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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1093 - Shen Li, I'll Definitely Take Revenge!

Chapter 1093: Shen Li, I’ll Definitely Take Revenge!

The S-bend of death that had made almost all the other drivers flinch had become LY’s key to overtaking them!

In the first lap, Shen Li’s smooth and fluid operation and rhythm had led LY’s entire team to continuously overtake their cars. While the other drivers had been afraid and had carefully chosen to slow down, LY was the only one who had insisted on going at a high speed and pressed on!

As the race went on, the distance between the racers had increased. Shen Li was no longer able to clear the way for them and lead them forward the way she had done at the beginning.

However, everything she had done for them before had been enough to support them as they continued in the competition!

Just like now, after the second round of the race, LY’s five racers had officially entered the Top 20!

“LY is in the Top 20! In fact, Shen Li and Ji Shu have taken first and second places! Is LY going crazy just defeating everyone else?”

“Oh my god, if I remember correctly, even Ral, who won the championship last year, never got such a result, right? If LY can really hold on to this record, they’ll definitely win the championship!”

“Who would have thought? Who would have thought! Before the competition started, I thought LY would be in last place! In the end…”

“Finally, I know why they chose Shen Li as their team leader. Truly, she’s the only one with such charisma and a sense of unity!”

All sorts of discussions and exclamations were heard.

Of course, there was no lack of harsh comments.

“The competition isn’t over yet, isn’t it too early to say LY is going to win the championship? Do you really think that Mervyn and the others are just freeloaders?”

After all, he was a top driver who had dominated the rankings for many years. He and his team Ral had a strong fan base.

Moreover, this was Leland, and many of the audience members who had come to watch the competition were their fans.

Seeing that Mervyn had been overtaken, they were naturally very unhappy.

As soon as this voice sounded, the surroundings fell silent for a moment.

Then, someone teased, “I don’t know if Mervyn is riding on the backs of others, but it is true that he’s eating Shen Li’s dust though. Oh wait, I’m sorry, but it’s not even his turn yet. After all… there’s still Ji Shu before him.”

This sharp sentence immediately shut the other party’s mouth, and the surroundings were deathly silent.


A sneer rang out in the frozen air, particularly clear.

That person probably also realized that this was not very good, and immediately stopped talking.

However, this smile seemed to have activated a certain mechanism, and it quickly attracted many people to agree.

Everyone burst into laughter!

“Hahahahaha! That makes so much sense!”

“Shen Li went from the bottom to first place. With such strength, are there still people who are unconvinced? ”

“Mervyn is strong, but it also depends on who he’s competing with, right? Wasn’t he the one who tried to stop her but was pushed aside and almost flew off the track?”

This was a competition, a competitor’s strength was the most important thing!

In Ral’s resting area, the managers and substitute members could not help but stand up one after another, anxiously and nervously staring at the field.

“How did this happen?”

In their minds, Mervyn was always number one.

But now, he had actually fallen to third place!

If this situation continued, then Mervyn and the whole Ral team would be in danger!

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not the first time that Mervyn has competed. There’s still a third of the competition left. As long as he can complete the last lap, the final victory will still belong to Ral!”

The others nodded in agreement.

In their minds, they still had a fixed perception: Mervyn would not lose! Ral had won last year’s championship, so of course, they would win again this year!

Just then, someone raised his hand and pointed to the field. His voice could not hide his excitement and agitation.

“Quickly look! The Captain is about to overtake!”

Everyone quickly looked at the stage and saw that the distance between Mervyn and the two people in front of him was decreasing!

Seeing this, they became even more excited.

The middle-aged man waved his fist and said in a low voice, “In the past few years, Mervyn has always maintained a perfect winning record by relying on his strength! Ji Shu won’t be able to beat him, and neither can Shen Li!”

“Mervyn is indeed Mervyn, from the moment he was overtaken by Shen Li and Ji Shu, he slammed the accelerator all the way down without even slowing down when he made those two big turns! As expected, he’s about to catch up!”

“Yup! Looking at the current situation, he will probably be able to catch up to Ji Shu in less than half a lap, right? If he continues to push forward in the last section, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to surpass Shen Li!”

“It’s best if we overtake them! The first place isn’t something she can touch!”

In the rest area of AMG, they were discussing something in low voices.

Since Crowe had been forced out of the race by Shen Li, they were doomed to not place in the Top 3.

That was why every member of AMG was feeling hostile towards Shen Li and LY.

They only hoped that Shen Li and LY would be eliminated and that their results would be as bad as possible. They had completely forgotten that they were the ones who started it.

One of them looked at Crowe.

“Captain, what do you think?”

Crowe had not left the field after he left the match. Fortunately, his injuries were not too serious, so after getting treated, he had continued to stay on and watch the match.

He could hear the discussions of the people beside him clearly, but–

He did not know why, but when he saw the three cars gradually approaching, he felt a faint sense of uneasiness in his heart.

Before he could answer, someone shouted, “Mervyn has surpassed Ji Shu!”

The team member who had been waiting for Crowe to speak could not be bothered about anything else and hurriedly turned his head. Sure enough, on the track, he saw that Mervyn’s silver racing car had sped past Ji Shu’s fiery red car! He had taken second place!

The people in Ral’s resting area, as well as the countless Ral fans in the stands, all started cheering and screaming in unison!

How could Mervyn, with his unbeaten winning record for the past few years, be suppressed so easily?

It was still undetermined who would win the final battle of this game!

“F*ck! Mervyn actually caught up again!”

Gu Siyang had still been in a state of fanatical excitement just a moment ago, but now it had taken a sharp turn. He was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks.

“What do we do, what do we do? Why is he haunting us like a ghost!”

It would have been fine if they had not seen Shen Li and Ji Shu taking first and second place. However, they had already witnessed the absolutely brilliant scene just now. Now that they were slightly behind, it would cause a huge gap between them.

He could not help but turn around and ask for help. “Coach, you said… Wait, why did you sit back down?!

Wen Xiao, who had been standing behind them, had retreated and sat down on the chair again. He was searching for something in his pocket.

He remembered that his lighter had been taken away only after he had searched around.


He could not help but curse.

When he heard Gu Siyang’s words, he became even more impatient and threw the cigarette box to the ground!

A lingering spirit?

The one who should have said this was Mervyn!

At this time, on the track, Shen Li came to the death S-bend for the third time!

She slowed down again and looked up at the big screen in front of her.

Mervyn had caught up!

The front of the car had already caught up to the back of her car, just as she was about to reach the corner!

She suddenly turned the steering wheel and forced Mervyn to the inside of the track!