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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1034 - Love Letter of the Year

Chapter 1034: Love Letter of the Year

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was cold and indifferent.

“Coach Wen Xiao has already said what should be said.”


Already feeling nervous, when Lu Siyu saw Lu Huaiyu’s indifferent expression, it made him even more flustered.

Did he look too stupid now?

However, he had just been too excited to see Lu Huaiyu so suddenly, which was why he was at such a loss as to how to behave.

In actual fact, he had only wanted Lu Huaiyu to give him some pointers. After all, this was a rare opportunity.

However, after what Lu Huaiyu had just said, he suddenly felt that it was probably inappropriate for him to ask this question, especially after just after the meeting with Wen Xiao.

His face flushed red, and he hurriedly said, “Yes, yes… I will study it carefully when I go back!”

Lu Huaiyu did not want to say anything more about this matter. After all, he had come here today purely to accompany Shen Li.

As for the rest–

He was not interested in them at all.

Just then, he felt something. He raised his eyes slightly and met Shen Li’s gaze.

She had obviously heard Lu Siyu’s words.

No, or rather, she had seen Lu Siyu’s interaction with him.

She was extremely smart.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze was slightly restrained as he strode forward with his long legs.

He came to Shen Li’s side with the corners of his lips slightly raised.

“What’s wrong?”

As usual, his expression was calm, without the slightest hint that anything was wrong.

Shen Li looked at him intently.

He did not seem to think that Lu Siyu had any particular attitude towards him, or perhaps…

She shook her head gently. “Nothing.”

A team member at the side boldly suggested,”Sister Li, are you going on the track today?”

Since she was already here, this was a rare opportunity!

Before Shen Li could say anything, Gu Siyang quickly slapped the back of that team member’s head.

“What track? Can’t you see how my sister is dressed today?!”

Tears filling his eyes, the team member said, “I just thought that since Sister Li is so amazing, this would not affect her…”

Ji Shu patted his shoulder sympathetically.

“You’re right about this. If Sister Li wanted to get into a car, these things would not be a problem. However–”

However, couldn’t this guy see who was standing next to her?

When Shen Li arrived, they had only taken a few more glances at her before they could already feel the death stare from the second master of the Lu family.

If they really allowed her to go on the field to race like this, they probably wouldn’t be able to live to see it.

Only then did the team member realize what was going on, and he quickly shrank back.

Ji Shu looked at Shen Li once again. When he thought of the past, he felt quite nostalgic.

“Tsk, I’m thinking back to the time when Sister Li used to climb over the wall from school and got straight into the car with her school bag. Hadn’t she still won then?”

Shen Li gave him a look.

But Ji Shu did not notice.

Because his words had quickly attracted the interest of everyone, a group of people now surrounded her with curious faces.


“Sister Li has done this before? This is too wild… It’s too awesome, right?”

“Tell me! Quickly tell me!”

Everyone knew that Ji Shu used to compete in underground racing.

As for Shen Li, there was no need to mention it. After Ji Shu had competed with her, he had willingly become like her little brother.

But that had been a long time ago.

Ever since Shen Li had come to LY, she had only participated in professional-level racing training and competitions. Most people had never seen what she had been like when she had participated in underground races, and they knew very little about her past.

Ji Shu rarely mentioned these things that had happened in the past. However, now that he had mentioned it, everyone was extremely curious.

It was probably because Shen Li usually did not care about such things that they were so bold to ask so enthusiastically in front of Shen Li.

A mischievous smile appeared on Ji Shu’s face.

“Of course it’s true. You can go to Lincheng’s underground racing circle and casually inquire about it. Don’t you know about it? Although Sister Li rarely played eventually, when it comes to it, no one else can compare.”

As he spoke, he lightly clicked his tongue.

“Speaking of which, at that time, Sister Li still had short hair. I don’t know how many girls thought that she was a boy and came to confess their admiration for her!”

Ji Shu was extremely handsome and had a free and easy temperament. He had always been very popular among girls.

Even so, there were many more young girls who had chased after Shen Li than those who had chased him.

At that time, Shen Li had short hair and was extremely slender. She would usually dress in black, white, and gray. With a baseball cap pulled over her head, half of her face would be covered. Her temperament was cold and valiant. At first glance, it had been really easy for people to misunderstand.

Everyone cheered in unison, “Oh ho!”

This was too exciting!

“Sister Li, you used to have such a glorious battle record!”

Everyone laughed and turned to look at Shen Li together. Their faces were filled with excitement and gossip.

Shen Li was not interested in talking about these things.

But Ji Shu was very interested.

It was rare to see Shen Li dressed the way she was today at the LY base. He thought of the things that had happened in the past and became very excited.

In addition, everyone was heckling him. Feeling momentarily happy, he did not pay much attention to Shen Li.

Of course, he did not pay much attention to Second Master Lu who was beside him.

From the moment Ji Shu mentioned Shen Li’s short hair, he had turned his gaze to Ji Shu.

He listened quietly and raised his eyebrows slightly. There seemed to be some interest in the corners of his eyes.

However, his phoenix-like eyes were as thick as the sea, extremely deep and unfathomable.

The more Ji Shu talked, the more excited he became. He blinked.

“This is nothing. The most interesting thing is that at that time, many people misunderstood and thought that Sister Li was a boy, but there were still men chasing after her! Do you know how many people used the excuse of repairing cars to block Sister Li at Coach Wen’s auto-repair factory every day?”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled into a faint smile, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

“Is that so?”

His question was a little sudden, but everyone was in such high spirits at the moment that no one paid much attention to his indifferent tone.

Moreover, this question happened to be what everyone wanted to ask.

“Holy sh*t! Sister Li is capable of attracting both men and women?”

“Awesome, really awesome!”

“But it’s understandable. If Sister Li’s looks were put on display, wouldn’t she attract more people?”

The group of people discussed excitedly.

Ji Shu stroked his chin and smiled.

“Coach Wen knows about this too. At that time, there was an even more amazing man. In order to meet Sister Li, he would stab his own tires every three to five days, and every time he came, he would ask Sister Li to fix it. However, Sister Li was very busy and didn’t go very often. He waited so many times before finally giving up.”

In fact, Wen Xiao was annoyed by these people at that time and would chase them away every time.

When everyone heard this, they were shocked.

However, when they remembered that this person was Shen Li, they seemed to understand again.

“Coach, is what Ji Shu said true?”

Everyone looked at Wen Xiao and asked him for confirmation.

Wen Xiao frowned. “Are you guys that free again?”

Everyone stepped back in horror and thought, ‘No, no! Don’t misunderstand!’

Ji Shu smoothed his hair, raised his head, and smiled.

“Sigh, our Coach Wen hates to talk about this. Do you know how many gifts and love letters he received on Sister Li’s behalf every day at his auto repair workshop? It takes a lot of effort just to clear these things every day, okay?”

Lu Huaiyu’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed.