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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 111 - Ning?

Chapter 111: Ning?

After getting off the plane, Gu Tinglan exited the airport with Ning Li.

A black sports car was already waiting outside with the hazard lights on.

Gu Tinglan looked at Ning Li. “Where are you heading? We can give you a lift.”

However, she rejected his offer, “Thank you, but I’ll just take the taxi.”

Gu Tinglan looked slightly concerned. “It’s getting dark…”

“It’s quite safe here in Jingcheng. Dr. Gu, you really don’t have to worry.”

Since Ning Li insisted, he did not force her. He nodded and said, “Okay, tell me when you reach your place.” He sounded like he was talking to a child.

When she heard him, Ning Li felt helpless. After all, she was just 17 years old and could not blame Gu Tinglan for treating her like a child. Eventually, she nodded and said, “Okay.”

The black sports car honked.

“Dr. Gu, your friend is calling you.”

Gu Tinglan parted ways with her and went to the black sports car with his briefcase.

“Way to go, man! You just came back and you’ve already got a little girl by your side.”

The moment Gu Tinglan got into the car, he heard Gu Siyang ridiculing him.

Gu Siyang looked at Ning Li through the window. It was getting dark and she was quite far away, so he could not see her face properly, but he was able to see her slender legs. With just a glimpse, he could tell the girl was a beauty.

“Say…is she a university freshman?”

Gu Tinglan did not react to his words. He simply said, “A third-year high schooler.”

“WTF?” Gu Siyang was shocked. It took him quite some time to digest the information.

Nevertheless, Gu Tinglan was not bothered by his reaction. “Drive.”

Gu Xiyang stepped on the pedal, and the car blasted off. The strong acceleration pinned Gn Tinglan to the seat.

“No wonder you wrecked three cars in a year.”

Gu Siyang was mad when he heard Gu Tinglan commenting on his driving skills. “That’s my fault? You’re actually the one to blame! Do I need to remind you that you are 30 years old now, uncle?”

He emphasized the term ‘uncle’ before continuing, “If Grandfather knows about this, you will lose your legs.”

The Gu family was a huge one with Gu Tinglan alone having three elder brothers.

Gu Siyang was his elder brother’s son, which made him Gu Tinglan’s nephew. The boy was a whole decade younger than him.

Gu Tinglan thought of something and scoffed. “It’s not my problem.”

Gu Xiyang knew what his uncle meant. If Gu Tinglan really liked the girl, he could have brought her along and not left her behind. However, judging from his tone, he should know the girl quite well.

“She came here on her own. We ran into each other at the airport.”

Gu Siyang sighed a long breath. “Great, I guess you get to keep your legs for another day. That’s worth celebrating.”

Gu Tinglan did not play along with the boy’s quips.

A yellow convertible sports car drove past their car all of a sudden.

Gu Tinglan had a glance and saw a familiar face in that car. “It’s driving at this speed here?”

Gu Siyang had a glance at the car and complained, “Gosh, what a pain. I see him everywhere, even here in the capital.”

Gu Tinglan already knew who the driver of that yellow car was. “I thought he was living abroad. Why is he here all of a sudden?”

“I think G&S is having a press conference later. That guy is a strange one. Who knows what he is doing here?” Gu Siyang shrugged.

G&S had a considerable market share throughout the globe, and a single press conference would not attract that man’s attention at all.

Gu Tinglan looked back again, but that yellow car had disappeared from his sight. “I think he’s going to the airport. If he’s driving, is he picking someone up?”

Gu Siyang tutted. “I think he’s just taking a drive. Who could be so important that he has to pick the person up himself?”

Gu Tinglan nodded. “I guess you’re right.

Every inch of land in the capital was expensive, especially in the city center. Therefore, those who owned a private club in the city center were no common folks.

The banquet hall on the third floor was filled with beautiful lights and exquisite decoration.

Xu Yini entered the hall in a flaming red dress. Since she was maintaining her image as the nation’s first love, she put on shallow makeup most of the time.

However, she picked a bright red lipstick for the night and planned to use it to stand out from the crowd. The events held by G&S were all glitz and glam, and if she was not bold enough, she would not be able to stand out.

The moment she walked into the hall, she turned heads.

A lot of the guests were astonished by her arrival.


A man in his 30s came over. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and towered over most people, which was typical of a Caucasian male.

He was deeply impressed by Xu Yini based on his sparkling gaze.

“Miss Xu, you look wonderful tonight,” the man spoke in German.

Xu Yini smiled elegantly.

“Danke.” Her pronunciation was clear and it felt natural coming out from her mouth. This alone had added points for her performance during the last meeting with the man.

She looked around. The place might be lively, but she had yet to see the prestigious son of G&S.

As though he noticed her confusion, the man, Edmond, shrugged. “I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you that he might not be showing up tonight.”

Xu Yini was shocked. “He’s not coming? Is there any holdup?”

If that particular person was not coming, the value of this meeting would be greatly diminished. After all, he was the one who decided who got the title of G&S brand ambassador.

Xu Yini would have to wait a little longer then.

“I don’t know about that but…” Edmond winked. “I know he’s in a good mood.”

At the airport, Ning Li waited for a while by the side as the night breeze caressed her face.

All of a sudden, a yellow convertible sports car came and stopped beside her. The man in the driver seat was smiling brightly.