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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1094 - She Was Waiting for Him!

Chapter 1094: She Was Waiting for Him!

Her move was so sudden that it shocked the countless spectators in the stands!

“What is she doing?!”

“Is she making this turn to suppress Mervyn? But isn’t this too fierce? Isn’t she afraid of being hit?”

“If it’s judged as an intentional collision, it’ll be a serious violation of the rules! She…”

“How can such a judgment be made? Mervyn didn’t even catch up to half of her car so she has no obligation to give up the track. It was a completely reasonable move!”

“Wait, don’t you think that this scene is familiar? Didn’t Mervyn use the same method against her?”

As soon as this sentence came out, it immediately brought back everyone’s memory, and many people’s expressions changed.

“W-what do you mean? She’s doing it intentionally?”

Of course it was intentional!

One had to know that Shen Li had overtaken Mervyn at the most dangerous and difficult bend. How would Mervyn overtake her in the other stages?

It was not that Mervyn had caught up to Shen Li too quickly, but that she had deliberately slowed down to wait for him!

She had wanted to give back everything that Mervyn had done to her back at the place where he had tried to suppress her!

Shen Li’s sudden action had also surprised Mervyn.

Just as he was about to catch up, Shen Li’s car suddenly swerved and moved towards him!

It was too fast! It was too fierce!

In that brief moment, it felt as if the two cars were about to crash!

The scene of the tires of both cars rubbing against each other and the car scraping by appeared in his mind again.

He still remembered the feeling of being thrown out of the car!

His heart trembled uncontrollably. Before he could think about it, he had already stepped on the brakes subconsciously. At the same time, he immediately turned the steering wheel and was forced to change directions!


His car was forced towards the inside of the race track, and the right front wheel had already deviated from the track. The ground rubbed against the shoulder of the road violently, and the strong vibration caused him to feel like his internal organs had shifted!

It was dangerous!

The alarm in Mervyn’s heart went off. He immediately reacted and turned the steering wheel back while slowing down, trying his best to stay within the race track!

However, when he was done, he saw that Shen Li was already in front of his car and was leaving him behind!

The two cars did not collide again, but they were only an inch away from each other! Any more and they would cross!

The camera clearly presented this scene, and everyone’s hearts were hanging in the air.

[ I’m scared to death! I thought they had bumped into each other again! ]

[ That’s right! Both of them are moving at high speed. If they collide under such circumstances, I don’t know how serious the consequences will be! ]

[ Shen Li is crazy! Luckily, Mervyn reacted quickly enough to dodge, otherwise… ]

[ Didn’t Mervyn suppress her first? And don’t forget, Doyle was still chasing after Shen Li! At that time, they didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong when it was two against one. Now, can’t Shen Li just pay homage to that? ]

[ Hahahahahaha, I’m laughing so much that I’m about to vomit! What a good ‘salute’! To the previous commenter, if you can talk, then go ahead and say more! ]

Shen Li’s performance today had convinced a large number of people, not to mention that there were many fans of both her and LY in the stream. Their fighting power was terrifying, and they wanted to turn the entire stream into a show for her and LY.

Not to mention that in the current situation, she was in the right and she was stronger!

Doyle followed behind and saw everything clearly.

Seeing that Mervyn had almost been forced off the track by Shen Li, he frowned and immediately sped up!

However, before he could do anything, Ji Shu, who was in front of him, suddenly changed his direction and blocked his way, not allowing him to take even half a step forward!

When he was blocked, Doyle’s chest felt as if it was being suffocated as he quickly adjusted his strategy, simply planning to overtake from the outer lane.

However, Ji Shu reacted faster than him! In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of him!

Doyle was forced to slow down again. He was unable to catch up to Ji Shu’s car and had no reason to make Ji Shu give up the track, so he could only follow behind unhappily.

After several attempts, Doyle felt like there was a flame burning wildly in his heart, and his resentment almost exploded!

However, no matter how angry he was, Ji Shu, who was in front of him, seemed to not feel it at all. It could even be said that Ji Shu seemed to be at ease.

He kept a distance from Shen Li and Mervyn without chasing after them. He did not let anyone pass either. The car swayed around the bend, blocking Doyle from behind.

At this time, everyone could finally feel that something was not right.

“Wait a minute. Has Ji Shu done this on purpose?!”

Realizing this, many of the audience’s expressions became particularly interesting.

Ji Shu looked up at the big screen and raised his eyebrows slightly.

What a joke, Sister li had already decided to take care of Mervyn. Who would dare to go over there?

At this moment, Mervyn did not notice the situation behind him.

All his energy was focused on Shen Li.

After he was almost pushed off the track by Shen Li, the anger and unwillingness in his heart reached its peak.

Shen Li had done it on purpose! And from the beginning to the end, she had not even paid any price. All she had done was turn the steering wheel and she had forced him into such a difficult situation!

So many people were watching!

This was even more humiliating than the fact that Shen Li had overtaken him!

He gripped the steering wheel tightly, his jaw clenched, and without hesitation, he rushed toward the figure in front of him again!

Soon, they reached the second S-bend!

This time, Mervyn learned from his previous lesson, deliberately dodging Shen Li’s attack before accelerating!

However, just as he was about to reach the bend, Shen Li suddenly sped up and entered it before him!

Mervyn had no choice but to give in and continue to follow Shen Li.

However, Shen Li was not done yet. When the two cars turned the corner, she once again charged toward Mervyn!

The tires screeched against the ground and the pure black tail brushed past the front of his car!

Mervyn’s heart almost skipped a beat!

He knew very well that Shen Li had done it on purpose. He should not have dodged. Instead, he should have forced himself forward the way Shen Li had done in the beginning!

At this time, what was being compared was courage!

He clenched his fist, determined not to dodge this time. No matter what, he had to charge forward!

Soon, he felt the friction between the front wheel and Shen Li’s back wheel!

They had collided!

His eyebrows twitched, and the sound of the car’s engine was particularly clear.

It was as if something sharp had brushed past his heart, causing his entire body to tremble uncontrollably.

If this continued, if this continued…

Mervyn held his breath and gritted his teeth to change direction!


The two cars separated, and his car veered off the edge again!

Therefore, in the eyes of the crowd, the same scene was being played out again.

Shen Li had almost thrown Mervyn off the track again!

In such a short period of time, he had already been played by Shen Li twice!

Mervyn’s face was red with anger. He finally stabilized himself on the track and saw that not far away, the black car had reached the last bend.

It slowed down again before the turn.

It was clear to everyone knew what was happening!

She was waiting for him!