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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1085 - Follow!

Chapter 1085: Follow!

There were so many cars on the track that it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

However, the pure black race car still attracted everyone’s attention very easily!

Its body seemed to be wrapped in an invisible but clearly felt powerful aura, which made it easily stand out in this chaotic battle and become the focus of everyone’s attention!

Involuntarily, countless people looked in its direction.

They watched as it caught up with the car in front, watched as it overtook it, watched as it took the first turn, and watched as it successfully made a comeback!

The first turn barely passed, and it had completely left the red car behind!

With it as the leader, a hole was torn open in the originally extremely sturdy second echelon!

They had reached the S-bend, and the pure black race car had just crossed the first half of the bend when it immediately rushed towards a bright yellow race car in the second half of the bend!

This area was crowded and short, and it was extremely easy for the race car to deviate under the situation of high-speed rapid turns, or even be thrown off the track.

Therefore, almost no driver would choose to overtake here, especially after entering the continuous bend.

However, the pure black race car did not seem to feel any danger at all and continued to rush forward at high speed. In the blink of an eye, it caught up with the bright yellow race car in front!

The stands were instantly in an uproar.

“What is Shen Li doing? She has already overtaken one car, but she actually still intends on continuing to overtake?! This is the death S-bend!”

“Crazy… really crazy! With her current speed, if she really forcefully overtakes the car, it is very likely that she will directly rush out of the track! Even if she wants to win, she can’t do it this way, right? Isn’t she putting her own life on the line?!”

“It’s not just her! Haven’t you noticed that the LY cars at the back did not slow down either and followed closely? I think they have all lost their minds!”

Obviously, everyone thought that LY was courting death by competing like this.

Want to win?

Who didn’t want to win?

However, the prerequisite for winning was that you had to be able to go through the entire race safely!

If they were like this, what else could they be but crazy?

“… LY was in last place at the start. They didn’t even have an advantage, to begin with, and with the other teams blocking them, so if they want to get a better result, they probably won’t be able to do it without taking such a risk…”

Someone made this analysis in a low voice but was quickly refuted.

“Even so, there’s no need to work so hard, right? What if something happens… I remember that one of their drivers had a car accident during a race before?”

“That’s right, it’s the person who is in third place in their team– Ron. I heard that he’s the former captain of the LY team. The only race that Shen Li participated in before was to replace him. This should be his first race since he recovered.”

Hearing this, everyone sighed again, feeling puzzled.

“… He’s competing again after a car accident, yet he’s still fighting like this?”

“What are LY and the others thinking?”

“It’s one thing for Shen Li to fight alone, but the rest of them are also fighting with their lives on the line?! Shen Li is clearly trying to bring LY to the edge of danger–”

Before she could finish her sentence, she stopped abruptly.

Because in that split second, the pure black racing car on the track had made an extremely smooth line, quickly and swiftly overtaking the bright yellow racing car in front of it!

Shen Li actually deliberately took advantage of the time when the opponent’s hand brake slowed down and turned the corner, crushing it with an even higher speed to overtake it! Then she directly rushed out of the first S-bend!

Throughout the whole process, every step of hers was stuck at that point, perfectly turning the corner!

If she were to hesitate or be too aggressive, if she turned the steering wheel slower or faster, she would have most likely have been crashed out off the track by now.

However, she had not!

The rapidly running tires rubbed against the edge of the track, almost burning up, and the high temperature almost distorted the air above the asphalt track!

Beneath the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, while everyone was still worried that Shen Li’s actions would most likely lead them and the entire LY out of the track, the black race car had already easily passed the first S-bend!

It did not slow down at all at this bend, surpassing two cars in a row!

All the arguments disappeared at this moment, and all the objections were swallowed entirely.

The restlessness that was in the stands just a moment ago had disappeared and a strange deathly silence had fallen upon the area, leaving only an extremely empty silence.

The air seemed to be frozen, making everyone feel as if they were suffocating.

There was no faster slap in the face than this!

All the criticisms and accusations from before became pale and powerless jokes after this beautiful turn that Shen Li had made!

From the moment Shen Li led the team to shake off the third echelon, Cheng Xiyue had already subconsciously sat up straighter, his eyes staring intently at the competition ground, afraid that the slightest mistake would be made. His heart also seemed to be gripped tightly by something, and his throat was dry.

When he saw Shen Li forcefully passing that bend at an extremely high speed and overtaking two cars at the same time, his heart was in his throat. His lips moved, but it was not easy for him to find his voice again.

“… Damn… Such accurate judgment of the race track and the opponent, such perfect control of the car itself… So, this is Sister Ah Li’s true strength! ?”

Although he was not involved in racing, he knew something about it.

This S-bend track had been designed to be extremely dangerous. Even several top drivers in the same race today would not choose to overtake here, let alone ordinary drivers!

That included the first echelon that had already entered the straight-line track!

However, Shen Li had done it, going through the whole operation impeccably!

He could not help but sneak a look at Lu Huaiyu. However, he saw that he was still leaning back in his seat with his long legs crossed. He continued to have the same noble and lazy appearance. On his clear and beautiful face, there was not the slightest bit of surprise and shock.


Originally, Cheng Xiyue had wanted to say something, but when he saw Lu Huaiyu like this, he suddenly froze.

After reacting for a few seconds, he drew in a breath of cold air.

“Holy sh*t! Lu Er, don’t tell me you knew this a long time ago!”

Lu Huaiyu was still looking at the field, his gaze following the black race car.

Hearing Cheng Xiyue’s voice that was filled with shock, his thin lips twitched slightly, revealing an extremely faint smile.

“Today, it’s also my first time seeing it with my own eyes.”

Cheng Xiyue was stunned for a while, but he finally understood. Lu Huaiyu had indeed known about it long ago! However, this was still just his first time seeing it!


He felt a little confused and was just about to ask another question when he suddenly heard a wave of exclamations coming from the stands.

He subconsciously raised his eyes to look over. When he realized what had happened, he also held his breath in disbelief.

That was because–

As Shen Li swept past the first S-bend and swiftly rushed towards the second S-bend, Ji Shu, who had originally been following behind her, actually followed the exact same rhythm and process of operation as before and stepped into the position that she had previously passed. Then, he entered the bend to overtake!

At this point, two people from LY, who were originally in the last position, had forcefully broken into the second echelon!