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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1058 - Paid Back the Money in Advance?

Chapter 1058: Paid Back the Money in Advance?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu took his phone out to take a look and answered the call.


Sitting a short distance away, Shen Li could not hear the other party’s voice from where she was.

Her gaze fell on Lu Huaiyu’s face as she tried to pay attention to all the changes in his expression.

He listened for a while before saying, “Yes, let Feng Yao handle this matter fully.”

Feng Yao.

He had been transferred from Yunzhou to the Capital the previous year and was now one of the deputy general managers of HG headquarters.

Shen Li’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and her heart seemed to drop instantly. However, the feeling of being gripped tightly still had not subsided.

Lu Huaiyu gave a few more instructions and quickly ended the call.

The moment he hung up the phone, Shen Li picked up the glass of water and lowered her eyes.

The glass was still a little hot, but her mind was no longer on it now.

Every minute and every second seemed to have become particularly unbearable.

Lu Huaiyu put down his phone again and sat down beside her.

The sofa sunk down. He used the back of his hand to touch the glass to make sure it was not too hot. Only then did he relax.

Shen Li turned her head to look at him.

“Second Brother, was that… Special Assistant Yi on the phone just now?”


Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“HG plans to expand in three cities, including Tong City.”

It was not from that side.

Shen Li replied with an “Oh” and took a sip from her cup. Her gaze then swept over the phone on the coffee table.

“Are you planning to stay longer in Hong Kong City this time?” Lu Huaiyu asked casually.

Shen Li snapped back to her senses and nodded.

“Yes. On one hand, I can spend more time with my grandparents. On the other hand, our research team and Mill Lab have a new project to collaborate on, so I’ll be in charge of the content here.”

Of course, in addition to that, she had to start honoring the promise she had made at the last auction during this holiday.

“However, at some point in the middle, I’ll be returning to the Capital regularly. The world car racing championship will be held next month.”

This was not LY’s request, but at her own suggestion.

Wen Xiao was not very concerned about this matter. After all, he was the one who knew her strength the best.

However, he would be very happy to have Shen Li go back to beat those brats regularly.

In addition to that, there was an even more important reason– Shen Zhijin.

He had already shifted his focus to China and spent most of his time in the Capital.

Shen Li spending her summer vacation in Hong Kong City could be considered a tacit understanding between him and the Gu family.

However, Shen Li naturally could not bear to part with him for so long, so she would still go back often.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes flickered.

“I remember that this year’s event will be held in Leland?”


“Are you going too?”

Shen Li lowered her chin slightly.

“Yes, I’m the team leader. Of course, I’m going.”

Lu Huaiyu’s brows raised slightly.

She had always been quite resistant toward Leland previously, so he had never asked her about this before.

He had not expected her to ultimately decide to go.

The corners of his lips curved.

“I happen to be quite familiar with that place. Shall I accompany you there?”

Shen Li’s heart skipped a beat, and she turned to look at him.

There was a faint smile on his handsome face.

She nodded slowly.

“I almost forgot that Second Brother used to go to Leland often.”

As she spoke, she tilted her head to look at the coffee table.

Quite some time had passed, but Lu Huaiyu’s cell phone had not sounded since.

There were no messages or calls.

She frowned slightly.

Logically speaking, it should not be so late…

Could it be that she was wrong?

Just then, her cell phone rang. It was a message from Gu Tinglan, saying that Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng had arrived and were looking for her.

Shen Li paused for a moment and said, “Second Brother, Sicheng and Siqi have arrived. I have to go down first. Are you… coming with me?”

Lu Huaiyu obviously would not refuse.


The two of them headed to the banquet hall on the first floor.

Just as they arrived at the door, the twin brothers smartly dressed in suits waved at them at the same time.


Shen Li smiled as she walked over to them.

“Why are you here so early?”

“It’s not that early! Aren’t uncle and cousin already here?” Gu Siqi looked excited. “Besides, Cousin said that she won her bets on a lot of races this time. We haven’t congratulated you yet!”

At the horse racing event the previous year, the two brothers had been taking their exams in Bai City and had not been able to come back. Later, they had always been full of regret whenever they thought about it.

Therefore, during the three competition days this year, the two of them had been there from beginning to end. They had also watched the horse races together.

However, since the two of them were still young, they were deliberately not told a lot about the horse races.

It was only when Gu Siyang had accidentally let it slip when they were chatting in the afternoon that the two of them found out about it.

Shen Li bent her finger and tapped him lightly on the head.

“Pick whatever gift you want.”

She then looked at Gu Sicheng.

“Sicheng too.”

The two brothers’ small faces lit up with surprise. Gu Sicheng’s eyes were bright, and his face became slightly flushed.

“Thank you, Cousin! Also, cousin looks very good today!”

Shen Li was wearing a pearl-white gown and gauze skirt today. Her collarbones were shown off exquisitely, and her waist was extremely slender. On her feet was a pair of diamond square silver stilettos, which made her look even more slender and tall.

Her long black hair was slightly curled and fell over her shoulders. Her eyes were clear and beautiful.

She was indeed beautiful beyond compare.

Gu Siqi blinked, as he looked at her eagerly.

“Cousin! Dad said that you would come to the house this month to help Sicheng and me tutor us in our homework. Is that true?”

Shen Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

However, before she could speak, she heard a familiar voice coming from in front of her.

“Are you going home… to catch up on your lessons?”

Shen Li froze.

The two brothers turned around at the same time. Clearly, they had not realized the seriousness of the problem. They greeted happily, “Uncle!”

Gu Tinglan smiled.

“It’s no wonder that Second Brother chose to forfeit in the last round of the auction.”

These two boys were already very smart. Why would they need extra tuition for their lessons? Not to mention going home.

However, since Shen Li had said that she would help them with remedial lessons, how long would she have to spend at Second Brother’s house?

Should she eat fruit during remedial lessons? Should she have afternoon tea during the break? Should she talk about the brothers’ homework after those lessons?

One trip was the equivalent of spending most of the day there.

In comparison, surely cooking a meal was nothing?

He had always said that his second brother and eldest brother were the most stubborn. Previously, they had been tricked by their eldest brother and third brother, so how could they have been willing to give up in the end?

Shen Li coughed lightly and thought for a long time.

“… Why don’t we go together, Little Uncle?”

If this matter was discovered by her first uncle and third uncle, there would be trouble again.

Now, she could only try to bribe her youngest uncle.

After hearing this suggestion, Gu Tinglan thought for a while before nodding in satisfaction.


Just as Shen Li and Gu Tinglan were discussing this matter, Lu Huaiyu was standing behind her as his phone lit up.

The banquet was about to begin, and he had already set the volume to silent.

Seeing the undisclosed number on the screen, his phoenix-like eyes narrowed, and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

He glanced at Shen Li, before turning slightly to the side, and picking up the call.

A respectful and polite male voice came from the receiver.

“Hello, Gambler has transferred ten million US dollars to your account twenty minutes ago. The third payment has been paid off. Please check and accept it.”