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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1091 - Shen Li! Shen Li!

Chapter 1091: Shen Li! Shen Li!

This sudden scene stunned everyone.

After a brief moment of silence, the audience became restless!

“She accelerated? She’s actually accelerating at this time?”

“She’s really crazy! Not only did she not slow down at the S-bend, but she even stepped on the accelerator! How much does she not care about her life?”

“She’s about to rush off the track! Going at this speed, especially while making a turn at a bend. She’s definitely going to–”

The rest of his words were drowned out by the roar of the race car!

The black race car suddenly charged forward, catching Mervyn off guard!

His heart almost jumped out of his chest. No matter how big his imagination was, it was impossible for him to picture this scene!

Shen Li did not seem to want to live anymore!

She actually dared to do this at this time!

Sensing the rapidly approaching aura, a familiar yet inexplicable fear enveloped him!

Seeing that the two cars were about to collide, Mervyn gritted his teeth and finally swerved to the right!

He did not want to die with this lunatic!


The two cars were tightly pressed together! Shen Li’s car brushed past Mervyn’s car!

A huge impact came from the side. The force brought by the high-speed inertia was extremely terrifying, and the tires of the two cars rubbed against each other! The sides of the cars were scratched!

Sensing the violent shaking of the car, Mervyn was both angry and anxious, but he could not do anything else at this time. All he could do was try to stabilize it!

The car tilted to the side, almost flying off the track!

Doyle, who was behind him, was also affected and was forced to stop and slow down!

The two cars brushed past each other! They were only a few centimeters away from rear-ending their cars!

Although they did not collide, things had already deviated from their expectations!

When he finally managed to stabilize the car, he adjusted the direction again and looked up again. He saw that the black race car was already in front of him and was about to make the first turn. In his moment of shock and anger, the race car made a beautiful and smooth arc and rushed out of the final S-bend without any hesitation, charging into the straight track ahead!

On the originally empty asphalt track, a black figure appeared from the bend and occupied everyone’s sight!

Due to the high speed, one-third of the car had already deviated from the track, and the tires rolled over the road shoulder! The moment it rubbed against it, sparks flew everywhere!

However, just when everyone thought it was going to fly out, it showed amazing grip again and clung to the track!

Or rather, it had already become one with the race track!

The searing heat almost burned its way to the front! It made people doubt whether what they were seeing was an illusion!

However, that was not the familiar silver race car that everyone was familiar with!

A black streak came from the edge and quickly occupied the center of the entire track!

And it… belonged to Shen Li!

There was a moment of dead silence, and then screams and cheers burst from the stands and echoed throughout the whole of Victoria Velodrome!

“Shen Li! Shen Li!”

In that moment, all the contempt, suspicion, and disdain from before were completely crushed by the black race car’s rapidly spinning tires as it took first place!

Countless people were shouting this name with complete admiration and respect!

The bullet comments in the live broadcast room flew by.

[ Ahhhhhh! Sister Li is so cool! ]

[ F*ck! She took him head-on? She actually took him head-on? She’s really not afraid of death! ]

[ To the previous poster, you’re very naive. Didn’t you see that after Shen Li stepped on the accelerator, she still grazed the edge of the track and turned the corner?! If it was someone else, they would have been sent flying, so how could they continue? Who would dare to do such a thing without sufficient skill? How is she risking her life? Her skills are just too strong! ]

[ Speaking of which, she forcibly rushed forward earlier, pushing Mervyn aside and entering the corner first. Isn’t that against the rules? ]

[ Are you kidding me? It was Mervyn who changed the direction of the car first, which caused the crash. What does that have to do with Shen Li? Shen Li had already caught up with him by half the car, so according to the rules, she had the priority to enter the bend. Besides, that wasn’t a collision, was it? It was nothing more than a little friction caused by the close distance between the two cars. Is that even worth asking? If it’s really against the rules, we should start with Mervyn and Doyle, right? ]

[ I don’t understand, but I’m shocked ]

[ Mervyn suppressed her first, but when he saw that Shen Li was planning on using force, he gave up and almost got himself kicked out of the competition. What was this called? It’s just karma! This comeback is too accurate! ]

[ Oh my god, so it was Mervyn who wanted to block Shen Li’s path from the start to prevent her from entering the corner first and prevent himself from being overtaken. In the end, Shen Li was too tough and continued to accelerate even at the risk of the two cars colliding. Mervyn was scared and hurriedly swerved. In the end, not only was he overtaken, he was almost forced out of the field by Shen Li? ]

[ Hahahahaha! Sister Li is great! Since she was being blocked, she decided to grab the opportunity by herself! The race track? Just give it to me! Who’s feeling good? Tell me who’s having fun? ]

Previously, when Shen Li led LY’s entire team from last place to first, everyone had exclaimed that that was her true strength.

However, at this moment, when they saw the extremely dangerous and intense confrontation, they finally realized that Shen Li had still been holding herself back just now!

In fact, when they saw that Shen Li had already firmly occupied first place, they did not dare to say that this was her highest level.

No one knew where her limits were!

In the VIP area, Cheng Xiyue was dumbfounded.

He was stunned for a long time before he finally found his voice and muttered, “Lu Er, Sister Li is so fierce.”

In the arena, Shen Li had become another person!

Even at such a distance, he seemed to be able to feel the terrifying aura that enveloped her!

Not to mention the others who were competing with her!

Lu Huaiyu looked at the race track, his deep phoenix eyes staring at the black race car at the front, with the corners of his thin lips slightly raised.


The corners of Cheng Xiyue’s mouth twitched.


He forgot that this man’s nature was even more extreme than Shen Li’s.

He was going to become quite aggressive.

Forget it, he really should not have said this!

Suddenly, there was another clamor!

Cheng Xiyue looked at the track again and saw another car rushing out of the death S-bend after Shen Li.

That red color was as hot as a flame!

It was… Ji Shu!