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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1088 - OUT!

Chapter 1088: OUT!


There was an uproar in the stands!

Many people stood up at the same time and looked at this scene in shock. They almost thought that they were mistaken in what they had just seen.

The bullet screens in the live broadcast room started spamming crazily.

[ F*CK, F*CK, F*CK, F*CK! Crowe actually drove off the track and hit the wall! ]

[ It’s over. Looking at the extent of his car’s damage, he definitely can’t continue this match! ]

[ Oh my god… Was it Shen Li who purposely forced him off the track just now? ! ]

[ To the person in front! You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t just say whatever you want! What did Shen Li do? She didn’t even touch Crowe from the beginning to the end! ]

[ Exactly! It was clearly Crowe who didn’t control himself properly as he was turning the corner and ended up hitting the wall. It was his own lack of skill! How can he blame it on Shen Li?! ]

[ I’m dying of laughter. Earlier, when Lu Siyu was trapped in the sand, you guys said that this was a competition where only the fittest would survive. Now that this has happened to Crowe, you guys are saying that he was maliciously forced out of the race track by Shen Li. I’ve finally experienced the double standard dog! If you have any objections, then AMG can go and complain to the referee! ]

All the people were furious and quarreled with each other.

The AMG fans who had wanted to turn on their microphones and burst into a frenzy suddenly felt that they were in the wrong.

That’s right, AMG was the one who attacked LY earlier. Now that Shen Li was doing this, it could at most be considered an eye for an eye.

Under the camera lens, her every move had clearly been recorded.

By all appearances, she had indeed just passed a bend!

You could say that she was a little closer to the outer edge when she went through the bend, or you could say that she was a little too big when she was drifting. However, from the beginning to the end, she had completed these movements within the track. There was nothing wrong with what she had done… and she had not even touched Crowe in the slightest.

With such an orderly race, what would be the point of breaking the rules?

If anyone was to blame, it was Crowe’s own reaction that had been too big! He had lost control and driven into the wall, causing such serious consequences!

Intense pain came from his body. Crowe could even feel the sweet smell of blood between his lips and teeth.

Looking at the serious damage on the front right side of his car, he gritted his teeth.

He knew very well that under such circumstances, he would definitely not be able to continue the race!

He had not even finished one lap, yet he had been eliminated in such a sorry state!

He looked back and saw that the pure black racing car seemed to be unaffected at all. It drew a smooth and agile arc on the track. The body of the car brought with it a biting cold wind as it charged forward without stopping. It then flew past the starting point and charged into the second lap!

His fist smashed heavily onto the steering wheel!

— Bang!



The medical team and AMG people rushed over quickly and checked on his condition in a panic.

Crowe was helped out of the car.

His overall injuries were not serious, but because of the impact, his forehead and the corner of his lips were bleeding. It looked particularly shocking.

His face was shown on the big screen. His lips were pale and stained with blood. He looked very pathetic.

He turned his head to the side and saw that the staff had already started to tow his car away.

The badly damaged car body was clearly visible to everyone.

There was another huge sigh in the stands.

“I still can’t believe that Crowe was eliminated just like that?!”

“Judging from the medical team’s reaction, his injuries do not look overly serious. However, he won’t be able to continue this match, no matter what.”

“His car is definitely not going to make it. I really can’t believe it… although Shen Li did influence his actions at that time, with Crowe’s professional ability, how could he be forced to make such a move to that extent? He seemed to have completely lost control in that last movement of his…”

“I guess he probably didn’t have enough time to react on the field? Moreover, if one really had to say it, it could only be said that Shen Li’s control over her car was just too strong! Not many people would be able to withstand the turn that she made. They would either quickly stop the car to avoid it or drive off the track– But this was on the track! She really… didn’t give Crowe any leeway!”

Although the referee could not determine that Shen Li had committed a foul, everyone knew that she had done it on purpose.

Otherwise, why would she have suddenly accelerated to the front?

There were so many people in the Top 10, and there were a total of three cars that had gone around the corner with her, yet Crowe had been the one who had been eliminated?

One of the people from AMG had injured her team member, so this was her strong counterattack!

AMG’s side-play had caused Lu Siyu to suffer a grievance, yet she could not complain about it.

Since there was nothing in the rules that could be used to punish the other party, she had to do it herself!

‘Mess with my team members and I’ll kill your captain!’

On the podium, Davidson’s heart hung in the air the moment he saw Crowe dash out of the track.

Then he saw Crowe get out of the car with blood all over his face. With the help of others, he reluctantly walked to the side to get his wound treated.

Almost at the same time, the referee raised his hand to give a signal. On the electronic screen in the center of the race track, Crowe’s name turned gray, and the word “OUT” appeared behind it.

— AMG Team Captain Crowe, fourth on the driver’s list, the favorite to win the race this time, was officially eliminated!

At this point, Davidson finally could not hold his feelings in anymore and suddenly stood up!

“Shen Li violated the rules! She clearly did it on purpose just now! She must be sent off!”

Hearing this, everyone at the podium, and even some people in the surrounding VIP area, all looked over with curious expressions on their faces.

Ivan’s expression did not change as he said, “Davidson, if Shen Li violated the rules, the referee would naturally give her the penalty.”

Everyone had been in this circle for a long time. How could they not understand the things that happened inside and outside the arena?

Yes, everyone knew that Shen Li had done it on purpose. She had even forced Crowe out of the race, but so what?

All of her actions had been within the rules. There was no way she could be punished for breaking the rules.

Moreover… hadn’t the AMG team member treated LY’s Lu Siyu the same way?

Ronai looked over, seeming a little surprised.

“I don’t really understand the rules of racing. Did Shen Li break the rules just now? Then, if so… why hasn’t the AMG team member been punished yet?”

Dead silence.

Davidson’s face was ashen.

How was he going to answer this question?!

Strictly speaking, Shen Li’s actions had not even been as excessive as that driver from AMG!

Nothing had been done about that driver earlier, so what reason did he have to punish Shen Li now?!

Ivan looked at Davidson indifferently.

“You’re Crowe’s uncle, so it’s normal for you to be worried about him. But don’t forget, this… is a competition.”

On the race track, only victory and defeat mattered!

If you had the strength, you could do whatever you wanted. If you did not have the strength, then you just had to endure it!

Crowe was taken to the rest area outside the field. The medical team carefully wiped the blood stains on his face.

However, his mind was not on this matter at all. He only stared at the race track ahead.

To be more precise, his focus was on the pure black race car that was speeding past!

The manager from AMG who was beside him saw that he was not fatally injured, and his heart relaxed slightly. However, when he saw the name that had turned gray on the big screen, he was filled with regret.

Crowe was out. AMG was destined not to win the championship, and even the top three were in danger!

He finally could not help but ask, “Crowe, just now… What happened to you? Why did you have such a big reaction?!”