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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1084 - She’s Going to Win!

Chapter 1084: She’s Going to Win!

Everything happened too quickly. This shocking scene shocked everyone who was watching the match!

In the almost suffocating silence that seemed both so long and yet so short at the same time, someone finally snapped out of the daze they were in and cried out in shock, “That’s the team from LY!”

The few cars that were following behind the pure black racing car and following the path that Shen Li had forcefully torn apart were from LY. Who else could it be?!

Because they had been at the bottom of the pre-race ranking, their starting position had been at the bottom of the most disadvantageous position.

Everyone had thought that they would maintain this result until the end. Who would have thought that not long after the start of the race, LY would have already completed a full recovery, leaving half of the opponents behind?

Shen Li was leading the way, while Ji Shu and the others followed at full speed without hesitation.

Among these two points, if any was missing, LY would never be able to complete such a shocking comeback in such a short time!

The people on the podium were also shocked.

Looking at the race track, those few cars were connected from head to tail. Following the lead of the pure black race car at the front, they fought their way out of the encirclement. Finally, someone could not help but mutter, “How, how are they able to be so fast?! Aren’t they worried that Shen Li’s route judgment is wrong?”

This was a race track!

After all, there were so many racing cars on the track, and all of them maintained their super-high speeds. If they were to forcefully accelerate and overtake, a slight mistake would cause an accident!

But Shen Li had just done it!

Not only had she done it, but she had also led all the LY members to do it!

With such accurate judgment and agile reaction, as well as impeccable technique and indomitable courage. Without a doubt, she was a true genius!

However, what was even more incredible was that the other four LY members had also followed without hesitation at full speed!

Were they not afraid that something would happen?!

The moment this sentence was uttered, the atmosphere became even more deathly still.

After a long while, Ivan, who was sitting in the middle, finally spoke slowly.

“Perhaps it’s because… the person leading the way is Shen Li.”

He let out a long sigh. Even though he had been in the racing circle for so many years and was used to all kinds of situations, he had never witnessed such a scene before.

All the team members had placed their trust in that person and followed her wholeheartedly!

What kind of powerful cohesiveness and charisma was this?!

“Don’t forget, she’s the captain of LY.”

Ivan’s gaze was fixed on the field. He tried his best to calm down the surging emotions in his heart, but he could still feel his heart beating violently.

Who could possibly be completely unmoved upon witnessing such a scene?!

Passion! Enthusiasm! Doing their best!

This… was the greatest charm of the competition to begin with!

In the LY resting area, the moment Shen Li led her team to charge out of the third echelon, there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers!

“Sister Li is indeed Sister Li! She can even charge out like this!”

“Her movements when she continuously overtook them just now were simply too smooth! Amazing!”

“Oh my god, Sister Li seems to be even more amazing than I thought!”

“Ji Shu and the others are really capable! They’ve all actually managed to catch up!”

Gu Siyang clenched his fists tightly and waved them about violently. He was so excited that his face turned red.

“My sister is the best!”

In comparison, Yang Tao was considered the calmest and most composed among this group of people. However, when he saw this scene that almost made one’s blood boil, he could not help but become excited as well.

He looked at her in a daze, not even able to believe his eyes.

“… I can’t believe it… I really can’t believe it… When did she become so…”

He had seen Shen Li’s performance at the previous rally, and it had been amazing.

He had also seen Shen Li’s test run at the LY training base, and it was commendable.

He thought that he already knew Shen Li well enough, but at this moment, he finally understood– his imagination of Shen Li’s strength had still been too conservative!

The version of her during training and the version of her on the field were like two completely different people!

The former was carefree and unhurried, while the latter was strong and decisive!

When the pure black racing car roared past the track, the tires rubbed against the ground and almost set off high temperatures, her thoughts were finally revealed!

She wanted to win!

Wen Xiao held a cigarette in his mouth as he looked at the field.

In the whole of the LY rest area, only he was still sitting.

Gu Siyang suddenly thought of him and looked back at him with a face full of emotion.

“Coach, you’re so mentally stable!”

Even in such a situation, he could still be so calm and at ease!

Wen Xiao sneered, “Why do you think she was training in the base last month?”

With her ability, it was absolutely no problem for her to win the championship of this race.

But she wanted more than that.

She wanted LY to win the championship! She wanted Ji Shu and the others to stand on the highest podium!

So that month, she had been on the track of the base, testing with them again and again.

After a long time, Ji Shu and the others had gotten used to following behind her, trying their best to catch up, without any worries.

So in fact, when she had gone to the LY base to train, she had not been training herself– It had been them!

Or rather, it was the LY team!

In actual fact, LY’s overall strength was indeed quite different from the other teams.

Not to mention, Shen Li was the strongest out of them, followed by Ji Shu, and then Ron. Although Lu Siyu and Zhao Chenguang were also top-notch drivers in China, they were not enough to be compared to the standard in Leland.

So, if they wanted to win this match, they had to rely on the absolute trust and cohesiveness of the entire team!

And this… was what Shen Li wanted, and what she already had!

After ditching the third team, Shen Li led the team into the middle of the empty track, chasing straight ahead!

Here, without the obstruction of a large number of racing cars, the distance was usually much longer.

Shen Li did not hesitate at all, speeding up again!

And behind her, Ji Shu and the others seemed to have a tacit understanding as they stepped on the accelerator at the same time!

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The roar of the engine rumbled across the hearts of countless people!

At the same time, the distance between the single team led by the pure black racing car and the dozen or so racing cars in the second-tier team in front was also rapidly decreasing!

The race had arrived at the first consecutive curve!

The curve was the easiest road to overtake, but it was also the most accident-prone place!

In particular, the three S-bends were connected to each other. They were extremely tortuous, leaving almost no room for the drivers to react.

In the past, many accidents had happened here, so it was also known as the death S-bends.

Generally speaking, when the drivers passed by here, they would adhere to the principle of ‘Safety First’ and choose a conservative plan. As long as they kept their ranking, they would be fine.

At this time, the second-tier cars finally arrived one after another and arrived at the turning point one after another!

However, it was also at this time that the pure black racing car caught up with the red race car at the end of the second-tier cars!

Without any pause, it maintained its high speed and quickly caught up with the other party. Moreover, it successfully overtook half of the car before the turning point!

The red race car was forced to give way!

Thus, the black race car entered the second tier!