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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1100 - 1100 The Champion!

1100 The Champion!

The young girl knew that she could not hide things anymore, so had she decided to be honest?

Lu Huaiyu stared into her eyes for a few seconds before chuckling.

“Alright,” he said.

Ji Shu and the others were urging her again to go over to where they were.

Shen Li took a few steps back and let go of his hand. She lowered her eyes and rubbed her fingertips against his palm.

The joints of his fingers were distinct and were very beautiful.

He just did not know if the cards he played tonight would be more beautiful.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly before she turned around and walked to the podium.

A huge poster was being used as the background, with balloons and flowers as embellishments. This was the podium that was meant for the champions.

Ji Shu and the others were still waiting for her offstage.

She was the team leader, so of course, she should go first.

Moreover, she was the champion of today’s competition.

Gu Siyang and the others were also there, feeling excited.

“Sister! Later, you stand in the middle, I’ll help you take a good photo!”

Shen Li nodded and walked forward.

The people around her made way for her, and countless eyes fell on her.

Reverence, admiration, emotion…

Before this, who would have thought that she would be the one standing on the highest stage?

Shen Li went on stage and stood in the middle.

The first award to be presented was the champion driver award.

Ivan, as the chairman of the championship committee, was responsible for presenting the awards.

He took a few steps forward and presented the golden trophy to Shen Li with both hands. He also gave her a bouquet of flowers.

“Congratulations, Shen Li.”

Shen Li’s lips curved.

“Thank you,” she said.

Ivan could not help but silently sigh.

He had seen Shen Li’s competition video before, and after knowing that she was trained by Wen Xiao, he had not dared to underestimate her.

Who would have known that he had still underestimated her?

Such a top talent was extremely rare!

The others had come here to compete, but she was really here to play. In the end, she had even easily won two championship awards.

In what way did this make sense for the other teams?

Shen Li raised the trophy and waved the bouquet of flowers at the same time as she smiled at the camera.

The six large screens clearly displayed the girl’s appearance. She was beautiful and her eyes were like stars.

Enthusiastic cheers and screams erupted!

The live broadcast room was also flooded with comments.

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ]

[ Mama! She’s smiling at me! ]

[ I can’t take it anymore! I’ll only be able to get up after Sister Li kisses me! ]

[ Sister, I’m so amazed by you! I’m going to be loyal to my sister forever! ]

Then, everyone saw the young girl on the stage tilt her head and raise her chin.

Ji Shu and the others finally went up the stage, one after another.

This time, it was the team champion award. The trophy was also gold, but it was one size bigger than Shen Li’s.

Shen Li motioned for Ron to take it. Ron chuckled and said, “Sister Li is the team leader, so this should be done by Sister Li!”

Shen Li could not reject him. She thought for a while before suddenly turning her eyes to someone.

Outside the crowd, Wen Xiao was looking over at them with a hand in his pocket.

Compared to the excitement of the others, he was particularly calm.

“Uncle Wen!” Shen Li shouted.

The crowd fell silent and followed her line of sight.

Wen Xiao seemed to be lost in thought. However, after Shen Li called out to him, he regained his focus.

The next moment, he heard Shen Li say, “The championship award belongs to all five of us, Uncle Wen, and LY. So…”

Her red lips curved up slightly.

“May I invite Uncle Wen to be LY’s representative to receive this award? ”

Everyone thought that she was asking Ivan, but only Wen Xiao knew that she was actually asking him.

‘After leaving the arena for ten years, are you willing to step back here and pick up the honor you once missed out on?’

Wen Xiao was momentarily stunned. He suddenly felt that the September sky in Leland was extremely hot, as if there were blazing sparks splashing down, almost burning his whole body.

His fingers trembled slightly.

In the past ten years, both inside and outside of the race track, he had experienced peaks and glories, as well as valleys and abysses.

However much admiration, praise, and fanaticism there was, there was just as much disappointment, disdain, and ridicule.

No, there were even more of the latter.

However, he had never defended himself.

He thought that by waving his hand to bid farewell to the arena, he could forget everything.

He had not cared about anything.

For a long time, he had really thought that he did not care.

That was until he met Shen Li, until Shen Li had driven at an astonishing speed, until Shen Li had said that LY was still lacking a head coach.

If he really did not care, how could Shen Li have learned all of his skills? How could she be as fierce and decisive as him on the field? And how could he come to Leland and stood on the racing track of Victoria Velodrome again?

Ji Shu and the others also called out to him in unison.


There was a brief silence, or perhaps a long time passed before he lowered his head and laughed.

It was as if something heavy in his heart had dissipated silently, and even his breathing became easier.

Then, he raised his head and stared in their direction for a few seconds before walking over.

Lu Siyu and the others laughed merrily and gave up the middle spot for him.

Ivan sighed.

“I didn’t think we would meet again here.”

Wen Xiao smiled.

“I didn’t expect that either.”

Ivan handed the trophy over and said with a smile, “Congratulations, LY, for becoming this year’s team champion!

Wen Xiao accepted the heavy trophy before looking at Shen Li.

“I don’t think I’ve officially told you yet. Ah Li, congratulations.”

Shen Li blinked.

“Congratulations to Uncle Wen too.”

Wen Xiao turned his head and smiled at Gu Siyang and the others, who were standing below the stage and looking at him eagerly.

“What are you still doing? Come over here!”

Shen Li was right, this was the glory for the whole team from LY.

Gu Siyang and the others reacted for a moment before they came back to their senses. They were so excited that their faces turned red and they rushed forward one after another.


“I always knew that Coach treated us the best!”

“Thank you, Sister Li! Thank you, Coach!”

“Ji Shu! He was really awesome today! He followed Sister Li so closely!”

“F*ck, Lu Siyu, you scared us to death! I didn’t expect you to get eighteenth place in the end! That’s good!”

“Hehe, it’s good that Sister Li was leading the way! Hey, who’s rubbing my head?”

The stage was bustling with noise and excitement as LY and the others hugged each other and cheered.


A bunch of fireworks exploded!

Then, bang, bang, bang-!

The gorgeous fireworks and fireworks were in full bloom!

On the big screen, in the camera, on the podium–

In the end, LY’s members raised the trophy that represented victory and glory. Basking in the sunlight and fireworks, the wind blew against the sky as they cheered–

LY was the champion!

The live broadcast room was also simultaneously flooded with the same sentence.

[ LY is the champion! ]

[ LY is the champion! ]

[ LY is the champion! ]

The scene seemed to freeze. All the youth, sweat, hard work, passion, and struggle seemed to be engraved by this moment in time, becoming a bright memory that would never fade.