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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1071 - Try To

Chapter 1071: Try To

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Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly.

This was unlikely to be her first time going to Leland, but she seemed to be particularly persistent in asking him to take her there to have fun.

However, since the young girl looked at him and begged softly, of course, he could not refuse.

He held her hand tightly and stopped her from causing trouble. Then, he answered with a low chuckle, “Okay.”

After getting on the plane, everyone was still quite excited. One moment, they were talking about how they would deal with a certain team or a certain driver during the race, and the next moment, they were talking about the interesting places they would visit when they reached Leland.

Shen Li sat by the window, Lu Huaiyu beside her.

“Sister Li, I heard that there will be prize money for the top three teams in the World Championship!” Lu Siyu looked expectant. “Do you think we’re capable of winning it?”

Ji Shu gave him a kick.

“If we don’t get the bonus, what are we going there for? Do you really think this is some kind of holiday?”

Lu Siyu grimaced.

“The bonus for the team’s third place is seven million US dollars!”

Who would not be tempted by so much money?

Besides this bonus, the Domestic Racing Association also had other rewards, not to mention the commercial contracts that would follow.

In short, as long as they obtained outstanding results, the whole of LY would stand to make a lot of money.

Shen Li paused.

“How much is the first?”

Lu Siyu clicked his tongue and made a gesture.

“18 million, USD.”

Shen Li nodded. “That’s still alright.”

Lu Siyu’s expression instantly froze, and the rest of the people in the cabin also fell silent for a moment.

After a moment, Lu Siyu swallowed with difficulty.

“… Sister Li, what do you… mean?”

Shen Li said calmly, “The prize money is worth the trip.”


That’s not what they were asking!

Ron tried to sound her out.

“Sister Li, aren’t you going with the intention of the team… winning the championship?”

Shen Li frowned slightly and asked in return, “What else? I even asked the school for eight days of leave for this competition.”

This was the first time she had asked for such a long leave since she came to Xijing University.

She had not even taken leave for this long for the previous Bai City Fashion Week.

If she was not going for first place, could it be that she was thinking of the elimination?

Everyone was speechless.

That meant that her eight days of leave was really expensive…

“My sister is right!” Gu Siyang was in high spirits. “It’s no fun if we don’t get first place. Besides, the prize money isn’t important. It’s mainly about the word ‘champion– it sounds good!”

Everyone was speechless.

Sure enough, they shouldn’t talk about money with the Gu family!

“Hey, speaking of which, our coach’s team got second place! Coach, how much did you guys get?” Someone asked curiously.

Wen Xiao leaned back in his chair and said lazily, “Ten million USD.”

Everyone was in an uproar.

That was ten million USD from ten years ago!

Usually, this amount of money would be distributed according to the points each driver had contributed. In theory, no driver would get that much on their own.

But the key was… after they received the results, they got more than that.

Wen Xiao had been the driver’s champion at that time, so there was no doubt that he had gotten the most. In addition, his signing bonus had been very high, and there were all kinds of endorsements and activities…

“Coach, you must have at least this amount in your hands, right?” Lu Siyu made a gesture.

Although he had retired in a rush and chosen to retire at the peak of his career, what he earned at that time must have been a very shocking figure. He must have at least achieved wealth and freedom.

However, after hearing these words, Wen Xiao’s expression instantly changed.

He glanced at Shen Li, then simply leaned back, closed his eyes, and said irritably,”I don’t have any money. So this time when you go to Leland, do your best, understand?”

At least he’d be able to count on his retirement fund this time!

Hearing his words, everyone was momentarily stunned before bursting into laughter.

If anyone else said that they did not have money, they would believe it, but if Wen Xiao said it, they definitely would not believe it.

But they still decisively agreed.

“Okay! Coach, don’t worry! I’ll definitely try to earn back some bonus for you!”

The flight this time would take seven hours. Shen Li took out an eye mask and put it on.

Seeing that she was ready to rest, everyone suppressed their excitement and stopped talking.

The cabin quieted down.

Lu Huaiyu looked at the young girl beside him and saw that she was tilting her head. He raised his hand to support her head and led her to lean against his shoulder.

The way she slept was as if she was still awake. She gently rubbed against his shoulder as she tried to find a suitable angle to continue sleeping.

The bright golden sunlight penetrated through the white clouds and shone in through the porthole, giving her a layer of warm light.

Her soft hair carelessly brushed against his chin, tickling him slightly. On her soft and fair cheeks, even the fine hairs could be clearly seen.

She breathed quietly and regularly. Her entire person was as well-behaved as a furry little animal and was extremely lovable.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze slowly moved down and paused on her plump red lips for a moment. His eyes became the color of a deep, dark ink.

However, in the end, he only slightly bent his head and planted a gentle kiss on the top of her hair.

After a long flight, their flight finally arrived at Leland International Airport in the afternoon.

By the time the plane was about to land, Shen Li had already woken up.

The atmosphere in the cabin was warm and the excitement of the team members could be felt in the air.

It was not only because this was the first time most of them had come to Leland, but also because they were here to represent China in the competition!

Young people always had great enthusiasm and expectation for these things.

Shen Li took off the eye mask and put it into her bag. Then, she looked out of the window.

The scenery below came into view. From the general outline to the detailed appearance, it was getting closer and closer.

The image that was hidden deep in the depths of her mind and the thought that she would never be able to find it again gradually overlapped. The colors became clearer and more vivid.

Soon, the plane landed steadily, and everyone got up one after another.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Shen Li and saw that she was looking out of the window, seemingly in a daze.

His heart moved slightly. “Ah Li.”

Shen Li came back to her senses and turned around to look at him.

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curved slightly.

“We’re here. Let’s go.”

Shen Li put away her thoughts and nodded.

One after another, the group of people got out of the plane and could not help but sigh.

“I didn’t expect the Leland International Airport to be so beautiful!”

“Didn’t they say that this is the art capital of the world? It really has a sense of design.”


“But this place is too big. Which way is the exit?”

Shen Li raised her chin.

“Go ahead and turn right.”

Gu Siyang, who was about to point the way, was stunned.

“Hey, Sis, you know it?”

Shen Li’s footsteps paused for a moment, then she turned to the side and pointed.

“There’s a signboard.”

Gu Siyang and the others understood.

“Yes, yes, it’s over there. We can leave after we take our luggage!”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly.

When she had walked over, she had been looking at her phone and had not looked in the direction of the signboard.