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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1102 - 1102 Gambler is Here

1102 Gambler is Here

The cursor moved and landed on the icon.

She stared at it for a while longer, as if waiting for something.

Finally, after a few minutes, the phone in her hand rang twice.

She picked it up and took a look. It was from Shen Zhijin, who said that he had arrived in Bai City.

There was still some work at the Fino Lab that he needed to deal with personally, so after watching Shen Li’s match, he would accompany her to the celebration party for a while before leaving.

It was not that he was in a hurry, but the victory of today’s game had been too difficult to come by. If he stayed too long, they would inevitably feel restrained, so he simply allowed them to celebrate by themselves.

Shen Li replied to his message and put down her phone.

Then, she looked at the screen and finally clicked on the icon.

The black six-pointed star instantly scattered into countless light spots and then gradually condensed.

A line of letters appeared.


The curtains in the room were drawn, blocking the afternoon sun. The room was dark, and only the faint fluorescent light from the computer screen reflected on her face.

She clicked on it again.

Soon, the line of letters also gradually disappeared, and a completely black web page appeared in front of her eyes. Only a touch of gold gradually appeared in the middle.


This was their official website, in charge of the online gambling business.

Of course, very few people knew about it.

Three years ago, Wen Xiao had taken her to Leland. On a whim, he had taken her to play blackjack.

Then, she discovered that she could easily win at the game by counting cards.

Ten thousand dollars quickly became five hundred thousand dollars, which was the maximum amount for online bets.

If she wanted to continue winning, she would have to go to Paradise herself.

At that time, she had been in high spirits and went without any hesitation.

After that, she had still won easily, and her bonus had continued to double.

Until she met Saint.

Not only had she lost all the prize money she had won earlier, but she also ended up owing a huge debt.

She finally woke up from her dream.

Since then, Wen Xiao had been afraid that she would try this again and that her identity would be exposed, so he had set up this protective net for her.

The moment she tried to log into the official website of Paradise, the red shield would automatically send a warning and cut off the connection before she could jump to the page.

Ten minutes ago, Wen Xiao had already removed the red shield, which meant that her every move would leave a clear mark on the Internet.

There was a small box under the line of golden words.

She entered a title–


Then, she rested her chin on one hand and pressed the Enter button with the other. She raised her eyebrows slightly.

By now, this should already be known by Paradise, right?

At six in the afternoon, Lu Huaiyu woke up and saw two missed calls on his phone.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the number.

This was a call from Paradise.

The supervisor of the casino knew that he had to take a break in the afternoon and would never disturb him at this time. However, this time, he had actually attempted to call him twice.

He closed his eyes, pressed between his eyebrows, and called back.

The other party picked up almost instantly.

Lu Huaiyu opened his mouth, his voice low and hoarse, carrying a trace of fatigue from just waking up.

“What is it?”

A man’s respectful yet nervous voice came from the receiver.

“I really didn’t mean to bother you at this time, but this matter is so important that we didn’t dare to delay… Gambler is here.

Lu Huaiyu’s movements paused and he opened his eyes.


Half an hour ago, Gambler had come online. We called you after we monitored his movements.

It was no wonder he had called at this time, even calling two times.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes slightly and replied, “Yes.”

The other party continued, “Just like three years ago, he started with ten thousand dollars and quickly raised the prize money to five hundred thousand.”

This had already reached the upper limit of online bets.

Next, Gambler would either stop or–

After a moment of silence, Lu Huaiyu had vaguely guessed something.

Sure enough, the next moment, he heard the man on the other end speak with a slightly tense voice, “Just now, Gambler confirmed to continue raising their bets.”

This also meant that after three years, they would once again step into Paradise!

Hearing no sound for a while, the casino manager asked nervously, “Do you think we should let them in?”

Gambler had the right to gamble, but the casino also had the right to stop him.

After all, no casino would welcome a gambler who could count cards.

A moment later, the man’s deep laughter rang out.

“Let him come.”

The supervisor of the gambling den was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly replied, “Alright. Are you coming over tonight?”

If he did not show up, with Gambler’s abilities, Paradise would not have a good ending.

Lu Huaiyu quickly replied.


Naturally, since the other party had sincerely invited him, he had no reason to refuse.

Only then did the supervisor of the gambling den relax.


Lu Huaiyu hung up the phone and looked at the time again. He remembered that he had promised to have a good chat with the young lady that night, so he planned to call her to have dinner together.

He did not know if the little girl had thought of an explanation yet.

He was about to make a call when he received a message from her first.

[ Second Brother, Uncle Wen and I have something to do. We’ll be back later. ]

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows as he stared at the words.

[ Something very important? ]

Shen Li replied quickly.

[ Yes. ]

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled into a smile.

It seemed that it was really important, even more important than ‘having a good chat’ with him?

However, he did not say this.

Three years ago, she must have come here with Wen Xiao.

The red gold star cigarette box was the only one left at the scene.

In today’s match, she seemed to have met a lot of acquaintances.

She probably really did have something to deal with.

He put on his shirt, doing up his buttons one by one before he sent back his reply.

[ Leland’s September nights are quite beautiful too. Have fun. ]

The sky was getting dark, and the street lights on Leland Street were already lit up. The lights of various buildings were also gradually lit up, and they were full of light and color.

A taxi crossed the street and finally stopped in front of a building.

Two figures alighted from the car.

The person walking in front was a tall and strong man, wearing a hat and a mask.

A tall and thin young man followed behind him. He was wearing a black casual jacket and pants, a hat on his head, and a black mask.

There were two bodyguards in black suits who were around 1.9-meter tall standing in front of the door.

One of them raised his hand and blocked their way.

The man in front took out his phone and showed him the screen.

The bodyguard immediately stepped back and bowed to let them in.

Wen Xiao took two steps forward and realized that Shen Li did not seem to be following him.

He turned around and saw that she was looking at her phone.

He coughed.

Shen Li put her phone away and walked over to him.

The two of them entered the door.

His vision turned dark, and the noise filled his ears.

Shen Li raised her eyes and saw that the gambling tables in the hall on the first floor were surrounded by people.

Soon, someone specially came over and said respectfully, “Please follow me to the second floor.”