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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1090 - Crazy Killing!

Chapter 1090: Crazy Killing!

Competition on the field was intense, and anything could happen.

No one could accurately calculate every moment, and no one could let the game develop completely according to their imagination.

There were three rounds in the race. As Davidson said, Shen Li could help the other team members in the first round by letting them follow her route. However, it would be difficult for her to do that in the later rounds.

Towards the end, the gap between the drivers would grow even bigger.

Wasn’t Shen Li aware of this? Didn’t LY know?

From the very beginning, they had never expected to rely on Shen Li to lead the way and win the results!

What they relied on was that shocking cohesion and unity!

As long as Shen Li was still on the field, no matter how far the distance was, they would always try their best to catch up!

Lu Siyu-who had insisted on returning to the track, was the best example!

They did not need to think too much. Their main hope was just to keep going towards their leader!

Davidson choked. His lips moved, but he did not say anything.

Of course, he understood what Ivan meant.

In fact, this was what he was most worried about.

Of the twelve teams present, none of them could compare to LY in this aspect.

There were so many captains, even Mervyn who was number one on the driver ranking list could not make all the team members trust and admire him in that way.

Only Shen Li.

She was LY’s loyal fan and their absolute pillar of support!

This was LY’s biggest trump card!

Naturally, Shen Li and the others were not aware of the discussions and evaluations of the outside world.

Of course, even if they heard it, they probably would not care.

Shen Li followed the first two cars and arrived at the S-bend of death for the second time!

At this moment, there were only two people left in front of her, which included Mervyn!

Compared to the previous time, although there were fewer competitors this time and they were all top drivers. It would be even more difficult to overtake them this time!

However, as they passed the first S-bend, Shen Li caught up with the car in second place and entered the second S-bend before him!

The entire process was extremely smooth!


The many spectators in the stands cheered at the same time.

“Beautiful! Originally, I thought that since the opponent this time was stronger, Shen Li wouldn’t try to overtake them so easily I didn’t expect that… she would just rush up without hesitation!”

Actually, the other party had wanted to stop her, but they had not managed to. The angle at which Shen Li entered the bend had been too tricky!

Even without talking about anything else, just the level of control she displayed in this death S-bend alone was unparalleled here!

“Shen Li is good, but it’s not to this extent, right? Having said that, where does that put Mervyn? Don’t forget, he’s been the number one racer for three years in a row, and his turning skills are also amazing. If Shen Li wants to overtake him, she’s still a step away!”

Shen Li’s performance today had won over countless people.

However, she was still a newbie, after all. Neither her fame nor fanbase could be compared to Mervyn.

To be able to dominate the rankings for a few years in a row, Mervyn’s strength was unquestionable.

Crowe might not live up to his name, but that was not the case for Mervyn!

In the past few years, he had been the champion of all the major competitions he had participated in!

Compared to the others, he definitely had a huge advantage in terms of his standard!

Therefore, even though everyone’s opinion of Shen Li had changed greatly, they still subconsciously felt that she was no match for Mervyn.

As soon as he said this, many people around him nodded.

However, just then, a series of gasps suddenly came from the crowd. Someone suddenly said, “Quickly look! Shen Li is going to challenge Mervyn at the turning point!”

This exclamation quickly attracted everyone’s attention, and countless pairs of eyes focused on it.

On the track, Mervyn was in front, followed by Shen Li. After the first two consecutive S-bends, the gap between the two had been further narrowed!

At this time, there was only a small section of the track left before the entrance point of the third S-bend!

However, it was also this hand that allowed Shen Li’s car to finally cross the back of Mervyn’s car!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

According to the rules, as long as Shen Li could catch up to him before the turn, he would have to give up the track!

And that would be the best chance for Shen Li to overtake him!

The entire arena suddenly fell silent. All the noise was drowned out by the rapidly spinning tires, leaving only the wild heartbeats!

At this moment, many people were even reluctant to blink their eyes for fear of missing out on something!

If Shen Li could really–

Just then, Mervyn suddenly turned the steering wheel and deviated from the original trajectory! The front of the car was heading towards Shen Li!

For a moment, exclamations of shock rang out everywhere.

Mervyn wanted to forcibly block Shen Li’s way forward. By holding her back and not allowing her to move forward, she would not be able to overtake him!

Shen Li had already guessed his plan when the front of his car deviated slightly from its course.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and a cold and dangerous glint flashed across her eyes.

Naturally, for Mervyn to be able to maintain a record of all victories for so long, he had his own abilities.

Putting aside the fact that his technique, physical fitness, and reaction speed were all affected, he was also very courageous. Just like now, he was betting that she would not dare to fight him head-on!

If Shen Li continued to maintain her speed, it was very likely that they would collide!

If she were to hesitate for even a moment, she would lose the chance to overtake!

And this was what Mervyn wanted!

Almost at the same time, another car caught up with her, almost parallel to the back of her car.

It was Doyle!

He had performed well in the first two S-bends and successfully reached third place!

Even though he could not catch up to Shen Li, if she wanted to avoid Mervyn on the outside and force her way forward, she would have to pass through the inner lane. In that case, it was very likely that she would bump into Doyle who was behind!

In other words, Shen Li had Mervyn in front of her and Doyle behind her. They were both the top racers in Ral, and they were working together to seal off her path!

She could not advance! Neither could she charge! She could only stay in this position until she turned the corner!

Many people sighed with regret.

“With Mervyn and Doyle attacking from the front and back, I’m afraid Shen Li can’t do it this time…”

Before the person could finish their words, the engine of the pure black race car on the track suddenly rumbled!


Shen Li tightened her grip on the steering wheel and looked straight ahead.

Because she was wearing a helmet, no one could see her expression, but her eyes…

They were cold! Dangerous! Resolute!

Everyone’s heart trembled when they saw her eyes!


The next moment, she stepped on the gas pedal all the way!

The pure black race car stirred up a black wind on the track! She forcefully broke through the front waves and rapidly left!