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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1051 - : Second Watch

Chapter 1051: Second Watch

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although both players had made different choices in the middle of the races, overall, the probability of them making the same choice was still very high.

Although he had not participated in betting on the horses, he had his own favorite horse in each match.

Only in the second preliminary round and this final round had he chosen the same as Lu Huaiyu.

However, Shen Li had made the same choices as him in three of the matches.

More importantly, up until now, Lu Huaiyu had won all the bets that he had placed.

Shen Li tapped a few times on her phone and finished placing her bets. Only then did she raise her head.

“It’s quite a coincidence.”

Gu Tinglan raised his chin.

“Ah Li, if you watch a few more rounds and gain more experience, you might be able to achieve the same winning rate as Lu Er.”

Shen Li paused for a moment, then slowly turned her head. She looked at Yu Pingchuan beside her and said hesitantly, “… This… is not necessarily…”

Yu Pingchuan, felt as if he had suddenly been shot…

He felt that his junior sister was targeting him!

Gu Tinglan followed her gaze and fell silent for a moment.

“That’s true.”

Yu Pingchuan was silent.

Very good, now he could confirm that they were indeed targeting him!

Originally, he wanted to retort, but he really did not have the confidence to do so. Yu Pingchuan’s lips moved, but in the end, he lowered his head again. He added another vicious stroke on top of the previous one.

Shen Li looked at the field, deep in thought.

“I wonder how many SSS-level members are betting today?”

She quickly got the answer.

The staff responsible for the relevant part quickly walked in and summarized the situation this time.

There were a total of five people betting today, but–

“Of the three people yesterday, only Gambler has chosen to continue today?” Gu Tinglan asked.

“Yes. The other two from yesterday didn’t place their bets. Moreover, Gambler chose to bet all of yesterday’s principal and prize money on Number Three to win alone.”

“As expected…”

This possibility had already crossed Gu Tinglan’s mind before so he could not help but laugh when he heard this.

“This person has always had such a unique style.”

He had been in charge of Dutian Racecourse for many years, but it was really rare to see someone as bold as this person.

For example, the other two yesterday had simply stopped after losing one match. Only Gambler had placed all his bets every time.

He even suspected that even if Gambler had lost, he would still continue to be as determined.

But so far, Gambler’s luck had been very good.

He had not placed many bets, but he always won.

“If Gambler can still win three matches in a row this year, that would be amazing.”

As Gu Tinglan spoke, he looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“Speaking of which, Lu Er, are you really not considering upgrading to SSS-class? With the probability of your winning, it would be a pity if you didn’t upgrade to SSS-class.”

The assessment of SSS-class members in Dutian Racecourse was extremely strict, but Lu Huaiyu certainly had the qualifications.

Lu Huaiyu was looking at the competition situation on the field. When he heard this, he tilted his head slightly and chuckled.


When Gu Tinglan saw this, he did not continue to persuade him.

After all, this kind of thing still depended on one’s own will.

Shen Li used a small silver fork to insert a piece of French toast into her mouth.

Saint still had not placed any bets today.


She looked at the field. The match was already halfway through, and there was only a short distance left.

Number Three rushed to the front.

As the distance between him and the finish line rapidly shortened, the audience in the stands became more and more excited.

Everyone stood up, and the noise reverberated in the air above the entire racecourse.

A sweet and rich fragrance spread through her taste buds. Her eyes narrowed slightly, making her look like a lazy cat.

It was at that moment that Number Three was the first to rush to the finish line!

In an instant, enthusiastic cheers rang out!

“We won!”

Yu Pingchuan’s face turned slightly red from his great excitement.

Gu Tinglan tilted his head and smiled.

“Ah Li, congratulations.”

All three of them had actually won, but Shen Li was the youngest, and it was only her second time playing, so of course, they all doted on her.

“Thank you, Little Uncle.”

Shen Li’s eyes curved as she smiled.

“This French toast is quite delicious.”

Since she had already won the second round, that meant that Saint would probably come tomorrow.

At 11 a.m. on the third day of the racing event, Shen Zhijin arrived in Hong Kong City.

He had lunch with Shen Li at the Gu residence before heading to the racecourse together.

Private Room Number One was particularly lively today.

Besides Shen Zhijin, Gu Siyang had also come over.

However, this time, he had not come for Shen Li.

“Second Master Lu.”

Gu Siyang looked at Lu Huaiyu intensely as he asked,”I heard from my uncle that you bet on all the matches in the past two days?”

Only God knew just how much money he had already lost!

Now that he finally had a big shot to rely on, of course, he could not possibly hesitate!

Lu Huaiyu leaned back against his chair, his elbows resting against the arms, and the cuffs of his shirt were rolled up, revealing his slender and beautiful forearms.

Hearing this, he seemed to smile.

“Not really. I’m just accompanying Ah Li to play. I’ve just been a little lucky.”

Gu Siyang was stunned.

‘You’ve been accurate on all of them, Second Master Lu! Are you just calling this being ‘a little lucky’?

‘Can you please stop saying such things to hurt us ordinary people?’

When Gu Tinglan saw him in this state, he comforted him gently.

“This just means that you’ll be short of a car. Don’t take it to heart.”

Gu Siyang almost cried out, “Uncle! It was the cost of a lot of cars!”

Gu Tinglan paused, and the tone of his voice became even more peaceful.

“Then you should get over it.”

Gu Siyang was speechless.

He knew that his uncle was unreliable!

At this time, he could only save himself!

Thus, he looked to Lu Huaiyu again with a determined and serious expression on his face.

“Second Master Lu, seeing that you’re my brother-in-law–”

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt several strong gazes fall heavily on his shoulders.

His voice stopped abruptly.

Shen Zhijin had an indifferent look on his face.

Gu Tinglan had a faint smile on his face.

Even Yu Pingchuan had put down his phone and narrowed his eyes to look at him.

Gu Siyang felt as if there was a laser light on her back, and he almost bit his own tongue.

He was in a daze!

He had actually said these words in front of these people!

The atmosphere in the private room seemed to freeze, and Gu Siyang felt a great pressure fall upon him.

Only Second Master Lu, who had always been noble and cold, showed a rare kind smile to him.

Gu Siyang forced himself to endure to try to salvage the situation for himself.

“I… I mean, on account that you’re my sister’s boyfriend…”

No one answered.

His lonely voice echoed in the room, and every word was said with great difficulty.

Finally, Lu Huaiyu tilted his head.

“Number Five seems to have the look of a champion.”

For a moment, Gu Siyang was both happy and sad.

The good thing was that he would finally not have to lose money!

The bad thing was that he did not know if he would live long enough to spend this money!

Therefore, for a long period of time, Gu Siyang remained as quiet as a chicken. He merely listened attentively to Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li’s discussion about how to bet on this round when the bets were about to be placed.

That’s right. Even Yu Pingchuan did not casually express his opinion any longer, because most of the time, he was neither on the same side as Lu Huaiyu nor Shen Li.

In the four preliminary matches, Lu Huaiyu made a strike, and Shen Li won two and lost two.

Finally, it came to the final round.

Shen Li looked at the field and suddenly asked, “Second Brother, I think that Number Four is capable of winning the championship. What do you think?”