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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1101 - 1101 I Hope the Great Aunt Won't Go Crazy

1101 I Hope the Great Aunt Won’t Go Crazy

After the lively and grand awards ceremony ended, the cheers of the entire racing track continued for a long time.

The burning madness almost seemed to burn the air. Everyone seemed to be still immersed in that soul-stirring competition, as if they were in a dream, unwilling to wake up.

Gu Siyang was so excited that he grinned to the back of his head as the trophy was passed over by LY’s team.

“It’s my treat today! Everyone, let’s celebrate!”

When everyone heard this, they cheered in unison.

“Director Gu is so magnanimous!”

In fact, they had been a little nervous about coming to Leland to participate in the competition.

After all, this was LY’s first time participating in an international competition of this level. How could they not be nervous?

On the plane, when Shen Li said she wanted to win the championship, they had thought that she was just overthinking things.

It was only now, with the heavy trophy in their hands, that they finally understood that her words at that time had not been a mere expectation, but a definite promise!

In the end, they had really done it!

Mervyn stood on the spot, staring at the stage that was not far away, his hands slowly tightening.

So it was her.

So it really was her.


The other team members came up to him and carefully said, “Actually, one competition doesn’t mean anything. She probably just got a little lucky this time…”

Before the person could finish speaking, Mervyn suddenly sneered.

The person who spoke quickly went quiet.

Mervyn muttered, “Luck…”

One time could be considered lucky, but what about twice?

Whether it was based on luck or strength, everyone present should be well aware.

He took a deep breath and turned to leave.

The remaining people were stunned.

Was he… Was he leaving just like that?

So, why had he come to look for Shen Li just now?

When he walked past Doyle, he saw that Doyle was also looking in that direction with an indescribable expression on his face.

He stopped in his tracks and laughed at himself.

“Your previous guess was correct.”

Doyle’s pupils shrank as he looked over.

The two looked at each other, and in that instant, Doyle understood what Mervyn meant.

Some things did not need to be said, because they already had a strong hunch in their hearts.

They had just been waiting for a definite answer.

And now…

After saying that, he suddenly felt very tired and a deep sense of fatigue and powerlessness engulfed him.

He had been a champion for so many years in the racing world that he had gotten used to always being the one at the front.


It was only when he was facing Shen Li that he felt helpless and even despaired.

Three years ago, she had managed to beat him, and now, three years later, she could still beat him.

He had not even had the slightest hope of overtaking them.

Doyle also understood what he meant, and his lips became tightly pursed.

With that, Mervyn left.

Seeing this, the other members were a little nervous.

“Captain! Are we not having a meeting this time?”

In the past, after every competition, if they lost, they would gather for a meeting to discuss it.

What was wrong this time?

Mervyn did not even turn his head.

Doyle, on the other hand, finally spoke after a long silence.

“There’s no need.”

The other team members looked at each other in confusion.

“Huh? Why is it not necessary?”

Ral had lost before, but they had never seen their Captain react like this.

It was as if he had completely given up.

Mervyn gave the stage one last look, his mouth twitching with a hint of ridicule.

However, this ridicule was directed at him, Ral, and all the other racers except LY.


“Because she is Shen Li.”

It was also because she was L!

Seeing that Mervyn had left, Crowe cast another glance at the stage again.

He then stood up and said expressionlessly, “Let’s go,”

The people around them were stunned.

Someone asked in surprise, “Captain, are we just going to leave like this? But… you haven’t settled the score with Shen Li for forcing you out of the track and causing you to withdraw from the race with an injury, right?”

Crowe frowned, extremely frustrated.

Of course, he did not want to give up, but was there any other way?

The others did not know, but the scene of Shen Li deliberately suppressing Mervyn as they were crossing the death curve was all too familiar to him!

If he was still a little uncertain about that guess, then the question that Mervyn had asked in front of everyone was enough to explain everything!

In comparison, his injury today was much better than the one three years ago!

Thinking of that scene, his eyebrows twitched, and he felt a dull pain in his body.

Right now, he really did not want to see that figure again!

Instead of answering his team member’s question, Crowe turned around and left with a dark expression on his face.

Even Mervyn had chosen to endure all of this. What else could he do?

At the end of the championship, Gu Siyang took everyone to the most expensive restaurant in Leland and reserved the entire place to celebrate.

This had been an absolutely perfect result, allowing them to relieve all the pressure and burden in their hearts. All that was left was endless joy and excitement, so they happily celebrated.

Even Yang Tao, who had always been calm and steady, could not help but join in for a few drinks.

Ji Shu and the others were forced to drink, but since Ji Shu could hold his liquor well, Ron and the others were soon quite intoxicated.

Lu Siyu was especially intoxicated, his face had turned red after a glass of wine, and quickly became drunk.

He raised his cup in a daze.

“Sister Li, why aren’t you drinking?”

She had been the biggest hero today!

From the beginning to the end, Shen Li only had a glass of fruit juice in her hand.

Gu Siyang had been drinking happily, but when he heard this, his soul almost left his body.

“No! My sister can’t drink!”

He recalled how miserable his youngest uncle’s ending had been the last time he let her drink some wine!

This was his territory today. If she were to cause any more trouble, his little life would not be enough to pay for it!

Seeing Gu Siyang’s frightened look, Lu Siyu was stunned for a moment, but he did not pester him further. After all, Shen Li never touched a single drop of alcohol even when she had dinner with them in the past.

He scratched his head and looked at Wen Xiao.

“Then… Coach, why aren’t you drinking?”

Although Wen Xiao rarely ate and drank with them, according to Ji Shu, he had a good tolerance for alcohol.

Today was such a great day, why wasn’t he doing that?

Wen Xiao leaned back in his chair, holding a cup of chrysanthemum tea in one hand. He looked at Shen Li meaningfully and said, “For good health.”

He was really afraid!

Who knew if this lady would go crazy tonight?

Someone had to stay alert!

If the tragedy from three years ago were to happen again, his old man’s heart would not be able to take it.

Hearing what he said, everyone laughed in unison.

Drinking to maintain health… As expected of him!

However, Wen Xiao was the head coach, after all. He was still very strict. If he said he did not want to drink, no one would dare to force him to drink.

The meal lasted for three hours.

After it was over, everyone returned to the hotel together.

Shen Li returned to her room, took out her computer from her suitcase, and turned it on.

Her white fingers tapped on the keyboard a few times, and a six-pointed star pattern slowly appeared.