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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1089 - Leader

Chapter 1089: Leader

Crowe was a top-tier race car driver. He had a lot of experience in racing and had experienced a lot of battles on the race track. Even if Shen Li had pushed him to the edge, he should not have lost control and hit the wall.

Also, the difference between sinking into the sand and hitting the wall after getting off the track was too great.

Lu Siyu was still able to get out of the sand and return to the track to start the race again, but it had been impossible for Crowe.

At the last moment, Crowe’s behavior had not been like him at all when he had been side by side with Shen Li.

In fact, he could even sense a hint of fear from Crowe’s reaction.

Yes, it had been fear.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult to understand why Crowe had turned his steering wheel like that at the last minute!

But of course, he did not dare to say this directly, so he could only say it tactfully.

Crowe did not answer his question. He continued to stare at the field, his face tense and his fists clenched.

No one knew what kind of stormy waves were surging in his heart at this time!

Just now…

Just now!

Shen Li’s tail swing had been all too familiar!

From the moment she had caught up to him, to the moment she had deliberately slowed down to reduce the space on the track, to finally forcing him off the track…

Everything had been exactly the same as that night three years ago!

That time, he had also been forced into the inner wall of the tunnel by a car!

Even though he had turned the tide with his class-specific abilities and tried to reduce the force of the collision, that accident had still caused varying degrees of cartilage damage in his body, and he had needed to recuperate for a full month.

The car that he had been in had been completely scrapped.

Every time he thought about it later, the only thing that was left in the depths of his memory was the tail swing that had almost brushed past his face! Then, he had seen the back of the driver who had jumped out of the car and left in a suave manner.

Crowe’s heart started to beat uncontrollably again, the uneasiness growing stronger.

No one had ever been able to force him to that point. Even Mervyn did not have the ability to do so.

No one, except for that person that night.

But now, in this arena, the same scene was playing out again. However, the one who had done it was a nineteen-year-old girl from China!

Before that, she had only participated in one professional competition in China–

Wait a minute!

Crowe suddenly realized something, his eyelids twitching.

The match three years ago had not even been considered a professional match!

A vague and absurd guess gradually became clear in his mind, causing his entire body to freeze.

What if… What if she really was…

Then today, and the past few days … What had he done?

The race continued.

This incident had happened too suddenly, but since it had already happened, all he could do was accept it.

Many of Crowe’s fans looked very regretful. Some of their eyes had turned red, but most of them chose to focus on the track again.

In this place, winning was winning, and losing was losing!

Since Crowe had been eliminated, this arena no longer belonged to him!

On the other hand, the absolute strength that Shen Li had displayed in the first round had shocked countless people and made them worship her!

All the gossip from before had been completely destroyed at this moment!

Everyone clearly understood that the slender and elegant young lady possessed a strength that far exceeded their expectations!

“Shen Li is in third place!”

Someone in the stands could not help but exclaim.

After Shen Li finished Crowe off, she had quickly taken his place in fourth place and followed the top three into the second round.

It seemed that what had happened earlier had no effect on her. She maintained her high speed and successfully reversed the car in front of her before they reached the S-bend of death again, immediately taking third place!

At this point, only a third of the competition had passed!

[ So awesome! That’s just too awesome! Shen Li has sealed her status as a god today! ]

[ Third place! She has actually reached third place! LY started in the last position, which means she only took one lap to get to third place! ]

[ Ahhhhhhh! Sister is so cool! She’s so capable! She’s really capable! ]

[ Ji Shu is catching up too! Ji Shu is in eighth place! I can’t take it anymore! My heart is beating so fast! Is LY really going to make history today? ]

[ F*ck! Ron as well? And Zhao Chenguang is in 21st place! I thought he wasn’t that good, but … if he puts in more effort, he’ll be able to get points too! ]

[ Erm… to be honest, I thought that all of LY’s members would not be able to do it, but now my face hurts! Besides, did you guys notice that their styles and Shen Li’s style are so fierce and brutal?! ]

At first, everyone had thought LY was only there to make up the numbers, but Shen Li had managed to carve out a path for herself, and now, she had even reached third place.

Everyone thought that LY’s other team members were useless, but Ji Shu and Ron had followed closely behind. One of them was in the Top Ten, while the other was in the Top Fifteen.

There was also Zhao Chenguang, who was unknown. Surely he should be crippled, right? In the end, he was only one step away from earning some points!

Not to mention Lu Siyu, a member who should have left the field and been eliminated a long time ago, had bitten the tail of the second-level team to death!

On the platform, someone couldn’t help but mutter, “I thought that they were able to drive well because Shen Li was leading the way, which saved them a lot of effort. But now, it seems like these people can’t be underestimated.

Based on their current performance, they were definitely worthy of this race track!

If they could maintain this…

“It looks like China will likely be standing on the podium this year.”

Another person said.

It was not entirely impossible for LY to be in the top three of the race.

If they could really do it, it would be their best result in the past ten years!

Ivan was silent for a long time before he looked at LY’s resting area.

There, a man with a buzz cut and wheat-colored skin was standing outside the field, staring at the track.

“After all, they were led by Wen Xiao.”

He said.

When Wen Xiao had competed here, he had just been an ordinary employee, but he had witnessed the scene of Wen Xiao winning the championship.

He had absolutely crushed his opponents.

The only regrettable thing was that his team had only gotten second place in the end.

Ten years had passed, and now he was returning as a coach.

And the person who was fighting for first place had become Shen Li and LY!

“Besides, Shen Li is one of the reasons why LY’s racers are doing so well.”

Since Crowe had withdrawn from the competition, Davidson had been silent.

However, when he heard this, he finally could not help but sneer.

“In the first round, she was still been able to carry them. However, in the second and third rounds, the gap will eventually widen. How could she help them pave the way?

The air fell silent for a moment.

Ivan paused and then smiled.

“Davidson, do you still not understand?

“Shen Li is not just LY’s captain… she’s LY’s leader!