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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1075 - How Unlucky

Chapter 1075: How Unlucky

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Shen Li pursed her lips as she turned her embarrassment into an accusation against him.

“It hurt when you bit me just now.”

As she spoke, she frowned slightly and licked the corner of her lips.

It was swollen, and– if he had used more strength, he might have broken through the skin.

Lu Huaiyu knew that he was in the wrong, but he really could not be entirely blamed for this matter.

After all, she was the one who had said that she wanted to coax him first, so he had to see some sincerity in her words.

Moreover, he had already been quite restrained.

However, it was obvious that he could not say these words now. He merely kissed her a few more times to acknowledge that this little ancestor of his had been wronged.

If she felt that it hurt now, he did not know what would happen in the future–

He stopped and kissed the space between her eyebrows.

“Does it still hurt?”

Shen Li stayed silent.

Lu Huaiyu picked her up and carried her over to the sofa.

“Are you hungry? What would you like to eat?”

He did not continue to pursue the initial topic, which showed that he had coaxed her quite successfully this time.

Shen Li leaned on his shoulder and shook her head.

“I’m not hungry now.”

Lu Huaiyu placed her on the sofa.

“Then we’ll eat later.”

Seeing that he did not seem ready to leave, Shen Li felt a little strange.

“Isn’t Second Brother going back?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes slightly and looked at her.

Of course, he understood the subtext of her words. She was asking him why he was not going back to his room to get some rest.

He smiled and said playfully, “Now?”

It would be strange if he could still sleep at this time.

Realizing that she was the culprit, Shen Li said, “… Oh.”

Just then, her cell phone rang.

She picked it up to take a look and realized that it was a call from Ronai.

She sat up slightly and picked it up.

“Mr. Ronai?”

“Ah Li,” Ronai’s voice sounded very friendly with a hint of a smile. “You should be in Leland by now, right?”

Shen Li was a little surprised.

“Yes. But… how did you know?”

The list of the twelve teams for the race had been released a few days ago. The news that she would be participating as the captain of LY had long spread.

However, not many people had known about her arrival in Leland today. She had not expected Ronai to call her directly.

“About that…” Ronai explained with a smile, “It’s because the hotel you’re staying in is under the Berkshire family.”

Shen Li did not know what to say.

She had almost forgotten about that.

Ronai was the person in charge of the Berkshire family. He was born in Leland. Although he spent most of his time in Bai City, this was his homeland after all. The Berkshire family still had a great influence in Leland.

“I’m still in Bai City. I’ll be going back to Leland to watch your match in a few days. By the way, after the match, you should take a good look around Leland.”

Ronai’s invitation to her was sincere so Shen Li had no reason to refuse.


“When you have time, you should go to my gallery to take a look.”

Shen Li paused.

“Of course.”

Ronai was very happy to hear her answer. He reminded her to rest well and wished her well in her preparations for the competition before hanging up.

“Was it Mr. Ronai who called?”

Lu Huaiyu, who was beside her, also heard it.

Shen Li nodded.

A smile appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s lips.

“Mr. Ronai really likes you.”

He had taken care of her during their time in Bai City, and he was also showing concern for her now that she had come to Leland.

Ordinary people really did not get such treatment.

“He’s inviting me to visit his gallery after the competition,” Shen Li said.

This was not the first time that Ronai had invited her. She had declined before, but now that she was in Leland, there was no reason to refuse any longer.

Lu Huaiyu nodded in agreement and said with a smile, “Not everyone is qualified to visit Mr. Ronai’s private gallery. It’s indeed a rare opportunity. Besides… after the competition ends, it’ll be time to relax.”

As he spoke, he gently caressed her hair.

“There are many fun places here. It’d be a pity to miss them.”

Shen Li looked up at him, the corners of her lips curving into a faint smile.

“Yeah, I think so too.”

On the first day they arrived in Leland, everyone basically stayed in the hotel to adjust their jet lag.

The next morning, LY gathered all its members and prepared to go to Victoria Velodrome to familiarize themselves with the venue.

Their cars had already been sent there.

Victoria Velodrome was huge, and its facilities were world-class. To be able to participate in an international race here was a lifelong dream for many drivers.

Even Ron, who had a calm personality, had a rare look of excitement on his face. The atmosphere in the team was very warm.

The velodrome was right across from the hotel, so it was very convenient for them to go there.

However, because the internal venue was not open to the public, only the official racers, substitute racers, a coach, and a manager in each team were allowed to enter together.

Other people needed to apply for special permission to enter and exit the racetrack.

Therefore, Lu Huaiyu did not go with them this time. He stayed in the hotel to deal with his company’s affairs.

And because LY had two other presidents besides the manager, the responsibility of going with them fell upon Yang Tao’s head.

Gu Siyang had originally wanted to go, but considering that the competition was about to start, there would definitely be a lot of things to deal with there. Yang Tao had been in charge of external affairs for the past few years, so he was more experienced. Thus, in the end, Gu Siyang had to bear with the pain and give in.

After all, there were only three training days left before the competition. He hoped that LY would try their best to seize the time and opportunity to adjust their state of mind.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Shen Li and the others arrived at Victoria Velodrome.

Yang Tao led the team in the front and introduced the place as they walked.

“Victoria Velodrome covers an extremely large area. It can accommodate close to 100,000 spectators at the same time.”

This was a top-tier racing venue in the world of racing. The scale was astonishing. Other than the live audience, there were also a large number of fans watching the television broadcast and the live webcast. The coverage was extremely wide.

“The 12 teams each have their own lounge. The 12 marked in front is our position.”

As Yang Tao spoke, he pointed forward.

Everyone looked over and found that it was around the corner. Compared to the other lounges in front, which could be considered as facing the racetrack, it seemed rather remote.

When the drivers came out from there, no one would pay much attention to them.

“Ours is No. 12. How was this arranged?”

Ji Shu asked as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Yang Tao paused. Before he could speak, a mocking voice came from behind him.

“Of course, it’s been arranged according to the overall strength of the team. The better the strength, the higher the ranking. The weaker the strength, naturally, the ranking would be lower. So, you guys are from LY of China? Then… this lounge is indeed a good match for you guys.”

Ji Shu’s expression turned cold.

When the other team members heard this, their expressions also changed, and they turned around to look.

Only Shen Li heard this somewhat familiar voice, and her brows furrowed impatiently.

It was only her first day here, and she had not even had the time to check the condition of her car before she even met this person.

This was bad luck.