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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1083 - Was Headed by Her!

Chapter 1083: Was Headed by Her!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Once this provocative bullet screen was sent out, it quickly ignited the flames of war in the live broadcast room.

LY’s participation in this competition was as a representative of China this time. Shen Li and Ji Shu were both very popular, so a lot of attention was given to this competition in China.

Before the live broadcast began, there were already countless fans waiting.

Right now, even without seeing the person’s face yet, they had seen this ridiculing comment filled with disdain and contempt. Naturally, it easily aroused the anger of the crowd.

[ Where did that idiot come from? ]

[ Sister Li is forever my idol! No rebuttals will be accepted! ]

[ I’m here to see Shen Li and Ji Shu’s beauty. Can all this negativity not come out and attract attention? ]

There were many people who liked LY, but there were a total of 12 teams participating in this race. Naturally, there were also many people who supported the other teams.

Hence, the live broadcast room was soon torn apart.

[ LY? Never heard of this team. Were they sent by China just to make up the numbers again? ]

[ Huh, if it wasn’t for this competition specially reserving a spot for China to participate in, how would they have the opportunity to come to this competition venue? They’re already extremely lucky to have such an opportunity. Some people were secretly happy. Don’t say it out loud, it’s embarrassing, right? ]

[ Look at RAL, that’s the real top-tier team! As for LY… What’s that? ]

[ Today’s contestants are all top-tier drivers. LY’s best ranking is barely ranked 61. I have to say, they are really brave to dare to participate in this race. ]

[ What are you arguing with those ignorant people for? When the race is over, victory and defeat will naturally prevail over all words! ]

The live broadcast room was abuzz with noise. The tens of thousands of audience members in the stadium were also extremely enthusiastic. The loud cheers resounded throughout the entire race track.

When the match began, the gap between the racing cars was rapidly pulled apart!

Ral, led by Mervyn, was in the first place of the starting position. It could be said that they had the advantage. In addition, they were also very strong. This advantage was also widened by them!

Three of the top five were members of their teams.

AMG, who was in second place, occupied the other two spots in the top five.

The overall strength of these two teams was extremely strong. In the eyes of many people, the championship would be decided between them.

Ral was considered to have the advantage because of Mervyn, who was in first place on the drivers ranking, and Doyle, who was also in the top ten.

AMG’s advantage was its average strength. Although Crowe was only ranked fourth on the drivers’ list, there were also two other drivers from the team in the top ten.

As for the other teams, they either had one top driver to lead, but the other members were not strong enough, or their overall standards could not be ranked at the top, so they lacked a strong competitive edge.

Therefore, overall, the competition between the two teams was really fierce. Before the results were out, no one dared to guarantee who would win.

Countless eyes were focused on the track.

“It seems that Ral is in the lead at the moment, but AMG’s performance is not weak either. If Mervyn and the others can maintain this ranking, then… What?!”

As everyone was watching and discussing the events, a shocked cry suddenly sounded.

On the track, a pure black race car was speeding ahead at an astonishing speed!

It had started at the last starting position, and there were a number of cars in front of it that blocked the entire track!

However, the black car’s speed was so fast that it was terrifying. It was like a black sharp blade, forcefully tearing through the blockade in front of it as it jumped forward!

After the race started, the cars that were originally gathered together had already separated into a few echelon teams.

Naturally, the teams leading the front were Ral and AMG together with about ten cars. Behind them, there was a gap between them and the second team, which was chasing closely behind. There were about a dozen cars.

Behind them was the third team, which took up more than half of the race. The gap between them was very small. From afar, they seemed to be moving together, entangled together, making it difficult for a winner to be determined.

However, in such a situation where there seemed to be no way forward, the pure black racing car was like a black ghost, and also like a wind that could be seen. It was swift and strong, elegant and smooth, as it passed through the swamp!

It passed through the narrow and almost negligible gap. There were obstacles in front, back, left, and right, but it still maintained an extremely high speed without any intention of slowing down at all!

It was clearly a straight line, but it seemed to be running on a curve.

No, it rushed up from the last position, found a perfect overtaking route in the crowded track, and rushed forward at an extremely fast speed without hesitation

This was much more difficult than making consecutive turns!

Everyone was so dumbfounded that they forgot to shout. They could only stare at this scene with their mouths agape, as if it was a dream.

The originally noisy racing track fell into a strange silence.

In the stands closest to the track especially, the air seemed to have frozen.

There was nothing but shock and confusion on everyone’s faces.

“How, how…” Finally, someone came back to his senses and muttered in disbelief, “Just now… What happened exactly?”

No one answered.

There were six huge electronic screens on the racetrack, and everything could be seen clearly.

Everyone knew what happened, but they did not seem to know.

Everything happened in a flash!

In the dead silence, someone said, “That… Is that Shen Li’s car?!”

After that, everyone fell silent.


That was Shen Li’s car.

As the only female driver in the race, she had received a lot of attention since the start of the race. Everyone knew that the pure black race car was hers.

Therefore, in an extremely short period of time, on the straight-line race track where it was the most difficult to pull apart the gap, with perfect technique and astonishing courage, she managed to win over half of her opponents in one go…

It was Shen Li!

The audience was greatly shocked and fell silent.

And the people in the live broadcast room went crazy.

[ Wait, what happened?! Were my eyes playing tricks on me? ]

[ To be able to drive like this on a straight track… It’s amazing! Really amazing! ]

[ I’m kneeling. After watching car races for so many years, this is the first time I’ve seen someone who can compete like this. Shen Li? This is Shen Li from LY, isn’t it? Who the hell told me that she couldn’t do it?! If she can’t do it, I don’t think we should continue watching this race! ]

[ Sob, sob, sob! I’m crying! Sister Li is too awesome! Who wouldn’t say that Sister Li is the best? ]

However, the crowd soon realized that an even more shocking scene was still to come.

After Shen Li forcefully tore through the blockade of the number of racing cars in front of her and created a bloody path, there were actually a few cars following closely behind her and rapidly rushing forward along her path!

With Shen Li leading in front, it was much easier to follow this path.

Moreover, these few cars had a tacit understanding to maintain their high speed throughout the entire journey! Without giving the others any time to react, they had already followed the pure black racing car in front and swept past together!

It seemed as if a long time had passed, but it also seemed as if it was only an instant. Before everyone could react, the pure black racing car in the lead rushed straight out of the third echelon and led the team straight towards the second echelon in front!