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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1060 - Being a Creditor, Isn’t It Very Interesting

Chapter 1060: Being a Creditor, Isn’t It Very Interesting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The breeze blew, lifting her fine hair and sending his words clearly to her ears.

As Shen Li stood there, all the noise behind her disappeared.

However, every one of his words still carried the deep and dignified meaning that she was most familiar with, and could not be mistaken.

Three years.

The last debt.

It was quite a pity.

It was quite, quite, quite a pity.

She fixed her gaze on the tall and straight figure in front of her and held her breath slightly.

Seeming to have sensed something, Lu Huaiyu turned his body to look over at her.

“Ah Li?”

He called her name with a casual and indulgent smile on his handsome and beautiful face.

Countless images suddenly appeared in Shen Li’s mind.

She had thought countless times about what kind of person Saint was, but she had never thought of meeting him.

With all the information between them completely hidden, her leaving Leland meant that they had cut off their last bit of communication between them.

They would never know each other’s name, age, appearance, and occupation.

Even if they met on the street one day, the only possibility was that they would just brush past each other like strangers.

Everything that had happened in Leland would be buried in the torrent of time.

However, she would never have thought that Saint was actually Lu Huaiyu.

He had always been by her side, protecting her and coaxing her. He cared more about her than she did. He would even pay special attention to the temperature of a glass of water–

Lu Huaiyu.

At the same time, he had forced her to owe him a huge debt in Leland, forcing her to use all kinds of methods to raise money to pay back the debt for the past three years–


Lu Huaiyu quickly felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Shen Li.

Since she stood beside the glass door of the balcony, standing against the light, her expression could not be seen clearly. The bright light behind her made her seem to glow with a faint layer of silver around her body, only making that pair of lustrous and beautiful peach blossom eyes become increasingly dark and calm.

After being shocked into silence for a long time by his words, Cheng Xiyue spoke accusingly through the phone receiver.

“… Second Master Lu, please show some humanity. What bad luck did Gambler have to meet you? Now that he has finally paid off his debt with great difficulty, you’re actually saying, “It’s quite a pity.”

Had he not bullied him enough yet?

Was there still any justice in this?!

“Oh right, Sister Ah Li is there as well, right? Tsk, if she finds out that you’re actually so cruel and inhuman, how do you think Sister Ah Li will view you?”

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be a carefree and lazy person, but in fact, he was extremely proud and aloof.

Cheng Xiyue felt that if there was someone in the world who could humble him and that person being someone who would not do what he wanted, that person could only be Shen Li, so he had purposely mentioned her.

However, Lu Huaiyu could not be bothered with him right now. Seeing that Shen Li had come over, he said “I’m hanging up now” before proceeding to immediately end the call.

Seeing that Shen Li was still standing there, he walked over with his long legs.

“Ah Li?” He stood in front of her, bent down slightly, and looked at her with a smile. “What’s wrong? Were you looking for me?”

The images in her mind disappeared in an instant until only the face in front of her gradually became clearer.

Shen Li’s gaze focused, and she finally exhaled the breath that she held in her chest gently.

She met his gaze, and her lips curved into a smile.


“I was looking for you.”

Lu Huaiyu had a vague feeling that something was not right, but he could not pinpoint the exact details.

Hearing Shen Li’s reply, he thought that she had left the banquet hall to search for a while before finally coming here. He held her hand.

“Then shall we go back?”

As he spoke, he was about to lead her back in.


Shen Li did not follow his actions. Instead, she held his hand.

“It’s a little stuffy in here. I want to stay here for a while.”

Lu Huaiyu looked inside and then looked down at her.

There were indeed a lot of people who wanted to talk to her tonight. The young girl was probably tired.

He lowered his chin slightly.


Shen Li let go of his hand and took a few steps forward till she stood in front of the railing.

The night was dark, and the moon hung high in the sky. The cold moonlight flowed like water.

In the distance, the water from the fountain was gushing, and the shadows of the trees were swaying.

Their surroundings were noisy and lively, but this corner was the only place that was quiet and peaceful.

She looked at it for a while and tucked her hair behind her ear. Then, she turned to look at the man beside her and casually asked, “Who was Second Brother on the phone with just now?”

Lu Huaiyu walked over to her and stood by her side. He leaned towards her, supporting himself with his left elbow against the railing, exuding a sense of laziness.

“Cheng Xiyue.”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up into an arc.

“I accidentally heard the tail end of your conversation. Did someone owe Second Brother money?”

She was asking casually with a relaxed tone of voice and Lu Huaiyu did not notice the look in her eyes at this time.

He laughed.

“To be precise, he has already paid the money back, so now… it’s not like he owes me money.”

Shen Li thought of the long string of zeros that had been swiped away from her phone, and her eyes curved.

“Is that so? Then this should be a good thing. Why does it sound from your voice… that you still have some regrets?”

Lu Huaiyu turned to look at her sideways and saw the curiosity on the young girl’s face. He raised his hand to pinch her soft cheeks, slightly bowed his head, and said with a low laugh,”It seems that you heard quite a lot.”

Shen Li’s thick and curly eyelashes trembled slightly, like a butterfly about to fly away. Her eyes were dark and clear, shining with a lustrous light.

In Lu Huaiyu’s eyes, she looked very adorable and naive.

He tilted his head slightly and thought for a while, before saying with a smile, “A little. This person… is quite interesting.”

Shen Li’s eyes moved slightly.

“How can it be interesting to owe money?”

Perhaps it was because the reception was too boring, or perhaps the breeze tonight was too gentle, or perhaps it was because after he received the last sum of money owed, and after he had canceled the three-year-long debt relationship with the other party, but it was rare for him to display any extra emotions.

Lu Huaiyu did not notice that she was asking more questions tonight than usual, and he also did not feel that her curiosity about this matter was obviously higher than before.

“The interesting thing was not the debt, it was the person,” he said.

Thinking of the things that had happened before, his thin lips curled up slightly with a casual smile.

“He’s very smart, but he’s too smart, so he doesn’t appear to be that smart.”

Shen Li automatically translated his words in her mind. Smart people were outsmarted their own smartness.

This evaluation was really subtle.

She whispered,”Oh?”

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly, as if he was recalling something.

“Speaking of which, this debt was owed because he was too confident in his own cleverness.”

Although three years had passed, the memories from that time were still as clear as yesterday.

Shen Li listened quietly.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“But that’s also why it’s so interesting. And after this debt is paid off, I don’t think there will be any more dealings in the future, so I feel that it’s a pity.”

Shen Li listened carefully to every word.

After he finished speaking, she half-turned around and looked at him.

She blinked slightly, her red lips curved, and her voice was soft as she spoke.

“Then, Second Brother, isn’t it interesting to be a creditor?”