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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1095 - In the Midst of the Cheering and Tsunami!

Chapter 1095: In the Midst of the Cheering and Tsunami!

To chase or not to chase, this was the question.

At this moment, everyone was looking at them.

If he rushed over, he would most likely face Shen Li’s third trick. If he did not go there, he did not know how many people would criticize him for his lack of courage.

He could not move forward and neither could he retreat!

Shen Li had pushed him into the same dilemma that she had faced before!

The difference was that she did not need anyone’s help. She had managed to put him in such a difficult situation by herself!

Mervyn’s eyebrows twitched, as time seemed to pass very slowly at this moment.

He had never felt like this before. Every moment on the track was so unbearable!

Mervyn was used to being number one and leaving everyone behind.

But now, Shen Li was right in front of him.

If he wanted to win the championship, he would have to surpass her!

Even though he seemed to have spent a long time thinking, it also seemed to have only been a second. He pursed his lips and made up his mind. Then, he stepped on the gas!


On the track, the silver race car charged forward again!

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on this scene, afraid of missing something.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two cars had lessened again!

With a smooth and perfect drift, it was the third time that Mervyn would be trying to break through Shen Li’s blockade!

A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

That was because this time, Mervyn’s operation was impeccable, as he closely followed Shen Li’s turn! Just one more curve and he would be able to surpass Shen Li with his advantage from the inside!

He would overtake her in an instant!

Almost at the same time, the black race car made a turn!

It was on the outside, so it was almost impossible for it to intercept the silver race car on the inside!

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

Mervyn was actually very smart. After suffering two losses, he could reflect and adjust in a very short time, and make improvements.

For example, right now, his performance was obviously better than before!

Under the focus of the camera, it looked like he almost wanted to chase after Shen Li!

[ This is not good! Mervyn is almost catching up! ]

[ The one on the inner side already has the advantage, and Mervyn is the top driver in his team. Shen Li is too confident in herself to play like this! I think that Mervyn will succeed in overtaking this time! ]

[ Isn’t that so? Originally, she had been running well in front. As long as she maintained her distance, the first place was basically in the bag. But she had to do this! She was strong, but Mervyn wasn’t to be trifled with! This time, she’s probably going to hand over the first place to someone else! ]

[ Ji Shu is also very problematic! ] He must have guessed Shen Li’s intention, but how could he just hide behind her? If he could push forward the way Doyle did before, it would be much more difficult for Mervyn to overtake him. ]

[ It’s too late to say that now. Shen Li can only blame herself for being too confident. She actually dared to do that on the field! But I’d like to see if she’ll regret it if she misses getting first place. ]

It was not just the livestream viewers. The audience in the live stands also had the same attitude as they looked at the field with complicated expressions.

“If Shen Li loses because of this, I don’t know…”

Before he could finish, there was a sudden exclamation from the crowd!

That was because just when everyone thought that Mervyn was about to overtake her, Shen Li, who was on the outer lane, suddenly increased her speed again. At the same time, she changed her direction and blocked Mervyn’s way. She drove past his car and flew past him!

Its speed was so fast, and the change in direction was so unusual that for a moment, Mervyn had the illusion that it was going to rush off the track!

Without even thinking, he immediately reduced his speed to avoid it!

However, in the next moment, not only did the black race car not veer off the track, but it also charged out from the final S-bend at an unbelievable angle and leaped into the straight track!

Looking at this, Mervyn’s heart sank, and his mind went blank.

He had seen this drift before!

In that moment of distraction, his hand movements had become lax, and his car turned uncontrollably!

A loud roar suddenly brushed past his ear.

He subconsciously turned his head and saw a flash of red go past him!

It was Ji Shu!

The moment Shen Li had crushed Mervyn again, Ji Shu had tacitly accelerated and charged forward, directly passing by Mervyn who was still stabilizing his direction!

Mervyn felt that something was wrong and immediately tightened his grip on the steering wheel, causing the car that almost flew out to fall back.

However, just as he was about to give chase again, another car whizzed past!

That was the race car from another team that had been in fifth place!

When Shen Li made the last S-bend, she had completely crushed his confidence and rhythm.

And this undoubtedly gave the other drivers a great opportunity to overtake!

There were already three cars in front of him. This scene was too unfamiliar to him.

His back had suddenly broken out in a cold sweat.

At this moment, he realized that his hands were also sore and his body was cold. Only his heart was beating wildly. Countless images appeared in his mind, as if it was about to explode!

Without caring about anything else, he stepped on the accelerator to chase after her!

However, it was too late.

The short moment of his mental breakdown was like an open door to victory for his opponents!

No one would miss it!

The competition had reached the final stage, and everyone was rushing forward with all their might!

Mervyn quickly realized this.

Even though he had tried his best to speed up and rush into the final straight track, but…

It was too late… It was too late!

The six large screens across the entire race track displayed the view of the race track before the finish line.

The pure black race car sped forward, bringing with it the wind and waves!

The engine roared, and the crowd in the stands surged!

Witnessed by the gazes of countless people, the black color was like a sharp blade, slashing straight at the finish line!

The black and white checkered board was played!

It crashed into this lively and grand scene as the cheers came like a tsunami!