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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1092 - LY! All Members of the Team Are Evil!

Chapter 1092: LY! All Members of the Team Are Evil!

The stands erupted in wild cheers!

The red streak sped across the race track, as the air around it seemed to be on fire!

Ji Shu!

It was actually Ji Shu!

After Shen Li, the one who followed closely behind was not Mervyn or Doyle, but Ji Shu!

Earlier, in the last S-bend, Shen Li had broken through being surrounded by Mervyn and Doyle and rushed forward alone. One of the two was almost being thrown off the track while the other was forced to slow down!

In this chaotic battle, Ji Shu, who had been following behind, quickly seized the opportunity and accelerated without hesitation. He passed a few cars and finally stepped on the gas, flying into the straight track before Doyle and Mo Wen. He followed closely behind Shen Li!

On the field, every minute and second was extremely precious.

Sometimes, winning and losing could be decided with just a single thought!

Just like now, when Mervyn and Doyle were in the midst of chaos and the few cars behind them had hesitated for a moment, Ji Shu had seized the opportunity to successfully overtake them and directly rushed from seventh to second place!

As of now, LY had taken both first and second places!

From being last to constantly chasing, and then to the top two places, LY had only taken one and a half laps to achieve it!

[ Absolutely amazing! It was really amazing! Shen Li won the first and second fights completely. Then, not only did she get to first place, but Ji Shu also managed to get to second place within the chaotic battle?

[ Too awesome! I thought that Shen Li had already gone all out, but I didn’t expect Ji Shu to be so daring as well! In that earlier situation, most of the track had been blocked by Mervyn and Doyle, and the cars behind had all been forced to slow down. Only Ji Shu had rushed forward without hesitation, closely following Shen Li! ]

[ They were the last to set off, but they somehow managed to get to first and second place. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it!? ]

[ When Shen Li drove past Mervyn just now, my legs went weak. I didn’t expect Ji Shu to be right behind her. ]

[ Look! Ron’s also in eleventh place! ]

[ F*ck? If Ron were to give chase, wouldn’t that mean LY’s team will be able to occupy three places in the Top Ten? ]

The bullet comments in the live stream room were so fast that they were almost invisible. However, the competition on the track was fierce, and the speed of the wind was even faster!

Mervyn looked forward and gritted his teeth. It felt as if something was crashing in his chest.

Shen Li!

Ji Shu!

In all the competitions of various sizes over the past few years, he had always come in first.

There would usually be no one else on the track in front of him.

But now, not only did he have one, but there were two!

He had actually been forced to retreat to the third position!

In the eyes of others, third place might be good enough, but to him, it was an absolute humiliation!

The scene of Shen Li catching up to him and pushing him aside kept replaying in his mind.

Just a little more… just a little more! He was about to be thrown off the track!

If it was not for his own strength that allowed him to stabilize the car at the last moment, he would have ended up like Crowe!

He looked ahead.

For some reason, he felt a strange sense of familiarity when he saw the black racing car in the front.

It was as if he had experienced such a scene before…


Of course, he had experienced it!

His temples throbbed, and a memory that he thought had been sealed away forever reappeared.

Everyone thought that he had never lost in the past few years, but in fact, that was not true!

He had once lost a match.

Although several years had already passed, he still remembered the desperation and powerlessness when he had been suppressed by others and could not be surpassed no matter what.

That was something he did not want to remember for the rest of his life.

However, Shen Li’s appearance had made everything clear again.

The speeding black racing car was like a sharp, cold hook that brought back those memories!

Unwillingness, anger, and madness! Many emotions surged in his heart, attacking his rationality!

Mervyn gritted his teeth and immediately stepped on the gas!


Doyle, who was behind, frowned. The inertia impact from the sudden deceleration crushed his entire body, and his internal organs were squeezed together, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

But he could not care about that now.

As he looked forward, for a moment, he thought he was hallucinating.

If it was not an illusion, why did he feel like he had returned to that night three years ago?

Earlier, Shen Li from earlier…

His heart started to beat uncontrollably, and his blood seemed to surge as if it was about to explode in his chest!

A loud engine roar pulled him back to his senses. He looked over and realized that Mervyn had already rushed out like a madman, heading straight for Shen Li and Ji Shu!

He knew that at this time, he should be chasing with all his might like Mervyn, but when he tried to hold the steering wheel, he found that his hands had gone weak.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to clear his mind of his thoughts. Finally, he accelerated again!

In the resting area, Gu Siyang and the others were already so excited that they did not know what to do the moment Shen Li had gotten to first place. When they saw Ji Shu getting to second place, they had gone crazy.

Gu Siyang covered his heart.

“Holy sh*t! I can’t take it anymore!”

He knew that Shen Li was powerful, otherwise, she would not have taken the time to leisurely control their training.

However, at this moment, he finally understood that Shen Li had indeed been teasing them!

Back then, Shen Li had replaced Ron in the National Rally. It had been her first time participating in a professional competition, and her performance had been amazing.

Many people in the industry had praised her, saying that she had endless potential and a bright future.

But now, he knew that he and the rest of them were all wrong!

How was this a promising future?

She was already standing at the peak!

There was no one in front of her, she was first!

A young substitute who was filled with curiosity and excitement said, “Coach, Coach! The way that Mervyn treated Sister Li just now… Was it because he wanted to imitate Sister Li and force Crowe to back off? I think their operation looks quite similar!”

Hearing this, Wen Xiao narrowed his eyes and sneered.

“He wasn’t trying to imitate her. He was trying to imitate that idiot from AMG!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What did Wen Xiao mean by that?

However, Wen Xiao was too lazy to explain.

He was not in a good mood right now. Not only had an AMG member messed with her, but now, even Mervyn and Doyle were courting death!

What had they been thinking?

Had they been trying to join forces to block her and drive her out of the track?

This was so f*cking annoying! So annoying!

Just then, a wave of people rose up in the stands! The noise almost seemed to boil over!

Shen Li had already taken the lead in the third round!

Ji Shu was following from behind!

However, this was not the most important thing.

As the one in first place, Shen Li was already far behind the rest of the team. When she started the final lap, the second team had just passed the death S-bend.

Meanwhile, LY’s remaining members had also displayed their impressive abilities, overtaking the others just like they had done in the first lap!

At this point, Shen Li and Ji Shu were occupying the first and second places, Ron was ninth, Zhao Chenguang was seventeenth, and even Lu Siyu was in twentieth place!

LY had occupied three of the top ten spots, and all of them had squeezed into the ranking!