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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1067 - She Did Not Need

Chapter 1067: She Did Not Need

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Siyang looked shocked.

“Really? Who?”

Yang Tao’s lips moved, but in the end, he merely gave a faint smile.

“Someone from a long time ago, but he doesn’t participate in this anymore. It’s fine if I don’t mention it.”

Gu Siyang felt a little regretful.

“Ah, so it’s like this.”

He had grown up in Hong Kong City since young and had only settled in the Capital with Gu Tingfeng and his wife in the past two years, so his understanding of the racing circle here was far inferior to Yang Tao’s.

As a resident of the Capital and having been in the racing circle for many years, Yang Tao was not only familiar with professional racing drivers, but many underground racing drivers were also close to him.

Hearing what he said, Gu Siyang did not ask further. He only crossed his arms and touched his chin.

“Then according to what you said, wouldn’t that person be able to compete with my sister?”

Yang Tao nodded. “Yes.”

This point could not be refuted. That person had indeed had such strength.

“Then, isn’t it a pity that he doesn’t want to compete anymore?”

Gu Siyang clicked his tongue.

“I’m not bragging. If he’s really on the same level as my sister, it would really be a pity if he doesn’t participate in racing.”

Yang Tao paused for a moment and looked at the track. He saw the slender and tall figure get out of the car and sighed softly.

“… Who says it isn’t?”


But in this world, there was no such thing as “if”.

Gu Siyang did not notice the subtle change in Yang Tao’s mood. He waved furiously at Shen Li.


Shen Li walked over.

Gu Siyang gave her a thumbs up.

“Sister, you were so awesome today!”

Shen Li was already used to his praises so she smiled and casually asked,”What were you guys talking about just now?”

She seemed to have heard that it was related to her.

“We were talking about you!” Gu Siyang said and lowered his voice. With a mixture of excitement and nervousness, he asked, “Sis, tell me the truth. Your results… Was it intentional?”

Shen Li blinked.

Gu Siyang’s eyes met her dark and bright eyes and instantly understood.

“I– F*ck! It really was!”

Guessing was one thing, but personally admitting it was another!

Gu Siyang was both envious and respectful.

“Sis, then if you were to go all out, how fast could you go?”

Wen Xiao, who was sitting at the side resting and silently smoking the entire time, heard this and glanced over.

Shen Li thought for a moment before replying.

“I’m not sure.”

Wen Xiao sneered.

She was not sure. She knew how slow she could be, but she really did not know how fast she could be.

Especially when her temper flared up, even he could not stop her.

Even the version of him from ten years ago would not dare to say that he could definitely outrun her.

Gu Siyang thought for a long time but felt that there was nothing wrong with this answer. One thing was for sure, though, his sister was the most powerful!

He raised his chin.

“Hey, Sister, then are you doing this to motivate Ji Shu and the others?”

The scary thing was not that someone was stronger than you, nor was it that someone was stronger than you and was still improving. It was that… someone could even freely control how much their results improved!

Very few people would probably be able to withstand this wave of blows!

Shen Li tilted her head. “No.”

Gu Siyang was curious. “Then you–”

Shen Li said in a straightforward manner, “This way, the record sheet will look even better.”

Gu Siyang was rendered speechless.

Excuse me.

Actually, there was another reason for Shen Li to do this. Based on the increase in her results, when she went to compete in Leland next month, she would be able to rise to the same level as the current number one driver in the world rankings.

This way, during the competition, her results would look like steady progress, and it would not seem so abrupt.

Of course, as for whether other people would really think that she was making “steady progress”, that was not within her consideration.

Gu Siyang was stunned by her answer, but fortunately, he was already used to receiving such blows and his recovery ability was particularly good. Very quickly, he readjusted his state of mind.

“Oh right, Yang Tao mentioned that he used to know a driver who was on par with you!”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows and looked at Yang Tao.

Yang Tao met her gaze and gave a faint smile.

“Actually, he’s not a professional racer. It’s just that I’ve seen him compete before, and I think… He’s pretty good. However, he has retired from the industry a long time ago now.”

Shen Li was actually a little curious.

To be able to get such an evaluation from Yang Tao proved that that person really had this level of skill.

If there was a chance to exchange pointers, it would be quite interesting.

But since the person had already withdrawn from the sport, there was no need to ask too much.

She nodded.

“Then it looks like there won’t be a chance to compete on the same field.”

Yang Tao smiled and said, “You’re already very outstanding now. Moreover, there will be many powerful racers competing together in Leland next month.”

Although in his opinion, those people actually could not compare to that person.

It was just that…

No matter what he said, it was meaningless since that person could no longer be a driver.

Shen Li acknowledged his answer.

At that moment, the last car finally crossed the finish line.

Yang Tao looked over there and smiled.

“Ever since Shen Li participated in training with the others, their results have also improved rapidly.”

At this rate, they really had a chance of becoming the overall champion at the World Racing Championships to be held in Leland next month.

Wen Xiao finally stood up and clapped his hands.

“Everyone, gather in the conference room in twenty minutes. There are a total of twelve teams participating in this world championship, so from today onwards, in addition to training, you have to start researching as much as possible about the other teams, including their drivers, racing equipment, racing style, and so on. You have to pay special attention to those at the top of the driver rankings.”

In this kind of competition, the worth of a top-notch driver was the equivalent of half of the team.

Knowing the enemy and knowing oneself, one would never lose a hundred battles.

Everyone was clearly aware of the importance of this meeting, so they all agreed.


Shen Li followed everyone else to the rest area. She took her phone and other items with the intention of heading to the meeting room.

However, she soon discovered that there were two missed calls and a message from Zhao Xuan on her phone.

[ President Shen, there’s a situation over on Xiang Yao’s side. ]

Deep in thought, Shen Li stared at the message.

With Zhao Xuan’s personality, it was rare for him to be so anxious that he would urgently make two consecutive calls.

The matter was probably not a small one.

“Sister Li, are you leaving?”

Ji Shu and the others saw that Shen Li had been standing at the same spot, so they shouted loudly.

Shen Li put away her phone and looked at Wen Xiao.

“Uncle Wen, I have something to take care of. Can I take a leave of absence?”

Wen Xiao waved his hand and said in a casual tone, “Just do what you need to do.”

“Thank you, Uncle Wen.”

Shen Li thanked him. Then, she simply packed her things and turned to leave.

Everyone looked at her back view as she walked away. They were all stunned.

After a long while, someone could not help but ask, “Coach, didn’t you say that you would focus on studying the other teams and drivers today?”

Wen Xiao put out the cigarette in his hand and said lazily,”She doesn’t need it.”

Elsewhere, Shen Li changed her clothes and returned to her car. Only then did she call Zhao Xuan back.

Zhao Xuan answered immediately. “President Shen.”

“What did you find out?” Shen Li asked.

Zhao Xuan paused for a moment and said seriously, “Director Shen, our people found out that Xiang Yao also took drugs.”