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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1096 - LY! All Members Win!

Chapter 1096: LY! All Members Win!

The scene seemed to freeze at that moment. The sun and the wind intertwined as the applause and cheers blended together, and that touch of black became the only bright color in the world!

The moment the car reached the finish line, a name appeared on the big screen in the center of the race track!

Shen Li!

At the front was LY’s flag, followed by her final score and ranking.

The golden number “1,” along with her name, became the most dazzling existence at this moment!

Then, a red flame also crossed the track, seeming to burn up at the finish line and burst into sparks!

The second name appeared!

Ji Shu!

In front of him was the same LY flag as Shen Li’s!

At the last minute, Ji Shu had overtaken Mervyn again and finished the race with Shen Li, reaching the finish line in second place!

LY was now the champion of the race!

The entire race track was in an uproar.

First and second places! They had all been occupied by a single team!

This had never happened before in previous competitions!

Relying on Shen Li and Ji Shu alone, LY had already accumulated a staggering 115 points!

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, the black racing car slid into the buffer zone and finally came to a stop.

After that, the young girl in the blue and white driver’s uniform jumped out of the car.

She turned around and took off her helmet.

Her long wavy hair scattered with the wind, and her beautiful face was reflected on the camera.

She held the helmet in her left hand, tilted her head, and casually used her teeth to pull off the glove on her right hand. She raised her eyebrows and smiled at the camera, then raised her right arm high and gave a thumbs up.

The crowd was stunned for a moment before they vaguely remembered that she had made the same action before the competition.

Now, they finally understood what she meant.

This was… the champion!

For a time, the screams and cheers became even louder!

Countless people in the live broadcast room went crazy.

[ Ahhhhh… Sister Li is so amazing! I’m crying madly! ]

[ I’m such a fan, but I’m too tired to talk! Her smile has shot me in the heart! ]

[ F*ck me! Sister, you’re flirting with me! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ]

[ Hey, don’t make things difficult for my wife! ]

[ Sir, don’t you have a wife of your own? Why are you snatching my wife? ]

[ What wife? Just say, “Hi, hubby!” ]

[ Sister Li, are you waiting for the LY team to arrive at the finish line like a champion? I love it, I love it! I really love it! ]

Ji Shu’s car slowly stopped beside her. Stretching out one long leg, he then jumped out of the car.

He walked to stand in front of Shen Li and clicked his tongue, still exuding his wild and unruly aura.

“Sister Li, it’s not easy to watch you when you drive seriously.”

He already knew that Shen Li’s skills were better than what she had shown before, but he was still shocked when he had seen her performance today.

Not only had she gone from last place at the starting point to first place, but she had also eliminated Crowe and finished off Mervyn in between that time.

Both of them were top racers, and it would be difficult for an ordinary person to fight against even one of them. She had fought both of them at the same time, and she had been able to do it with ease. It was really impressive.

She did not know just how angry the people behind her were.

Shen Li raised her eyes and looked at the big screen in the middle of the field.

The names of the third and fourth places appeared one after another, belonging to two different teams.

More importantly, Mervyn was not among them.

She looked at the track again and saw that the familiar silver race car had crossed the finish line almost at the same time as a bright yellow race car. They were in fifth and sixth places.

Suddenly, there was a loud sigh from the stands.

Shen Li glanced sideways and saw that on the big screen, Mervyn’s name had finally appeared, but the ranking behind his name was–


Mervyn had actually fallen to sixth place!

Although in the last stage, everyone could see that Mervyn definitely had no chance of becoming the champion, no one had expected that he would not even enter the Top 5!

He had been number one on the world racer rankings for three years in a row, and he had never lost in all those years!

Who knew that his final ranking would be so low!

Countless fans looked at this scene in disbelief, almost thinking that they had seen wrongly.

Before the start of the match, and even when it was two-thirds through the match, they had still insisted that the champion would still be Mervyn.

However, it had happened in only one lap, just one lap!

He had dropped to sixth place!

Looking at the ranking on the big screen, Shen Li’s red lips twitched.

“F*ck! Champion! Second place! It’s all ours!”

In LY’s resting area, everyone’s faces were red with excitement and joy.

Before the start of the competition, who would have dared to think about it? Who would dare to believe it!

Gu Siyang pointed at himself with one finger, wishing he could tell the world as he started loudly, “That’s my sister! That’s my sister! Did you see that? My sister is the champion! Hahahahaha!”

He was going crazy!

Only God knew just how happy he was right now!

Yang Tao, who was standing beside him, was also deeply shocked. After letting out a long breath, he finally laughed and could not help but mutter, “Yeah, she truly is the champion.”

He looked at the big screen again.

“And who would have thought that Mervyn would end up in sixth place?”

This was to the extent that even seeing it with one’s own eyes would make one think that it was an illusion.

This was not as simple as having been pulled down from the pedestal. Today’s match was destined to be a humiliating stain on his entire professional career!

In the VIP seats, Cheng Xiyue finally returned to his senses after being shocked into a long silence.

“I knew it. After Sister Li finished the second round, she already had the absolute advantage. Why had she still asked for trouble and deliberately slowed down to wait for Mervyn at the death S-bend? Even if she wanted revenge, it was enough to suppress him once. Why had she done it three times in a row?”

He rubbed his face.

“She was f*cking trying to completely destroy Mervyn at the S-bend!”

With Shen Li’s strength, it was definitely not difficult for her to win.

However, she had remembered clearly that Mervyn had deliberately joined forces with Doyle to deal with her.

Not only did she want to pay back this debt, but she also wanted mo Wen to pay it back with interest!

The three consecutive S-shaped kills had completely destroyed his mental state, allowing the cars behind him to catch up.

It was not that Mervyn had not thought of trying to salvage the situation, but it was a pity that a driver whose psychological defense had already collapsed had completely lost the ability to compete.

So in the end, he had not even gotten into the Top 5. He had ended the competition with such an absolutely disgraceful result!

Not only had Shen Li wanted to win, but she also wanted to kick him out of the top ranking!

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled into a faint smile, and a smile seemed to appear in his eyes.

Then, he stood up.

The drivers behind them reached the finish line one after another, and the results on the big screen were constantly updated.

Shen Li tilted her head slightly and looked in that direction.

The rankings of LY’s three remaining members were soon revealed.

Ron was in seventh place, Zhao Chenguang was in fourteenth place, and Lu Siyu was in eighteenth place!

LY had become the only team to have all its members in the Top 20!

All of their members had won!