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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1087 - Extreme One for One!

Chapter 1087: Extreme One for One!

Shen Li’s dark eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light shone in them.

This scene was really familiar!

Previously, when LY had been in the domestic rally, Ron had been forced out of the track by his opponent using similar methods, except for the car accident!

Only this time, the driver of AMG was smart enough not to get caught up in it as well.

Judging from the situation at the scene, it was likely that he had been planning on overtaking Lu Siyu. When the two cars intersected, he suddenly changed directions. Lu Siyu was unable to react in time and instinctively dodged, causing a major mistake.

The countless viewers in the live broadcast room who witness this scene were all furious.

[ What is that car doing?! ]

[ It’s on purpose! The driver of AMG definitely did it on purpose! ]

[ So f*cking dirty! My heart aches for LY’s Lu Siyu! He was originally doing fine, but who knew he would be tricked by such a person! So, this is AMG?! This is the team that Crowe brought here?! Huh! How disgusting! ]

However, AMG also had a lot of fans, and they quickly began to tear each other apart.

[ What did AMG do? Isn’t this normal in a race? LY’s driver’s reaction was too slow. How can this be blamed on others?! What’s the point of competing then? ]

[ That’s right! Even the referee didn’t rule against it, but you guys are jumping around and making noise! Don’t tell me you guys know better than the referee? ]

[ If you’re weak, then you’re just weak. Lu Siyu only managed to get to this position by relying on Shen Li who is in front to clear the way. In fact, his reaction time and control ability are completely lacking. He should have retreated to the back a long time ago! ]

Both sides argued endlessly and the battle was intense.

On one hand, Lu Siyu falling into the sand would indeed directly affect both his and LY’s final results. It was impossible for the fans not to be worried and angry. On the other hand, what AMG’s driver did could at most be considered to be unintentional. It was indeed very difficult to determine if it was a violation.

Gu Siyang jumped up in anger.

“Appeal! We have to appeal! He was obviously doing this on purpose!”

Yang Tao pulled him back and frowned.

“President Gu, I’ll go and appeal. You guys wait here first. What’s more important now is to see how Lu Siyu is doing.”

Gu Siyang quickly came to his senses and nodded.

“Yes! You’re right! I’ll go to the medical team now–”

As he was speaking, one of the substitute team members beside him suddenly exclaimed, “Lu Siyu hasn’t given up on the race yet!”

Gu Siyang and the others were stunned. They looked up at the same time and indeed saw Lu Siyu, who was trapped in the sand, trying to drive the race car out of the sand.

The only fortunate thing was that although he was forced out of the race track, the buffer zone was right beside him. The car had sunk into the sand and tilted, but it had not rolled over.

He himself should not have much of a problem besides the injuries that were caused by some external forces.

At the very least, he was still able to move freely.

“He actually wants to continue?!”

Gu Siyang muttered in shock.

Even if Lu Siyu’s injuries were not serious, this setback would greatly delay his results.

There was almost no chance for him to make it into the Top 20 again!

In everyone’s eyes, this race was now meaningless to him.


Lu Siyu gritted his teeth and braced himself as he returned to the track again!

At this point, the gap between the cars that were in front of him had considerably widened.

He felt intense pain in a few places on his body. However, Lu Siyu grinned and looked forward.

That pure black race car had already caught up to the last position of the first team!

The race was not over yet. Of course, he could not give up!

He took a deep breath, started the car, and set off again!

No one had expected Lu Siyu to be so persistent.

Yang Tao stared at that side for a while, then turned around and walked towards the podium.

Gu Siyang was extremely worried as he looked at the field, and at the podium with urgency and frequency.

Yang Tao was communicating with the referee. He could not hear what they were saying here, but judging from Yang Tao’s expression, it did not seem to be going very smoothly.

Soon, the referee made a gesture of shrugging his shoulders at Yang Tao.

Gu Siyang’s heart sank.

Sure enough, Yang Tao came back with a gloomy face.

Coming in front of him, he and Gu Siyang shared a look before shaking their heads.

No one said anything, but the air seemed to freeze.

In fact, they had expected this result because this kind of situation was not rare on the field.

The competitors would use some tricks to take advantage of the loopholes in the rules and play dirty tricks on their opponents. In the end, the opponent would just have to suffer a loss.

The atmosphere in the LY rest area changed from a passionate atmosphere that was of excitement to a cold and depressing one.

Originally, they had really had a high chance of getting a placing, but now that this had happened to Lu Siyu, so–

Then just at that moment, someone muttered a curse from behind.

“D*mn it.”

Everyone was stunned. This voice was…

Gu Siyang turned around and saw that Wen Xiao, who had been sitting lazily in his seat since the start of the competition, had stood up at some point.

He was staring at the field with an ugly expression on his face.

Gu Siyang could not help but say, “Coach, do you also think that AMG has gone too far?!”

Wen Xiao did not seem to hear him as he looked at the big screen.

The camera on the screen switched to the front of Mervyn and the others.

Behind them, a blur of black suddenly tore through the encirclement and rushed toward them!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. In an instant, the pure black racing car was under the watchful eyes of countless people, charging straight at the camera!


It was charging towards the racing car at the front!

Wen Xiao’s eyebrows twitched, and he could not help but clench the cigarette case in his hand.

Someone in the stands exclaimed, “Shen Li has actually reached the fifth– No! Fourth! As long as she keeps going forward, she will overtake Crowe– Wait! What is she doing?!”

Due to his shock, the last part of his sentence wavered as it came out of his mouth.

On the track, Shen Li accelerated again. When she reached the last corner at the end of the lap, she passed a few cars and immediately caught up with Crowe, who was in fourth place!

However, following that, under the absolute advantage of cutting in from the inner lane, she suddenly slowed down!

This was the first time she had slowed down on all the corners of the track today!

However, this deceleration was not for anything else, but for Crowe!

As she slowed down, her car headed towards the outer edge, and the moment she turned the corner, it was almost horizontal! It took up more than half of the lane!

Crowe, who was in the outer circle, was shocked when he saw the tail that was almost flying towards his face!

An extremely familiar fear surged into his heart!

This scene, this scene…

Instinctively, he turned the steering wheel!

The tires sped across the ground, then lost control and his car slammed into the side of the outer wall!

Crash– Bang!

The right front wheel of the car was seriously broken!