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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1086 - Change!

Chapter 1086: Change!

But this was not the end, because right behind Ji Shu was Ron!

It seemed as if they had agreed on it a long time ago. With a terrifying tacit understanding, they used every bend as an entry point to move forward together!

As Shen Li flew past the second S-bend and was about to rush out, Ji Shu quickly caught up to the entry point of this bend, and followed closely behind!

At this time, Ron also arrived at the first S-bend, smoothly entering and overtaking the car!

They were all separated by an S-bend distance, and they maintained such a gap, rushing forward at high speed along the same path!

Rather than saying that the S-bend had separated them, it was more like they were using this turn to overtake in an orderly manner!

Those on the podium finally could not sit still when they saw this scene.

The man in his thirties who had initially been the most pessimistic about LY was one of the committee members of this World Championship, Davidson.

When he saw this scene, he could not help but frown and said in a deep voice, “She has disrupted the rhythm of the other drivers!”

This was the most terrifying thing.

On the field, all the cars were in fierce competition. Every driver had their own style of competition. Their techniques, psychology, control, and so on were all different from each other.

However, at some critical moments, they would make the same choice.

For example, in this death S-bend, almost everyone had tacitly agreed that no one would choose to overtake here. Even if there was a force that was not afraid of death, there was a high probability that they would be forced out of the track.

In comparison, maintaining a steady speed was the best plan.

Therefore, when they passed by this area, they only needed to maintain their own condition.

But not now.

Shen Li’s appearance had broken this understanding of theirs!

She quickly turned the corner and continuously overtook the cars. This was not the most important thing.

That was because even if she overtook the cars now, the other drivers would still have a chance to catch up in the later stages of the race.

The greater significance of this matter was that she had easily broken their psychological defenses!

She had not waited in line to cross this corner like the other drivers. Instead, she had chosen to force her way into the corner and overtake the other cars. And she had succeeded!

Just when everyone thought that she would fail, she had succeeded!

If she was capable of overtaking them here, what about the other parts of the track?!

The pressure that this psychological suggestion brought to the other drivers was far beyond their imagination!

Everyone could clearly see that the few cars that were overtaken by Shen Li had slowed down to varying degrees after being left behind by her!

On one hand, it was due to their instinctive avoidance of her reckless fighting style, and on the other hand, they had all been disrupted by Shen Li!

The competition was intense, and the situation was ever-changing. Even a momentary lapse in concentration could result in serious consequences, not to mention the disruption of one’s race mentality.

This point was very quickly spread to the back.

After the few cars slowed down simultaneously, the other cars following closely behind were also forced to slow down.

However, only people from LY seemed to be unaffected, and continued to charge forward!

Furthermore, because of the collective slowing down of their oppponents, Lu Siyu and Zhao Chenguang, who were at the back, seemed to move even faster, and quickly caught up!

There were a total of three S-bends here. Shen Li made a few consecutive turns, then passed more cars. Finally, she swung her car and flew out with a beautiful drift, straight into the straight-line race track!

At this point, the second-tier race car had also been clearly left behind by her!

That pure black race car was like a pure black wave, jumping out of the crowded and dangerous race track!

Then, it followed the straight track and quickly chased the first echelon at the front!

Behind her, the other four people of LY also squeezed into the second echelon, racing together with the other drivers in the death S-bend!

Because they had their own perfect rhythm, when all of them rushed out together, the four people of LY moved into the front row!

One had to know that only the Top 20 would ultimately be taken into consideration in this competition. In terms of total points, there would be about ten cars in the first echelon, while the second echelon would have about a dozen.

In other words, as long as they continued to maintain this advantage, LY would even have a chance of getting points for all of them!

Even Ral, who had won the championship the year before, had been unable to do this. At that time, only four of them had gotten points.

It was easy to imagine how competitive LY was now!

Everyone was stunned.

Shen Li and the LY team members following closely behind her had performed a shocking scene.

In such a short period of time, not only had they managed to overtake them, it was even possible that they would be able to charge into the Top 20!

As far as their eyes could see, an extremely delicate scene appeared on the track.

The first team led by Mervyn was at the front, and behind them, a pure black race car occupied a section of the track. The second team was a distance behind her.

This section was a straight line, but the distance between her and the race car in front was still shrinking at an astonishing speed!

She was like a lone boat, cutting through the wind and waves in the empty sea!

However, everyone soon realized– no, she was not a lone boat!

Because behind her, another car quickly caught up!

It was Ji Shu!

In LY, aside from Shen Li, Ji Shu was the undisputed number one.

In the countless training and tests in the past, Ji Shu was always the one with the smallest gap between him and Shen Li.

In August, Shen Li had regularly been improving her results during every training session, and Ji Shu had been right behind her. Without realizing it, his speed had also increased greatly.

Now that they were on the field, to him, Ron, and the others, it was not much different from the previous training sessions.

They did not need to think too much. The only thing they needed to do was to focus all their efforts and try their best to catch up with the figure in front of them!

The entire race consisted of three laps. Now that they had run three-quarters of the first lap, Shen Li had led her team to pass more than half of their opponents and reached the forefront!

Such a result was probably comparable to Ral and AMG.

If Shen Li and Ji Shu could continue to overtake and take the top spot, LY might even have a chance of getting into the top three!

The other teams obviously realized this as well.

Before this, who would have thought that LY, who was the least favored, could display such standards?!

In the resting area, Gu Siyang and the others were looking at the stage nervously.

“Faster! Faster!”

Before this, when they said that they wanted to win the top three prizes, they had just been joking.

But now, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel!

As long as–

Boom… Bang!

A muffled sound was suddenly heard!

Gu Siyang and the others’ expressions instantly changed!

A loud sigh suddenly came from the stands.

Shen Li sensed that something was wrong. She quickly looked up at the big screen in front of her left, and her pupils constricted!

On the back track, a car had been run out of the track and fallen into the sand!

That was… Lu Siyu’s car!

And beside it, a racing car with the logo of AMG was pressing on the edge of the track, passing by in a flamboyant manner!