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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1037 - Meeting

Chapter 1037: Meeting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ever since Wen Xiao had agreed to be the head coach for LY, he had already started to settle matters with the auto repair factory in Lincheng.

At first, he had been a little hesitant. After all, he had opened it for ten years, so he still had feelings for it.

But later, when he considered that LY still had to prepare for the world championship, he knew he would not be able to return for a long time. Moreover, being the head coach was the equivalent of him returning to the public’s view. Thus, going back to Lincheng to live the same life as before was also not very realistic.

Therefore, after much consideration, he had decided to close the auto-repair shop over there.

He had packed up some things and gradually gotten them sent them over here.

Since Shen Li had been following him since she was young, the auto-repair shop still had some of the things that she had left there.

Shen Li thought about it and realized that they were probably some unimportant old things.

However, since they had already been sent over, it would be better to go and get them. She did not want Wen Xiao’s efforts to go through all this trouble to be in vain.

[ Alright, thank you, Uncle Wen. I’ll get it another day. ]


Yu Media.

Yu Yu was flipping through some documents in her office when the landline phone on her desk suddenly rang. It was her assistant calling.

“President Yu, there’s a Mr. Xiang at the front desk of the company looking for you. He says he’s a friend of yours. Would you like to meet with him?”

Yu Yu’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the words “Mr. Xiang”.

“Which Mr. Xiang?”

“He said his name is Xiang Yao.”

“I don’t know him.”

Yu Yu immediately denied it.

“Ask him to leave.”

“Yes, President Yu.”

The assistant hung up the phone, but he quickly called back with a troubled tone of voice.

“President Yu, that Mr. Xiang is insisting on meeting you. He even said that he wouldn’t leave if he couldn’t see you today. He even tried to force his way into the elevator earlier. Our people almost couldn’t stop him. It’s a mess over here now, look–”

Yu Yu’s anger instantly flared up.

“Where are the security guards?! What are they doing? Someone has come to cause trouble, yet they’re just standing around to watch? Within five minutes, I want them to chase the person out of the Yu Media building and forbid them from coming back! Tell them that if they can’t do this, they can just resign collectively! There are plenty of people that I can get to replace them!”

Hearing her anger, the assistant hurriedly replied with trepidation,”Yes! President Yu, I’ll go take care of it right away!”


Yu Yu hung up the phone heavily. Her chest heaved, her face already having turned red.

Xiang Yao had come to ask for money from her these past few days. She was really annoyed and had decided to take a cold approach.

She had not picked up the phone and had not replied to his messages.

She had originally thought that this would force Xiang Yao to restrain himself a little, but she had not expected him to do this instead. Instead, he had gone even further and rushed over from the Capital to Haicheng!

He even dared to come directly to the Yu Media building!

Yu Yu picked up the document again, but she was so upset that she could not read it no matter how hard she tried.

About ten minutes later, her phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

But the moment she saw this number, Yu Yu had already guessed that it was definitely Xiang Yao.

She immediately rejected the call.

Very quickly, however, the other party sent another message.

[ Second Miss Yu, you’re really something. I’ve come to look for you personally, yet you’re not willing to meet with me, right? Alright, since I’m here in Haicheng, I guess I should pay a visit to the Yu family home. ]

Yu Yu stared at his message. She was extremely angry, but she was also extremely flustered.

Xiang Yao was a madman. He was very capable of doing something like this!

In the end, all she could do was grit her teeth and make another call.

After a few rings, Xiang Yao answered the call and spoke lazily with obvious sarcasm.

“Oh, so the Second Miss Yu is finally willing to spare some time to make this call with me?”

“Xiang Yao! You’re crazy!”

Yu Yu lowered her voice. Every word seemed to be squeezed out from between her teeth with deep resentment.

Xiang Yao laughed.

“Second Miss Yu, why are you still scolding me? If you hadn’t gone overboard, I wouldn’t have come all the way here, don’t you think?”

Yu Yu took a deep breath.

“I’ve told you before, I really don’t have any more money! I’ve already given you everything I can give you. What more do you want?!”

At first, she had wanted to give him some hush money so that he would keep all those secrets to himself.

However, she had soon realized that Xiang Yao was a bottomless pit!

If this trend continued, she would be dragged down by him sooner or later!

“I just wanted to ask Second Miss Yu for some pocket money. Why is Second Miss Yu so stingy?” Xiang Yao scoffed. “The whole of Yu Corporation is in your hands. Do you think everyone else is a fool when you say that you don’t have any money?”

Yu Yu was furious.

On the surface, she was in charge of most of Yu Corporation’s businesses, but in reality, she did not have complete control over Yu Corporation yet. The rest of the Yu family was still eyeing this fat piece of meat!

Moreover, the money belonged to the company, not her!

How could she control it as she pleased?

“Then you can’t come here and make a scene, right?!”

Yu Yu was so angry that she was about to die.

Once this matter spread, it was inevitable that someone would suspect her.

Who knew what would be found out later?!

What if…

“What else can I do? Who asked Second Miss Yu to refuse to see me?” Xiang Yao refused to budge. “Or should I go to the Yu family and wait there for you?”


Yu Yu lowered her voice even further.

“Xiang Yao! Don’t you dare! If you dare to expose this matter, do you think that matters will end well for you?!”

“Second Miss Yu doesn’t need to worry about me on this point. I am very clear about it. However, using my life to exchange for the lives of the Yu family’s eldest young master and second miss, no matter how you look at it, I will still profit.”

Yu Yu’s threat clearly had no effect on Xiang Yao.

It was also because of this that he had the guts to behave so arrogantly in front of Yu Yu.

Yu Yu closed her eyes.

“… I’ve got it! I’ll see you later–”

“Right now,” Xiang Yao interrupted her, “I’ll be outside the Yu Media building. I’ll give you ten minutes.”

Yu Yu was furious.

Of course, she knew that Xiang Yao was deliberately humiliating her this time!


Yu Yu took a deep breath.

“This place is too conspicuous. Go to the parking lot on the second floor. I’ll be there soon.”

She did not want anyone to know that she was in contact with Xiang Yao.

Xiang Yao knew that he could not press her too hard. After agreeing readily, he hung up the phone.

Yu Yu took a few deep breaths before finally managing to calm herself down. She stood up and walked out.

Her assistant was surprised.

“President Yu, are you going out?”

Yu Yu stopped in her tracks. “I have something urgent to attend to. I’ll be back soon. There’s no need to follow me.”

After saying that, she left.

Laboratory 601 of Xijing University of Science and Technology

Shen Li was reading a document in her seat when her phone suddenly lit up.

She glanced at it, picked it up, and clicked on it.

Zhao Xuan had sent a photo over.

In an underground parking lot, a man was pulling open the car door and planning to get into the passenger seat.

Although they were quite a distance away, the face could clearly be seen. It was Xiang Yao.

The car was also very familiar.

That was Yu Yu’s car.

[ President Shen, Xiang Yao went to Haicheng to meet with Yu Yu. ]