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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1097 - 1097 Sincerely Thank Mervyn

1097 Sincerely Thank Mervyn

The enthusiastic cheers echoed throughout Victoria Velodrome.

Such a result could be called a miracle. Even last year’s champion, Ral, could not compare to it!

Among them, the key was that Shen Li and Ji Shu had won first and second place respectively. Shen Li had led LY through the death S-bend in the first round, which was even more significant.

It was her perfect series of operations that allowed the other members of LY to control the rhythm. Under her indomitable leadership, they had broken through one after another and finally achieved such an amazing result!

It could be said that Shen Li was definitely the soul of LY’s ability to win the championship for the team!

She had truly lived up to her title as a team leader, and led her team from the bottom to the top!

“Sister Li!”

Ron and the others who arrived later got out of the car. When they saw their results, they ran toward Shen Li excitedly!

Shen Li gave them a thumbs-up but when Lu Siyu came back, she finally smiled and said, “You performed well.”

She was praising them, especially Lu Siyu.

Even after experiencing the sinking sand once, he had not given up on the race. Instead, he had persevered and finished the entire race. He even gritted his teeth and returned to the Top 20. This perseverance was something that many people could not compare to.

It was rare to hear praise from Shen Li, so they were embarrassed.

Lu Siyu scratched his head and chuckled.

“It’s all thanks to Sister Li’s good guidance!”

After all, he had participated in the same competition with Sister li and had been personally trained by Sister Li. How could he have given up halfway?

Shen Li asked, “How are your injuries?”

Lu Siyu quickly shook his head and smiled brightly.

“I’m fine! Sinking sand isn’t dangerous, don’t worry! Besides, I couldn’t possibly embarrass Sister Li, could I?”

In order to help him vent his anger, Sister Li had forced Crowe to withdraw from the race. Of course, he had to finish the whole race!

Fortunately, the final result was pretty good!

Shen Li’s eyes curved into crescents.

“That’s good.”

By this time, the Top 20 rankings had already been announced.

The lights on the other big screen changed, and the total points of the twelve teams finally appeared!

LY was ranked first on the team leaderboard with a total score of 315 points!

This was a true team champion!

Ron turned his head and looked at the big screen for a long time. He carefully scanned through every name on it and still found it unbelievable.

“I can’t believe we actually won the championship!”

They were not the only ones who had not expected this. So many people present, including the countless viewers in the live stream room, probably did not expect this either.

They had been at the bottom of the rankings list before the start of the race, and there was not even a single famous driver among them. Their best driver had only been ranked 61st on the driver ranking.

Who would have thought that such a team would be the final winner of the race?

LY had won the team championship!

In the rest area of AMG, everyone was so shocked that they could not come back to their senses for a long time.

“What’s more terrifying is that even Mervyn was defeated.”

At this point, someone turned to look at Crowe, wanting to say something but stopped themselves.

To be honest, Crowe’s strength was a bit weaker than Mervyn’s.

Initially, when Crowe had been forced out of the race track by Shen Li and knocked out of the race, they were filled with anger and hatred. All they could do was wish that something bad would happen to Shen Li and LY.

But now that they saw that even Mervyn had been beaten so badly, their mood had subtly changed.


Compared to Mervyn, weren’t they in a better state?

After all, accidents were common on the field, and no matter how good a driver was, he could not guarantee that he could play at his best.

Although it was a pity that Crowe had withdrawn from the competition due to his injury, at least he did not look that bad.

But Mervyn …

This time, he had really lost all his face!

This was the top professional race in the racing world. How many people were watching this race?

In front of countless people, Mervyn had been suppressed by Shen Li three times in a row on the track, and had finally taken sixth place.

Shen Li’s actions were as if she were rubbing Mervyn’s face on the ground!

One of them saw that the expression on Crowe’s face was not very unpleasant. After hesitating for a moment, he advised in a low voice, “Well, Captain, don’t mind it too much. After all, the competition is now over.

Crowe did not say a word. His brows were still locked together as he stared at the slender and tall girl on the stage.

If he still had some doubts before, he was now absolutely sure of his guess!

His lips moved as a name came out!

On the other side, after Mervyn had rushed past the finish line, he only took one look at the big screen and quickly looked away.

He stood on the spot, his fists clenched.

His shoulders were trembling from shock and anger.

The rest of the members of the Ral team walked over, but when they saw how emotionless Mervyn was, they looked at each other, feeling a little scared.

His state and reaction were too unsettling.

Ral had suffered a defeat this time and was ranked fourth in the overall points leaderboard. They had completely lost their chance to get onto the podium.

Falling from champion to fourth place was a huge drop that not everyone could accept.

Even in the rest area of Ral, no one was talking, and the atmosphere was cold and tense.

After an unknown period of time, one of the team members finally spoke carefully, “Captain… Captain, where are you going?”

Before he could finish, he saw Mervyn suddenly lift his leg to walk forward.

The team member asked the question, but Mervyn did not answer.

However, they quickly realized something… The direction that Mervyn was heading toward was LY!

Was he going to look for the LY team?

The team members looked at each other and saw a trace of uneasiness on each other’s faces.

Those who were familiar with Mervyn knew that he did not have a good temper.

After being targeted by Shen Li in the competition today, not only had they lost the championship, but they had also lost all their face and were extremely humiliated.

How could he just let it go?

The team members did not have time to think too much and quickly chased after him.

They were in front of so many people! What if something really happened?

At this time, Shen Li and her group were surrounded by the media.

The camera was pointed at her, and a reporter asked loudly, “Shen Li, do you have anything to say about this race? You’ve won the title of the champion driver and LY has won the team champion title at the same time.

Shen Li’s lips curved in a smile as she said, “This is LY’s victory and glory.”

A reporter behind saw that Mervyn was coming over and became more excited. He deliberately asked, “Then may I ask… You suppressed Mervyn on the track several times today. Do you have anything to say about that?”

There was a moment of dead silence.

Everyone looked over with different expressions.

In fact, they knew that Shen Li had done it on purpose, but they could not say it out loud.

The reporter was obviously trying to stir up trouble.

Just when everyone thought that Shen Li would not answer this question, they saw the young girl’s eyebrows slightly raised, her red lips curved into a perfect arc, and she replied with a faint smile.

“Of course.

“On behalf of LY, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mervyn. It’s all thanks to him and his team that my team members and I had a great time in today’s race.”