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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1081 - Support

Chapter 1081: Support

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Shen Li quickly withdrew her gaze and walked forward.

All the drivers who had arrived earlier began to drive their cars onto the track one after another, arranged in order at the starting point.

This order was also very particular. The twelve teams were ranked according to their pre-race results, and in first place was last year’s team champion, Ral. Naturally, LY was in last place, and they were participating in the world championship for the first time this year.

Shen Li came to her car, while Ji Shu and the others followed behind her.

Mervyn and the others walked past them.

When they brushed past Shen Li, Mervyn tilted his head and looked at Shen Li for a moment. Playfully, he said,”This is the first time a woman has come to this track. I’m really looking forward to it.”

It was obvious that he did not think much about Shen Li.

Even if he knew that Shen Li’s strength was even better than Ji Shu’s, in his opinion, it was still the same.

Shen Li put on her helmet unhurriedly and then turned her head to look at him.

“Then… I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

Meeting her pair of dark and calm eyes, a subtle sense of familiarity suddenly rose in Mervyn’s heart.

It was as if… they had known each other for a long time.

But how could that be possible? They had only seen each other from afar a few times before, and today was the first time they had ever had a formal conversation.

How could they know each other?

He quickly suppressed this thought. His gaze swept past Ji Shu and the others beside him, and he shrugged with a smile.

“It’d better be like this. After all, Doyle has ‘praised’ you greatly.”

This was not a good thing.

The expressions on Ji Shu’s and the others’ faces turned cold.

Shen Li did not seem angry. Instead, she chuckled.

“Oh, does Coach Doyle still remember us– Oh, I almost forgot. He’s not our coach anymore.”

Doyle’s eyebrows jumped, and his face turned a little pale.

Previously, LY had fired him in front of a large media presence at the post-match press conference. This had been a stain that could barely been able to be washed away from his career. He had not expected to be mentioned in public by Shen Li now!

Shen Li seemed to have just remembered that there was such a person beside Mervyn. She tilted her head slightly and smiled.

“We are also very happy to be able to compete with our former coach. After all, such an experience is not something that everyone can have, especially in the racing circle. Don’t you think so?”


Doyle’s long pent-up anger was finally ignited by Shen Li!

Under normal circumstances, once a racing driver announced his retirement, he would not return to the track.

Especially for someone like Doyle, his retirement had not been due to an injury. It was simply because he was getting older and his physical strength was declining. There was no reason for him to return.

Not to mention, he had even gone off to become a coach.

Although his current strength was still pretty good, Ral was a top racing club in the world. It would not have been difficult for them to pick a young driver of the same level as him.

The reason he was able to get a place in the racing circuit was mostly because he still had a lot of connections in the racing circle in Leland.

Everyone knew this.

It was not that there were no complaints about him, but it was mostly said in private. Shen Li was the first person to say it in front of everyone.

This was equivalent to ripping Doyle’s face off in public and throwing it onto the ground before stomping on him.

Mervyn frowned and called out to him in a low voice, “Doyle.”

Now that the match was about to start, this was not the time to care about such things.

Doyle’s rationality was pulled back. He gritted his teeth and finally endured it.

Shen Li’s eyes, which were hidden in the helmet, were curved. However, the corners of her eyes and brows were as cold as spring. There was not the slightest hint of a smile on her face.

She did not waste any more time with them and turned around to get into the car.

Mervyn also felt bored. He took one last look at Shen Li and left with his people.

The spectator stand on the stage was divided into several areas.

The spectator stand in Area A, which was directly opposite the finish line, was below the judges’ seats. There were computers and other equipment in front of the judges, and above them was the podium.

In the middle of the seats sat a well-built middle-aged man. He was the chairman of the tournament committee, Ivan. The people sitting around him were also important figures in the racing world.

The other seats around the podium were the VIP seats. The people present were also extraordinary.

Of course, they had also seen the confrontation on the field.

“I didn’t expect Shen Li’s style to be so tough. Her opponent is Mervyn, the number one driver on the leaderboard.”

A man in his thirties said in a low voice and shook his head disapprovingly.

“It’s good for young people to be angry, but it’s not appropriate for them to be so arrogant without strength.”

When these words were said, several people on the rostrum agreed.

“That’s right. Although the track doesn’t allow for cowering, it’s a bit too much to be so ostentatious.”

“In the end, results will speak for themselves. What’s the point of being arrogant now?”

“I heard that Ji Shu is pretty good. If he was given more time, his ranking on the list would definitely be more than 61. But Shen Li… seems to have only participated in one professional competition before? I really don’t know what LY was thinking. Not only did she get invited to compete, but she was also even given the role of Captain–”

“Chairman Ivan, what do you think?”

Someone threw the question over.

Hearing this, Ivan did not immediately answer. Instead, he looked at a certain spot at the front to the right.

It was an extremely young man. His black hair was styled neatly, and he was tall and handsome.

He was lazily leaning back in his chair. His long legs were crossed, and his posture was lazy.

Even just from the back view, it was not difficult to feel the noble and carefree nature in his bones.

Ivan coughed and said, “I don’t think so… since LY has chosen to do this, they must have their reasons. Moreover, I also watched Shen Li’s previous match. She was indeed very outstanding.”

Everyone was stunned. They had never thought that he would say such a thing.

Wasn’t it publicly acknowledged that LY’s results were not that good?

And Shen Li…

“I think what Ivan said makes sense.”

Another smiling voice sounded, but it was Ronai, who was also sitting on the podium, who had suddenly opened his mouth.

Everyone looked over and fell silent for a moment. The man in his thirties who had spoken at the beginning obviously did not agree. He argued,”Mr. Ronai, we know that you admire Shen Li greatly, but high-end design and racing are two different things after all…”

Shen Li was one of the thirteen members of the Bai City Fashion Association. She was deeply liked and valued by the president, Ronai. Everyone who knew Ronai knew this very well.

They heard that he had come back early this time just to watch Shen Li race.

But racing cars and that… how could they be the same?

Ronai’s smile did not change. The tone of his was gentle.

“I know that. Moreover, this is my first time watching her race, especially on this race track. I just hope that she can perform well.”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

The Victoria Velodrome had been built by the Berkshire family. This was truly Ronai’s territory!

He said that he hoped that Shen Li would get a good result, so who could refute him?

Ivan did not seem to react. Only then did he feel slightly relieved. He repeated it again.

“Yes, Shen Li is indeed very good.”