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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1049 - He's Fishing For Me

Chapter 1049: He’s Fishing For Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Almost at the same time, Lu Huaiyu also looked up.

The staff reported their names one by one.

“These three are Cecil, Liu Ning, and Gambler.”

Hearing the last name, a faint smile appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s lips.

“It sounds familiar.”

Gu Tinglan smiled and continued, “Gambler, who is the one who won three days in a row last year, is here again this year.”

As he spoke, he looked at the staff member.

“How much did this person bet this year?”

“Same as last year, 10 million RMB, betting on Number Two winning alone.”

Number Two was Qingfeng.

“On these?” Gu Tinglan was a little surprised. “I thought that the person who won so much last year would have a larger principal to play with this year. Or, does this person have some obsession with 10 million?”

No one answered his question.

Lu Huaiyu lightly tapped on the armrest with one hand. His eyes were deep and thoughtful.

When Shen Li heard the first two names, her eyes narrowed slightly.

There was no Saint.

Had he not come this time?

“Are you sure it’s these three?”

“Yes, Miss Ah Li.”

The finals were about to begin, and it was no longer possible to place any more bets.

Shen Li nodded.

Gu Tinglan looked at her. “Ah Li, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the name list?”

Lost in her thoughts, his question seemed to jolt her awake.

Shen Li came back to her senses.

“Nothing, it’s just… since Gambler is here, I thought of Saint.”

Gu Tinglan understood.

“He didn’t come to the first day of last year’s horse race event either. He only gambled once on the third day of the race. Maybe he’s planning to do the same?”

Shen Li nodded. It was not impossible.

Lu Huaiyu picked up his cup but did not drink. His fingers rubbed against the side of the cup. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Yu Pingchuan was the only one who heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ah Li, both you and Lu Huaiyu chose Qingfeng. So did Gambler. That means that it should be a sure win, right?”

He had also heard that Gambler and Saint had won money at the horse race last year. He was very impressed by their strength.

If Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu had chosen Qingfeng because it was Qingfeng, then it was enough to prove why Gambler had chosen Qingfeng as well.

He was counting on this match to make up for his loss!

When Shen Li heard him say this, she could not help but laugh.

“It’s hard to say, but the probability is quite high.”

As soon as she finished speaking, an announcement came from the arena!


With Qingfeng around, this was the finals again. Shen Li picked up the binoculars from the table and looked through it.

Yu Pingchuan had already walked out of the private room and come to the railing of the corridor, staring intently at the situation on the field.

Right at that moment, Lu Huaiyu’s phone lit up. It was a message from Cheng Xiyue.

[ Lu Er, how has the first day of the Jockey Club Competition been? ]

Cheng Xiyue had originally planned to come over, but he had been delayed due to some urgent matters, so he could only look for Lu Huaiyu to ask a few questions about it.

Lu Huaiyu looked at the field.

[ Today, Qingfeng is on the field. It’s indeed a pity that you didn’t come. ]

When Cheng Xiyue saw this message, he was instantly vexed.

Qingfeng was Shen Li’s horse, but even if this point was thrown aside, this horse itself was also extremely outstanding.

Cheng Xiyue had seen a video of Qingfeng’s race before, and he had liked it very much.

If not for the fact that it already belonged to Shen Li, he would have thought of a way to obtain it, no matter what.

In the end, he had not been able to go to Hong Kong City today and had been forced to miss Qingfeng’s race just like that!

[ Then should I even still bother to go after this? ]

After Qingfeng finished competing today, he would basically not appear on the field for the rest of the competition.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled into a casual smile.

[ This year’s horse race is quite interesting. You should still come. ]

Young Master Cheng stared at this line of words for a few seconds before typing furiously.

[ Lu Er! Don’t think that I don’t know that Sister Ah Li is in charge of this year’s horse racing event! Are you just trying to force me to witness your public displays of affection? No way! ]

He had seen enough in Yunzhou and Lincheng!

Lu Huaiyu was about to reply when he suddenly heard a burst of enthusiastic cheers from the stands.

At the same time, Yu Pingchuan was also excitedly banging on the railing.

“He won! He won! Qingfeng won!”

Lu Huaiyu looked toward the field and indeed saw that Qingfeng had already crossed the finish line first, and he was quite a distance away from the horse in second place. He had won very beautifully.

Countless spectators stood up in excitement. Whistles and cheers were incessant, and the crowd was boiling with excitement.

It was probably because Qingfeng had won the championship last year, and his performance in the competition had left a very deep impression on many people. In addition, he was Shen Li’s horse, so this year, many people had bet on him to win.

Now that Qingfeng had successfully won the championship, everyone was naturally excited and happy.

When Gu Tinglan saw this, he smiled and said, “Ah Li, I have to say, your judgment is indeed sharp. Last year, you picked Qingfeng with one challenge.”

Just this competition alone had made Shen Li a lot of money.

Shen Li’s eyes curved in a smile.

“I still have to thank Grandpa.”

If he had not taken the initiative to gift the horse, Qingfeng definitely would not have fallen into Shen Li’s hands.

Yu Pingchuan turned around with an excited expression:

“Ah Li, it’s all thanks to you this time! If not, when I go back, I really don’t know how many more paintings I would have had to sell!”

Shen Li said, “… Actually, the main thing is that Qingfeng has lived up to its expectations. Other than me, you and Second Brother also bet on it. If it had lost, wouldn’t that have been too inappropriate?”

“Then I still have to thank you!” Yu Pingchuan had finally fought a comeback battle and was very excited.

Gu Tinglan thought of another matter and said with a smile, “Gambler also earned quite a lot this time.”

The corner of Lu Huaiyu’s lips raised into an extremely faint arc as he returned his attention to his conversation with Cheng Xiyue.

[ There’s another very interesting matter. Gambler is fishing for me. ]