There was a palm-sized poker symbol on the door: Jack of spades.

Wen Xiao pushed the door open and entered, followed by Shen Li.

If the VIP guests wanted to gamble in person, they could go to the hall on the first floor. If they did not want to reveal their identity, they could choose to stay on the second floor, where a special dealer would take their place.

The customers could watch the game from their own rooms through the screen that was connected to the pinhole camera that the dealer carried with him.

Of course, due to the limited perspective, the customer could only see the same content as the dealer.

The dealer had an earpiece on, so everything at the gambling table had to follow the customer’s instructions.

All the privacy of these guests was strictly protected, and even the dealer would not know which room the guest was representing.

This was convenient and safe for both the guests and the dealer.

The room was spacious and fully equipped.

In addition to a screen for watching the game, a microphone, a sofa for resting, a small table, and so on.

Shen Li pulled out a chair and sat down in front of the screen.

The screen was still black.

Wen Xiao sat down on the sofa and clicked his tongue.

“The last time I left, I thought I would never step into this place again.”

He had not expected to sit here again after three years.

Shen Li pressed the green button next to the screen, which was the signal to enter the venue.

There was also a red button at the bottom, which represented the end.

Seeing that she had not spoken, Wen Xiao continued to ask, “By the way, I haven’t asked you yet. You said that you knew who Saint is. Who is he? Since we’re already here, you can tell me now, right?”

He was not a gossiper, but this was different.

He really wanted to know who had provoked this great aunt!

During this period of time, he had repeatedly thought about it, but he could not figure out who that person was.

However, Shen Li’s mouth was tight, and she refused to reveal a single word.

Hearing his words, Shen Li did not even turn her head. She only said softly, “You’ll know soon enough.”

Wen Xiao ran a hand over his hair.

He had already guessed that she would say this, so he was not disappointed.

Anyway, from the way she looked, she seemed sure that Saint would appear tonight.

He should just forget it. He might as well just wait, right?

He had already waited for so long, so waiting a little longer was not a big deal.

Soon, a young and respectful man’s voice came from the screen.

“Hello, esteemed guest. I’m Emile, the dealer. It’s an honor to be at your service. Now, please choose the game and the gambling table.”

Shen Li picked up the microphone and said, “Blackjack, table number one.”

The mic specially processed her voice, making her sound like a 20-year-old teenager with a clear and bright voice.

“Alright,” Emile replied.

Then, he heard the sound of footsteps and the noise from the casino.

About half a minute later, the footsteps stopped, and an image finally appeared on the screen.

Emile had already sat down at a gambling table. There was a silver square card in front of him: 1.

This represented Table No.1.

There were three other players at the table, as well as a dealer in charge of dealing the cards.

21 Points, was also known as Blackjack.

There were 52 cards in a deck of cards, excluding the Joker, making it a total of six decks of cards. The total number of cards in the game was 312.

The dealer and the player would each be dealt two cards. The dealer dealt one that was open and one that was covered, while the two cards dealt to the player were open.

If the dealer’s two cards were less than 17, he had to continue to play. If the value was greater than or equal to 17, he had to suspend his trading. If the player’s cards were less than 11, he had to continue to play. If the value was equal to 21, he had to suspend his trading.

After the dealer and the players had all stopped trading, they would compare their cards.

The one with the largest sum of points wins, but if all the points added up to more than 21 points, it would be considered a bust, and it would immediately be considered a loss.

The counting method was also very simple: 2 to 9 were counted according to the value of the card, and 10 and JQK were counted according to 10 points. A can be counted as 11 or 1. If the number is greater than 21 when 11 is calculated, then it will be counted as 1.

In short, blackjack (21 points with an Ace) > 21 points > other points.

This game was actually very simple to play, but it tested the player’s ability to calculate the probability of the entire card game, as well as the psychological control of the dealer and other players.

It was not hard to win once, but it was hard to win every time.

The dealer began to deal the cards.

Emile picked up the two cards, and the two cards in his hand appeared on the screen.

The dealer and the other three players began to show their cards.

Shen Li looked at the screen and raised her eyebrows.


It seemed that she was in luck tonight.

As soon as Lu Huaiyu arrived at Paradise, a young man in his thirties quickly came to greet him.

He was a handsome Chinese man with black hair and dark eyes.

It was the supervisor of the Paradise casino, Fei Qingyuan.

“You’re here.”

Fei Qingyuan lowered his head slightly in a respectful bow.

Lu Huaiyu strode forward with his long legs and walked inside.

“Gambler should be here already?”

“Yes. Just like last time, he has only played blackjack, starting from table one. After winning a round at each table, he moves on to the next table.”

Fei Qingyuan followed behind him. After a slight pause, he said in a softer voice, “So far, the prize money he has won has already reached three million dollars.”

Lu Huaiyu’s footsteps paused.

He tilted his head slightly and revealed a smile full of interest.


“It seems like they’ve grown stronger after three years?”